Tuesday, 31 March 2009

रेड तुएस्दय - Aaron 's Rod Blossoms

Although the real Aaron 's rod flower does not look
like this, I am presuming these to be this is my garden version of it.
In the Old Testament story found in Numbers 17;1-13, Aaron 's rod blossomed to indicate that the tribe of Levi was chosen for priesthood.

Happy that my doctor pronounced my blood pressure to be normal

when I went to see him yesterday.

It was such a relief that my BP measured normal I was quite worried. It was quite high last time I had it checked.Since the past 3 years I have had this problem.Stress brought it on. I can keep it down with diet control.
I take black sesame seeds soaked overnight - with water first thing in the morning.Its good for cholesterol too.Also have 3 glasses of water first thing in the morning. And in my food, whatever I am cooking I tip in a teaspoonful of roasted flaxseed.Those are good for all kinds of things.

Monday, 30 March 2009

For Terry

Dearest TERRY
is going to have pace maker surgery
tomorrow March 31st.
It will be morning in Toronto.

Terry these lilies are blooming
in my garden just for you.

Please uphold her before the
Throne of Grace.
Here is a song for Terry
His Eye Is On the Sparrow and I know He Watches Me

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday Blessings- Why Christians Are Considered Crazy

I will answer that question as after I show you these
old black and whites from the crazy old school days. We were at a Christian Youth Camp in
Mussoorie (Himalayas).
During a visit to the well kept Municipal Gardens
Curtis picked up a monkey tied to a post.
The simian rewarded him by pissing on him.
(L-R) Curtis, my sister Anju, Namrita , myself and Curtis 's sister Shobha . We are all having a good laugh at his misadventure.
Pied Pipers at a fair.
(L-R) Anju,myself, Mama and the flute seller

Trying the horse buggy called ikka (one horse)
(L-R) Aunts Sybil and Marjorie, Mama,Anju, Namrita
and myself.
Christians are considered by many to be crazy, and with
good reason as A.W. Tozer notes:
"A real Christian is an odd number anyway.
He feels supreme love for the One he has never seen,
talks familiarly every day to Someone he cannot see,
expects to go to heaven on the virtue of Another,
empties himself in order to be full,
admits he is wrong so that he can be declared right,
goes down in order to get up,
is strongest when he is weakest,
richest when he is poorest,
and happiest when he feels worst.
He dies so he can live,
forsakes in order to have,
gives away so he can keep,
sees the invisible,
hears the inaudible,
and knows that which passeth knowledge."
Yes,Christians are different,but its encouraging to know that we are in
good company.
(Taken from A Study of 2 Cor by Charles Swindoll)

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Everything in Moderation

That 's the title of a tempti-delicious food blog
hosted by SHERRI
I also enjoy reading her blog MATTER OF FACT,
which has fact, fiction, lots of humour, interaction
teaching and inspiration.
Sherri featured my Homemade Tomato Soup Recipe on
Thank you Sherri.
The above cartoon is true for me.
Is that wife abuse or blog abuse?

That 's me sometimes at the end of the day!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Nine Years Old

Today my Pastor 's daughter Milka turned 9 years
They had a kid 's party
and her mum told me that my name
was on the top of the guest list.
That was very flattering for a old dame like me.
So I had to go.
I bought Milka a kid 's body spray, as she loves dressing up
and a box of hand made chocolates.
Friends arrive

A big birthday cake ordered
from Bushy 's bakery

Milka 's dolls
Opening gifts

Party food
Pastor reading Psalm 23 and praying.
His wife Sunila with a friend 's daughter on her lap.
Chandi is a spunky little kid -
the life of the party.
As per Indian tradition women are supposed to cover their
heads while praying.
I had not covered my head, so Chandi promptly
reminded me to put my scarf over my head.
Chandi 's parents accepted Christ last year.
They are awaiting baptism.
This is Milka 's moment

Happy Birthday Milka
Milka feeds her friends cake
Mini food fight
Everyone with Mom and Dad
Now with Aunty Amrita
(wearing black on the left)

Aunty Amrita the biggest kid of the party

Milka with some more friends.

Everyone had a good time.

Sunila sent a plate of party goodies for Mama

and Sheeba also had a bite.

I am feeling so much better now.

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.


There was a rain storm last evening, so the weather has cooled

down considerably.

