Monday, 23 May 2011

Sunday Blessings - Special Children 's Service

All  through  last  week  175  children from  about  7   or  8  churches participated  in the  Vacation  Bible School held in the  Seminary  Chapel. Sonia 's  son Abner woke up  early  each  morning to get ready for  his Bible  class.
The children  were divided  according  to  their  ages  followed lessons  from  a  work book.  They  memorized   Bible  verses. And  had  fun  activities,games and  a  Friday  evening  picnic.
There  was  a  special  Sunday  morning  children 's service at  the  Chapel which  Sonia  an d I  also  attended.
Here  are  some  photos  I  took at the  service.

Abner  in  the  middle

Chandi (2nd from  the  left) won the  first  prize 
in her  Beginers class -she  is
from our  church.
Her  parent 's  were  recently  baptized.

Many  of  these  children came  from
non Christian  homes.

Pray  that the  seed sown in
each child 's  heart may
take  root firmly
and grow.

Last  week was  a stormy one.
We  had  rain  and  dust  storms  on Wednesday.
Saturday and  Sunday evenings.
We  were  without electricity for  about  30  hours
over  the  weekend.
A lot  of  our  mangoes  fell from  the  tree  and  we  gave  away plenty. This  weather is rather  unusual
for  May, wonder  what  it  will  do to the
onset of  the  monsoons.
Several trees  fell down  and  power  cables  snapped  because  of  high  velocity  winds.
The dust  made  the house  look like
the  set  from the  movie -
The Mummy-
the  dust  storm scene -Ha!
And of  course  without electricity - no  Internet.

And  something more.
This evening Sonia  and Abner  witnessed
a child kidnapping in  a commercial
area close  to  our house.
A  young  woman  was going  on a  rickshaw with
some luggage  and a small  girl
about  2 or 3  years  old.
Sudden a man appeared and asked
the rickshaw driver to  stop saying  he  was
her  husband. He then snatched the little
girls from the  mother 's arms  and  dashed  down the  street. The  women let out  blood curdling screams.
A crowd gathered  around  her and some  boys  gave
the  kidnapper  a  chase, a policeman was 
also  summoned.
 Then the distraught  woman ran back to
into a lane where she
supposedly lived.
Sonia and Abner, too shocked and  stunned
moved away from the  excited  crowd,
both  quite  upset   by what
they  had  witnessed.
Wonder  what their  story  was.
A separated  or divorced  couple -
with the  father  wanting to
take possession of his  daughter?
Its one  thing to  just  read  about
such  cases in the  newspaper,
but  quite  an experience  to 
see  it played  out in front
of your  eyes.
I just  pray the  little  girl  is  safe

9 Fertilize my soul:

Terra said...

Wow, what a post. The children at the Sunday school are delightful and I hope they grow as Christians.
The image of the mummy from the dust and then the kidnapping, how frightening to see for the children.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a family sad when children become praying for the little girl...
the photos of all the children are delightful and many will have seeds of faith planted in their hearts....

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
How wonderful to witness the most important work of all in the church.
Let the children come to me, Jesus said.
These beautiful, happy children are our future. We have God's testimony that his word shall not return empty-
Our prayers for that little girl are also heard. I pray for her protection and safe return.
From Felisol

Kathryn said...

I'm sure the children enjoyed the VBS very much. They do seem to enjoy singing and doing projects and learning.

So sad about the family and the child being taken. I hope the parents are able to work it out.

Buttercup said...

The children are adorable. Prayers and blessing for them. I am of course adding my prayers for the child who was kidnapped. What a sad incident to witness.

Mari Nuñez said...

They look adorable! God bless.

John Cowart said...

Better a millstone...

Amrita said...

These kids have the potential of becoming a Billy Graham. Martin Luther or Elizabeth Elliot

Friar Tuck said...

Wow. Look at all those kids!