Saturday, 7 June 2008

The Third Horse

I have been reading the Book of Revelation (last book of the Bible) for my Quiet Time and its been a time of reflection,worship, interpretation, learning and trembling awe.Seems so many events prophesied for the Last Days are taking place.This is not a theological discourse involving time-lines and dispensations etc, just my own musing..

In Chapter 6 the seven seals are opened and 4 horses released.As the entire world is suffering from the Global Food Crisis and increasing inflation I wondered if the 3rd horse is roaming on the earth.Maybe a trailer of what 's to come.
Revelation 6;5-6
"When he broke open the third seal, I heard the third living creature cry out, "Come forward." I looked, and there was a black horse, and its rider held a scale in his hand.
I heard what seemed to be a voice in the midst of the four living creatures. It said, "A ration of wheat costs a day's pay, and three rations of barley cost a day's pay. But do not damage the olive oil or the wine" NAB

UN reports that people in Africa and Asia are suffering due to food shortages and inflation. We 've been hit too.Our petrol and cooking gas has gone up and all staples and food items.

In my opinion the world markets will not adapt to us, we have to change our life-style and adapt to them. I am trying to delete from my shopping list everything which can be avoided.

But then as life is short, we like to have dessert first, so I baked a chocolate marble cake ( sent some for Sonia 's husband) and got those very expensive apricots for Mama.Take a look.

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Julia Dutta said...

Hello Amrita,

A realistic stand but very hard to come by mentally as I am trying to cut off even those things I do sometimes which are luxuries in order to economise....but perhaps, I will just let it be, for this one time....haha!

On a more serious note, I believe that this what has come to pass is His way of bringing our attention to this beautiful earth, we so take for granted.


Curious Servant said...

Just dropping by to catch up on your posts.

Did you know that we are almost exactly 12 hours apart?

Twelve and one half hours, actually.

What city are you in?

I thought it might be fun to try to look you up on google earth.

Sita said...

Amrita, you continue to make me crack up even though your post addresses a serious issue--the current food crisis.
And then you top it off with a desert and mouth watering picture too..what are we going to do with you?
So glad God created of your purposes was to make Sita laugh...there you you did not know that!
take care, dear sister..we all have to learn how to be good stewards of our resources..and also how to trust is slowly coming to the West...
Love, Sita

Amrita said...

hi Julia, God has appointed us humans as gaurdians of this earth and we are spposed to take care of it.
that certainly is true.

Hi Sita, humour oils my gears. It acts like shocks absorbers on life 's railway tracks.

hi Will, I have sent you my location details by email

Saija said...

i read revelations recently as well ... just for my own devotional time ... and it certainly seems that we have been visited by the horsemen of those chapters ...

our life and times seem to be getting more and more interesting as time wears on ... yet the world gets less and less interested in the things of Christ ...

yup ... what a time to be alive ...

Amrita said...

Yes Saija, its really interesting how those prphsies are coming true, we gotta live as children of the Light.

Thank you CS for locating me on Google Earth.

Maisie said...

Good looking cake. It's hard to cut back when we are used to having good things. It seems like us Americans think that we are making a huge sacrifice because we are cutting back on our car trips in order to use less gas. They want everyone to feel sorry for them. But, I've heard that it is way worse in other countries. And what about the people who have to have heating oil and gas for cooking? Now that is a sacrifice to cut back on. I don't know about the book of Revelations. I haven't studied it yet.

Donetta said...

Yum! that looks tasty!
I did a two month shopping for the pantry has emptied as we awaited moving. I decided to go ahead and fill up the larder today. Many things that are staples. so many things are sky high and rising. our fuel is getting painfully high as well.
My skills of homemaking are going to really be pulled upon. I am glad you were able to please your momma.