But we are having frequent power outages

which has cut off my online time.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Cold Comfort

Good news first.
Yesterday I got blood work
done on my Mom and myself and
the results came out safe.
Nothing to worry about
Now I will take the reports to my family doc
Just have to get my blood pressure checked.
No ,No my Doc doesn 't look like that.
Its just that I don 't want to end up like that-
Although Sheeba would be pleased, I am joining her
So prevention is better than cure

Not so good news.

My cold 's got to my beak.
When I have a cold

I want to camp out in


So I brewed tea with
regular tea leaves
black basil (tulsi)
a few peppercorns
and sweet jaggery we call gur
(its made with sugarcane juice and its
a better option if one wants to avoid sugar)
and added milk to it.

I made moong dal with tomato, seasoned
with onion,garlic curry leaves, fresh coriander and Maggi seasoning. When I have a cold I like
moong dal (lentil)
and other comfort food like
boiled potato
Maggi noodles
cheese or egg sandwich
and chicken soup.
I made some tomato/spinach soup
(fresh from the garden)
and popped in chicken seasoning.
I guess it will take a few days to recover.
The medicines make me drowsy.
What 's your cold comfort?

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

रेड तुएस्दय - Tomatoes and Typewriters

I made 2 jars of tomato puree
now I will make some hot and sweet ketchup
with a garlic-vinegar flavor
Look at the long green chili from our garden.
My mother can 't eat chili anymore, but I like them.
The cold 's affected my throat and nose.
I am taking antibiotics.
Just have to hash it out.
I also make tea with black basil or tulsi.
Its good for colds.
Dried ginger also soothes the throat.
This delightful video made my day
Have a look
What if we could blog
merrily like this
We would all produce
a Blog Symphony.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Of knives and fruit

In the afternoon the knife - man came along
and I got some knives and scissors sharpened.
Blunt instruments are of no use.
When my life gets out of tune
God grates, polishes and scours me against the
abrasive wheel of trials and temptations
to put the edge back and keep me on my toes.
Not that I enjoy the process
while it is in action.
But the results produce
some fruit or the other.
Today I bought what we call gooseberries.
Locally they are also known as rus-bhari
(literally full of juice)
They are the poor man 's strawberries.
They are sweet and sour
with tiny seeds
encased in a paper like shell or covering.
You can eat them raw or make jam
and preserves with them.
I love them either way.
I wonder if people in other countries have them
and what are they called there.

This is from our mulberry tree

The fruit look like little bugs.

They are not too sweet but I love them.
I have a sore throat - could be strep
but I can 't resist the fruit.
I guess it has Vitamin C.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Why Don 't I Get What I Pray For?

This is the title of a book my oldest (historically speaking)
blogfriend John W Cowart sent me in Feb. 2007.
His was the very first blog I found, when I
thought blogs were snacks Martians ate.
John is a distinguished author, historian, storyteller, speaker. and collector of artifacts and antiques and much more. In his profile he describes himself as a Christian of sorts .
But you have to read his blog to find out that
John and his lovely wife Ginny are wonderful people.
Very involved in their community and engaging in acts of charity
in their neighbourhood.
John encouraged me to start blogging and
he introduced me to his blog friends too.
Do visit his website

and blog Rabid Fun
This cartoon cracks me up and
the second one I have stolen from John 's blog.

John has dedicated the above book to his
his loving wife Ginny with the following words,
"I prayed twenty-five years ago to get over loving you.
I am so glad that God did not answer my prayer".
I highly recommend this book to you friends.
This is a question I have struggled with many times.
Specially why didn 't God heal me when I prayed so hard and so long.
I lost my job because of my physical limitations
and I am unable to join the normal work force and have a active social life. When I saw people getting healed at the wave of TV evangelist 's hands I felt angry at God. But I have received my answers.
God has sequestered me for a purpose
and His grace is sufficient for me.
What are some of your prayers God did not answer?
Think about them my friends, and
seek God 's answers.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

रेड तुएस्दय - Red Letter Day

My dear friends,

Chess players in a palace in Rajasthan
(web photo)

Today I was able to submit the application forms with the required fee
for my document.
I was so nervous and tense before that
thinking they would raise some silly objection.
But everything worked like clockwork and
hopefully my papers will
be home delivered in 2 weeks time.
I was so happy with mission accomplished
that I wanted to dance like the couple
in the video below

Its taken from a recently released movie called Delhi6
I have not seen it.

