Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Never Grow Old

Today my  Mama completed
her  first  month in heaven.
Of  course  she  doesn 't  care  about
time  in  heaven,
 because there
are no  calenders and   clocks 
there. Only  God 's  perfect
time and  season.
I  wonder  what timelessness
and  eternity  feels  like.
I  am  sharing  a  Jim Reeves
song entitled
Never  Grow Old
in  the  memory  of my  mother.
I  remember  a  few  months 
back she  was  lying  in bed
and  I  played this  song  for  her
on YouTube.
She  always  loved
the Jim Reeves  version.

These  things  I have  written  unto  you that  believe  on  the  name  of  the Son of God;that ye may know that ye have  eternal  life, and  that  ye  may  believe on  the name  of  the  Son  of  God.   1 John 5;13

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Happy Children

(Children at a wedding  held  at my  church  in  Dec  2011)

In December I asked  God  to  answer  a  prayer  within  4  months and  praise  God I  got  the answer  before  that. Sometimes  I  set  a time period for  my  Heavenly  Father and  I  think  my  Heaven  Papa likes  that.

And  all  things whatsoever ye shall  ask in prayer believing, ye shall receive.  Matthew 21:22

And  it  shall  come to  pass,that before  they call, I will  answer;and while they  are yet speaking I will  hear. Isaiah 65;24

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Blessings - Moved

(Guava on our  tree)

I am not  moved by what  I  see.
I am not  moved  by  what  I  feel.
I am moved only by what I  believe.
- Smith  Wigglesworth

Friday, 17 February 2012

To love. To be loved. To never forget your own insignificance. To never get used to the unspeakable violence and the vulgar disparity of life around you. To seek joy in the saddest places. To pursue beauty to its lair. To never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple. To respect strength, never power. Above all, to watch. To try and understand. To never look away. And never, never, to forget. - Arundhati Roy

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Afflictions teach us to bend our knees

Afflictions teach us to bend our knees, to cry out to the Lord in all our problems and troubles.

"I know, O Lord, that Your judgments are right, and that in faithfulness You have afflicted me" (Psalm 119:75). David is saying, "Lord, I know why You afflicted me. You saw that when all was going well, I went astray, becoming careless, so you allowed trouble to come upon me. You knew it would drive me to my knees and bring me back to brokenness. My affliction was evidence of Your faithfulness to me!"

I know many people who have had to battle awful bondages in their lives—drugs, alcohol, cigarettes—and temptation rages every day. Yet I say to all such people: God cares. He knows the misery you go through and He alone has the power to deliver you.
The Lord does not constantly hover over you, saying, "You're miserable because of what you did. You failed Me and now you're paying the price." No! You do not serve such a God, you serve a loving Father who feels your grief the moment you first feel it. No matter how you got into your affliction, God hurts with you and He wants to deliver you.

You may think God is not helping you at all, but the very moment He heard your cry, He went into action. Let me prove it to you:

"So God heard their groaning, and God remembered His covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob. And God looked upon the children of Israel, and God acknowledged them" (Exodus 2:24-25). The word acknowledged here means, "He began to act." God heard their cry and began taking action on their behalf.

"The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles." (Psalm 34:17). Whenever you fall on your knees, God immediately goes to work on your behalf.
David Wilkerson

Saturday, 11 February 2012

This is the Day

This  is  the  Day  the  Lord  has  made
Let  us  rejoice   and  be  glad  in  it.

The  Lord  has  granted   us  a major  victory today. Blessed  be  the  name  of   the  Lord. The weapons  formed  against the  work  of  God  have  been  disarmed.

The  Lord  has  confirmed the  vision He   gave  me  8  years  ago. Ezekiel  34;25-31  and Ezk 36; 35,36

Thank  you   for  your  prayers  and  good  wishes. Continue  to  pray  for  us   as we  seek  the  Lord 's  will and  guidance for  the  furtherance  of His  kingdom.
Prem  is  speaking  at  a  mega  church service  tonight  and  tomorrow  we  are  having  an  evangelistic  out reach  service,  Prem  will  speak and   food   will be served  to  poor,  homeless  people.

Not  by  might 
Not   by power
But   by  my  Spirit  says  the  Lord.
This  mountain shall  be removed.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

It is good for me

The psalmist writes, "It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I may learn Your statutes" (Psalm 119:71).

You may wonder, as I have, “What kind of theology is this? Is it actually good to be afflicted?”

The Hebrew word for affliction here means "abased, chastened, defiled, hurt, humbled, weakened, depressed." When you put this meaning into the verse, suddenly it reads: "It is good for me to have been chastened, humbled, weakened, depressed—so that I could learn the Lord’s statutes." The word statute means "engraved law." The psalmist is saying, "It is good that I went through these troubles because in the process, God was engraving His laws and ways in my heart."

The Lord allows trials to come our way to test us, but that is not His primary purpose. Rather, our afflictions are to teach us to walk rightly before Him. The Bible says: "Many are the afflictions of the righteous . . ." (Psalm 34:19). According to the psalmist, the point of all our afflictions is for us to learn from them.

