Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sunday Blessings: A Thankful Heart from Poland

A labourer carrying bricks when our church wall was being built

Spiritual Life Convention 2010 (February)

Believers gathered for a House prayer meeting

Carrying water in a village

Children playing near a brick kiln

In his book "Drops From A Leaking Tap ' George Verwer list 7 global scourges

1. Children at risk

2. Abused women

3. The extreme poor

4. People with HIV/AIDS

5. People without clean water

6. The environment

7. The lukewarm Christian

All of the above specially the last one should move us towards prayer and action.

Zimbabwe is a vibrant young science student from Krakow in Poland. You will find her commenting regularly on my posts. She writes In Polish and I use the Google translator to read her entries.Through her blog she is witnessing for Christ and building up faith in others. Although the Google translation is not very good at times, I find her subjects are very insightful, sensitive and mature. Below is a copy of what Zimbabwe wrote a few days back. This displays her global vision and heart of compassion.

We truly have a lot to thank God for.

You can visit Zimbabwe 's blog HERE AT THIS LINK

Yesterday I watched in Internet the documentary film about children suffering from genetic illness, which makes skin very sensitive, causes painful blisters and wounds and finally the skin falls away from body.
We often don't appreciate things, which we have. We dream about marble villas, about mil ions of dollars or euros in ours accounts, about cars, about holiday in Caribbean every year... We have big dreams, we want to be like members of The Beatles, like Bill Gates, or even like ours actors from soap operas. When I was eleven – twelve years old, I had dreamt about being great writer of fantasy novels.
But in reality it isn't worth of desire of this, what have richer, more beautiful and more famous or famous in general way. It isn't worth to waste our time on dreaming about being great writer or singer or actor. When I saw this video about these ill children, I thanked God for this that I have... Skin.
I think that we should thank Him for this, that we live in the country without wars or mines on the fields, like in Afghanistan or the Congo. We should thank Him for this, that we breath, that we have something to eat, that we have our place to live... Remember, that every day almost billion of people go to sleep feeling hunger, when in this same time in ours country shelves in the shops are full of food and many people are on the slimming diet.
Last time I saw photos from Ethiopia, where Polish Protestants have a mission. The church was poor hut made from mud and branches, but these people was happy like children, despite of fact they are adult. Maybe in ours sterile conditions, with full pockets and smart suits – did we forget about simply and daily happiness from things, which we have?
Actor, singers or inventors don't have such great and heavenly life as many people think. Famous people can be rich or beautiful, but often in newspapers we can read about their painful divorces, depressions and debts. Someone who is rich outside, can be beggar in spiritual life. I'd rather to be common, ordinary person, but with spit ritual treasure.

12 Fertilize my soul:

Glennis said...

Good photos showing simple village ways, a strong spiritual belief.

Nadwra┼╝liwiec said...

I saw similar photos from mission in Ukraine - it isn't very far away... The world may be large, cultures can be different, but people in every countries are the same.
Please pray for Poland - for our new government and victims of flood... These people are very poor now - this flood was probably the worst in the modern history of our country - worse than the "millenium flood" in 1997.
I greet You Amrita and all visitors of Your wonderful blog :)
Is Your church built as the Gothic?

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
The best therapy every, is going out in the dark night, look at the starry sky, and counting ones blessings.
God had to do that to me too this last week; draw me aside, so I really could see how mighty his blessings are,- and how powerful and loving His care is.

It works, every time, and finally I'm ending up praising the Lord.
"How great thou art."
Hope and pray the same for you.
From Felisol

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

God bless all people who spread the Gospel of love and salvation to all the people of the world. God needs more workers in His vineyard. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. We must all pray that more workers would be developed and equipped to accelerate the soul winning of those who still do not know the saving grace of God. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Amrita said...

Thanks you so much for your prayers, good wishes, and encouraging words my friends.,they are water to a thirsty soul.

Amrita said...

Thanks you so much for your prayers, good wishes, and encouraging words my friends.,they are water to a thirsty soul.

Amrita said...

Thanks you so much for your prayers, good wishes, and encouraging words my friends.,they are water to a thirsty soul.

Amrita said...

Dear Zimb, I will pray for Poland at this difficult time.

Our church was built by the British about 200 years ago for soldiers in the British army, mayby that is why its built in the Gothic style, strong and imposing.

David Edward said...

i think you are not common or ordinary, and you do have rich spiritual treasure - indeed

Amrita said...

Dear David, my boast is in the Lord-what am I wiout Him.

How is your projest coming along?

Terry said...

dear amrita..i am glad that you did not get what you were dreaming.
i think that the lord had it in his plan all the while that you would be working on this blog for his glory.
i know i haven't been around for a while but i see your foot prints all over the comment world of the bloggers and you always have something good to say.
it was so nice talking to you a while back..bernie really enjoyed it too amrita. have such great friends here and so i always read their comments too, even while i am catching up with you.....god bless you and mama and may aunt virginia do a little of counting her blessings that she has you and not give you and mama or anybody else a hard time.
give that sheeba doggie a kiss on his white head for me, eh? terry

Terry said...

dearest amrita,
i choose today to say happy birthday to your dear mama..
i hope that she has a very happy day with you and sheeba!..give her a canadian hug from bernie and terry