Plot summary of Delhi 6
The film opens with the ailing grandmother Annapurna at the office of a cardiac surgeon in New York. The surgeon indicates that Annapurna suffers from heart blockage and may not have long to live. Annapurna insists on returning to Delhi, her hometown, where she intends to die in peace. Though her son and daughter-in-law object vehemently, her American-born grandson Roshan (who has a special bond with his grandmother) agrees to bring her back.
Annapurna is received with pomp and ceremony when she returns to her home in Old Delhi. Roshan is initially stunned by the mad rush of various neighbors: Ali Baig the renaissance man, feuding brothers Madangopal and Jaigopal, their wives and families, Mamdu the halwai,( a man who makes sweets and snacks) Gobar the simpleton, Sethji and many others. However, Roshan eventually warms to the place and wholeheartedly embraces the sense of community in it. He accompanies his grandmother to the Ramleelas,( Hindu religious drama) hangs out at Mamdu's sweet stall, plays with the children, and gradually becomes steeped in the culture of the place.
Roshan is also slowly exposed to some sobering realities. When Annapurna faints (due to fluctuating blood sugar levels) and they scramble to get her to a hospital, he finds the roads choked by traffic because of an impromptu ceremony around a cow in labor; he is further surprised when his grandmother, despite her stupor, stumbles forth to seek the blessings of a sacred cow; and he is astounded when the local police seem to encourage the practice. Roshan begins to understand the feuds and social issues in the community. Madangopal's sister Rama is unwed (at an age when spinsterhood is a significant social no-no) and Jaigopal's electrical business is going nowhere. The lecherous old local money lender Lala Bhairam is married to a young girl who, in turn, is having an affair with a young photo-studio hand Suresh. Suresh is a double timer who is also pursuing Madangopal's daughter Bittu. Bittu secretly wants out of the stuck-in-time Old Delhi; she secretly prepares to audition for a popular reality show Indian Idol in the hope that she will win her way to Mumbai. Roshan comes to appreciate Ali Baig's cosmopolitan tastes and is surprised to learn that Ali Baig fancied his mother many years ago, and has since never married. And Roshan comes to empathize with the lower-caste trash collector girl Jalebi who must endure untouchability at social functions except for when some of the brutish locals seek company. Roshan also crosses paths with the loutish inspector Ranvijay who blithely stretches his authorities to manhandle the locals, and becomes acquainted with the local assemblywoman (politician) who displays political power at every opportunity.
In the meantime, the news media is all abuzz with tales of a fearsome terror known only as the "Kala Bandar (Black Monkey)". This miscreant (never shown clearly in the film) attacks people, steals various articles and has also caused the death of a few innocent people. (These deaths are mostly accidental, as in the example of a pregnant housewife who was supposedly startled by a silhouette and fell down a flight of stairs or the example of an unfortunate man who was briefly zapped by a live electric wire.) Nonetheless, the local news picks up on every move by the kala bandar (Black Monkey) and loudly blares about all his exploits. Jaigopal, the self-proclaimed electronics genius, theorizes that the kala bandar likely has an electrical circuit (to zap his victims) and may be electrocuted by water; this rumor is quickly propagated through the locality.
The film takes several turns. After some initial friction, Roshan and Bittu warm to each other. Roshan intervenes when Bittu is about to receive a prospective suitor arranged by Madangopal. He echoes Bittu's desire to pursue other dreams; this drives the suitor away and brings Madangopal's wrath upon him. He gradually begins to fall in love with Bittu, but is confused when Bittu expresses her affections for Suresh (she believes he will support her dreams). Around this time, the kala bandar attacks Old Delhi. The simple-minded locals bring in a tantrik Shani baba ( a shaman) to exorcize the demonic influence of the kala bandar. After an extended havan ceremony, the tantrik baba indicates that the local mosque, built over the ruins of a temple that was demolished for the purpose, is the provocation for the evil soul of the kala bandar. This promptly stokes animosity in the otherwise harmonious Hindu-Muslim community. After the initial peaceful demonstrations (by rallies and angry meetings), various mobs go on rampage and tear up some of the local streets. Roshan attempts to make peace, but is rebuffed because of his mixed religious parentage. The locals ultimately settle on the fact that the kala bandar is hiding out in the sooni galli (a dark lane known to harbor evil presences) and must be destroyed. They command the simpleton Gobar to fetch a lock of hair from the evil enemy so that the tantrik can burn it and complete the exorcism.
Roshan becomes aware of Bittu's plan to elope with Suresh, and that Suresh is a low-life two timer. He dons a monkey mask and monkey outfit and stealthily follows Bittu by leaping across the rooftops. In the meantime Gobar ventures into the sooni galli where Jalebi gives him a lock of her hair so he may return in triumph and bring peace to the community. At that moment, Roshan (in his monkey outfit) intercedes in Bittu and Suresh's rendezvous and causes the cowardly Suresh to flee. Bittu raises a loud alarm before Roshan unmasks himself, whereupon the angry locals storm the place. Believing Roshan to be the kala bandar, they beat him to within an inch of his life and Mamdu shoots him. Then, Gobar comes up with a startling deduction about the reality of the kala bandar.
The revelation stops the violence. Roshan is nearly dead. He recovers and decides to remain in Old Delhi and affirm his love for Bittu. The film ends on a happy note with peace and joy restored to the community of Old Delhi.
(source Wikipedia)