One of our missionary couples wrote about the situation in the African nation where they are working. One of the poorest on earth, its situation has been worsened by the long, bloody civil war there. The missionaries recently drove to this desperate country in a truck with a group of Christians from a neighboring country. They were delivering a load of supplies and were scheduled to attend a meeting that night across the border. About five miles from the border, their truck started slowing down. The driver floored the pedal, but the truck’s speed kept dropping. The team was dejected as they watched the car in front of them pull away into the distance.

Finally, the team arrived at the border and instantly the truck’s engine died and simply would not move. Everyone on the team wondered, "Lord, what is going on?" Suddenly, the border guards started racing about, shouting excitedly, "There was an explosion across the border not far from here! One of the warring factions blew up a car that had just driven in." The missions team realized the car that had been attacked was the one directly in front of them. If the missions truck had been running properly, they also would have been attacked.

The next morning, the driver from the missions team turned the key in the ignition—and the truck started right up. In fact, it ran fine all the rest of the trip. They recognized that God’s purposes had been accomplished through this seemingly troublesome circumstance.

article  by
David Wilkerson

I know that my Redeemer Lives

As  a  family  we  have  been  through  a  very  dark  valley,   but  we  can  all  testify  that  the  Lord 's   presence  went  before  us  and  his  comforting  arms  were  around  us.

We Need  Thee every  Hour - this  is  the  hymn  echoing  in  our hearts  all  the  time. What   can  we  do  without  our Saviour 's  help .

Our  Lord  is  Victorious  Captain.  He   overcame  death our  deadliest  enenmy.  In Him  we  are  over comers  .

Thank  you  for  your  prayers  my friends. Today  I   am  so  comforted  and  strengthened in  the  spirit. .

Every day sometimes  morning  and  evening I   read  the  Bible  aloud  for  my  mother  and  prayed with  her  for  an  extended  time.  She  always  said  a  loud  Amen  at  the  end. There  is  no  comfort  like  the   comfort we  received  from  God 's  Word.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Shadows and Light

In  past  few  days  I  have   been  walking in  a shadow-light  world.
It  all  started  when  my  mother  had  a  fall  on Dec  28th  and  was  admitted in hospital  on   the  29th. She   had  her  surgery on the  last  day  of 2011 (Dec  31st). She  came  home  on  Jan  8th.

My  sister  Namrita  had  arrived  on Jan  4th  and she  nursed  my  mother day  and  night  like  a  small  baby.
My elder  sister  Anju  and  her  husband  Prem arrived  on   Jan  20th.

  A  pressure  sore on  mother 's  back   took  on a  very  ugly  shape,  a  doctor  had  seen  her  twice,  but  it   was  not  getting   better  and  she   was  in  pain.  We  called a  specialist  who  advised  hospitalisation and  surgical  treatment.
She  did  not  do  good  after  that. The doctors  and  hospital  staff  were  very  indifferent and  did  not  treat  us  well.We  strongly  suspect  they  mucked  up   my  mum' s  treatment.
On  Sun  Jan  29th Mama  was  very  weak. But  she  expressed  a  desire  to  walk  and  get  well  and  live. Namrita  and  I   were  with  her.
In  the  afternoon  Prem  and  Anju came  to  relieve  us when  Mama  started  complaining   of  unbearable  stomach  ache - there   were  other   worrying  symptoms. A  nurse   gave her an  injection and  that  did  not  help  her.

We  all  stood  around  her  bed  praying  Prem  was  on  his   knees - it  was  like  a  dream  to  us. I  think  my  mother  had  a  vision  of heaven because  in  the  midst  of  her  pain  she  said,"The  is a great  crowd  here." We  were  praying  and  holding   her  hands  when  she  slipped  away. We  did not  realize  what  had   happened. But   the  angels   just  took  her.
We  brought  Mama  home   as  is  the  tradition  in India.And  for   the  next  24  hours  the  house  was  flooded   with  family  and   friends. We  received  countless  phone calls,  messages  and  emails  from all  over  the  world.Friends  we  had  not  been  in  touch  with   in  30   years  contacted  us. My  mother  had  touched  so  many  lives.

On  Feb 1st  we  had  a  beautiful  memorial service  for  her.  Mamrita  and  her  son  Rayguel  left  on  the  2nd.Now  I  am   trying  to  pick  up  the  pieces   of my  life.

I  never  thought  my  mom would  die  so   soon.I  have  to  rethink  my  whole  life and  start   all  over  again. Living  alone  scares   me.
Prem  and  Anju  will  be here  for  a  few   more  days.  They  are  very  kind  to  me.Without  my  sisters  help I  don 't   know  what  I  would  have  done.

We  are  trying  to  settle  some  church  issues and  plan  for  the  future. Need  a  lot  of  prayer  for   that.
I  can  visit  my  sisters for  a  while and  they  have  all  invited  me, I  need  God 's  guidance  for  my  future
.God  is   with   me.  He  never  forsakes his  children.Although I  pass  among  the  shadows  and  light  He  will come  to  me.