Monday, 14 March 2011

The Book That Made Your World -Dr Vishal Mangalwadi

If  you   live  in Atlanta  Georgia or  near abouts,  please  plan  to  attend  this  book launch by  Dr  Vishal Mangalwadi.
Please  share  this  with your  friends  and  church.

Coming in April to The Areopagus Forum

A very special opportunity presented in cooperation with Thomas Nelson Publishing:

Must The Sun Set On America?

Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi
Indian philosopher and author
Launches his latest book,

The Book That Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization.


7:30 PM

Perimeter Church -- Fellowship Hall

Dr. Mangalwadi demonstrates that the beliefs that make the West distinctive and successful all have their roots in the Bible. So then, what happens when America, in its modern wisdom, ends up rejecting the Bible?

About the book:

Discover how the Bible became the West’s source of human rights, justice, heroism, optimism, compassion, capitalism, family, and morality. Vishal Mangalwadi, an Indian philosopher, takes readers on a historical journey through the last millennium, exploring why and how the Bible reformed Europe and made the West a uniquely thinking civilization: technical and tolerant, scientific and free, just and prosperous.

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JI said...

Sounds like an interesting book, and I’m sure there will be some pertinent warnings in there. I've got his other book "Missionary Conspiracy". There's a lot of contemporary historical revisionism nowadays about the work of missionaries did in India, but this book sets the record straight.

I do regard Dr Mangalwadi highly. And you are fortunate to know him Amrita.

Amrita said...

Dear JI I have some some Vishal bhaiya 's book and used to borrow others from him.

His treatise called The World of Gurus is on University courses. I taught his daughter in Woodstock school , Myussoorie , they are like family to me. Its God 's blessing

Nadwrażliwiec said...

It seems like really interesting book. Today in Europe many people are hungry of God's Word. Sometimes I hear about the Islamic invasion on West Europe and it could be true - when I was in Germany last time, I saw many new mosques.
In Poland most people are Roman Catholics. Sometimes tradition in many families is so strong, that people don't want to listen about Gospel. But I see that young people are interested in searching for real relationship with Jesus.

Ash said...

Sounds interesting. I wonder if it is available in England?

Amrita said...

Yes Zim, much of Europe has to be reached out and people need to see the real Jesus. The Bible instead of tradition.

Amrita said...

Yes Zim, much of Europe has to be reached out and people need to see the real Jesus. The Bible instead of tradition.

Amrita said...

Dear As I am sure the book will be available in the UK in Christian book shops

Anonymous said...

sounds like a very interesting and intriguing book.....I will have to see if I can find it...thanks!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I would have loved to read that book but at the moment I don't think I can afford it. Thanks though for featuring it in your blog. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Anonymous said...

Nice work, may be am an other caste, I like your work done..photographs u put on 11.11.11 was just wishes n will pray for ur success