Monday, 24 May 2010

Sunshine from Sita and Dr Ravi Zacharias

Thank you SITA for your gift award.
Your godly posts, videos and
devotionals shower my day
with sunshine and encouragement.
Below is wit and wisdom from
Dr Ravi Zacharias.
(The videos are very short)

9 Fertilize my soul:

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

You are a sunshiny person, that is for sure! Literally, too, with the hot sun taking the temps into unreasonable triple digits!!!

Felisol said...

A man who can serve the truth with a laughter, is bound to be a success.

Sita said...

Girl...I'm pretty sure many of your bloggy friends can sing for you.."You are the sunshine of my bloglife...that's why I'll always come around..."

Ravi's sister is my pastor's wife and she has the same brilliant sense of humour!

Terry said...

dear amrita..i didn't know that dr ravi zacharias was born in india!
amrita, mom golden really loves him and his preaching.
we get him on the radio wdcx and he is listened to by so many canadian christians.
this video here is just something!
have you ever met him in real life?
now THAT would be something!...hug your little mama for me and give sheeba a pat on the head! terry

Amrita said...

Dear Holly, I treasure your gentle talk, artistic graphics and most of all your friendship.Visiting you cheers me up so much my dear.

Dear, you said rightly, wisdom delivered with humour makes a deep impression.

Oh no Sita, I don 't deserve that. It is such a privelledge to know Ravi 's family.He must have visited your church too.

Hi Terry, Dr Zac is a great precher. I have some of his messages on tape. When I was grade 8 I went to my first YFC youth camp in Calcutta where he was one of the speakers. In our church we had a conference arranged by his ministry.
I shall pass on your greeting to Mama and Sheebs.

Julia Dutta said...

Ravi Zacharias is amazing Amrita. I really think God speaks through him. However, one must have the ears to hear it :)))

Nadwra┼╝liwiec said...

Sita is right! Your blog is worth of awards :) God bless You Amrita :D

Amrita said...

That 's right Julia Dr Zacharias is a wonderful speaker, he makes his point well. Julia. Have have another video of his - the perception of beauty.

Thank you Zimb.

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great videos! :)

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