Its quite movie I would like to see it.

Monday, 16 March 2009

An Adventurous Day

Some days are more adventurous than others. Let me tell you what I encountered as I set out to get an important document which I need for official work.

I had to get a photograph for an image identity. Usually the photographers hand over the phot0 within 10 minutes. But the daily 3 hour power outage was on and the man said that his generator guy had not shown up - so he could not print out my photo. I had to go later today and get it. Why could this healthy young man not turn on his power generator himself? Power rules.

I went to the document office and bought 2 forms. I showed them my current identity cards and stuff which they promptly rejected. I need a government seal on my ration card. When the government was issuing my ration card why did they not stamp it? I feel like stamping my foot at them.

My lawyer told me that he would help me get my ration card stamped. So I went to the courthouse to meet him. The rickshaw-driver must have been on a suicidal mission because he drove so rashly and I had to keep on cautioning him.
Upon examining the R-card Mr Lawyer said that I would have to go to the Ration Office to get it stamped.Why couldn 't he tell me that on the phone? Obviously that 's what lawyers are for - leading you around the winding path.

The lawyer 's office gave me a vague idea of the whereabouts of the Ration Office, but I was fortunate to get a smart rickshaw driver. The r
oad in front of the courthouse was jammed with agitating lawyers when I got out. They were protesting against something and were not letting anyone pass on the main road. I was scared because these events lead up clashes with the police and and all sorts of violent action. We turned into a side street to escape which was such a torture as the road was very narrow and unpaved.

I found the Ration Office after asking for directions at various places. It is located in an old dilapidated British bungalow. I had to go to the back of the building on a very narrow path and who should be blocking the way...a stray cow!!! I am very scared of these animals as they can suddenly poke you with their sharp horns. I ask

ed 2 boys to shoo the cow away. they tried but it refused to give up its right of way. So I nervously edged past it. What cannot be chased away has to taken by the horns.

The clerk in R-Office was very obliging and he stamped my card without any fuss and did not ask for a bribe.
This was my greatest moment of triumph.

In the evening I went to the photographers to pick up my photos.The guy asked me to wait for "5" minutes as his printer was not working and he had sent an errand boy to get them printed somewhere else. All this sounded highly suspicious. And experience told me the "FIVE MINUTES' could be multiplied by double digits. No way was I going to twiddle my thumbs waiting in this shop.

I went a nearby shopping Mall to practice self control. After keeping my purse tightly shut for 40 minutes I went back to the photographers and found the guy 's mother behind the counter instead. He had disappeared somewhere to get the orders printed.

While I warched the seconds hand crawl round and round on the clock an American tourist couple (fifty-ish) came in.
I couldn 't help having a mental conversation with them.

Are you bloggers?
What is your blog address?

If I had really gone up to them and spoken to them, they would have thought; Is this Indian woman mad or something?
How easy it is to make friends on the web. Its like living on the same cyber street. But in real life things are so different.
I wonder if all us blogging buddies lived in the same town, would be still be friends with each other?

Anyway the prodigal son returned with my photos and I was so relieved at that.

By now I was feeling very thirsty and hungry, so I did what I usually don 't do alone. I stopped at the Pentecostal Chaatwala 's stand. I

have named him Pentecostal Chaatwala because his snack stand is just outside the gate of the Pentecostal Church. He is not Pentecostal. In order to quench my thirst I downloaded a plate of paani pooris.
So I got home safe and sound with my photos and tomorrow I will fill out the application form and submit it and wait for the proceedings to begin.
Today we 've had frequent power cuts and my Internet Browser is skittish.
I will end by saying "The joy of the lord is my strength"
and all 's well that ends well.