Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Put food on our plates

Indian  estimates of  poverty  range  from 270  million  to 450 million  people.  The  World  Bank  reckons 300  million  Indians  live  on  less  than  a  Dollar  a  day.
(Source Hindustan Times)

Yet   the  government  played   a  cruel  joke on  our  starving   masses  by  saying  that  anyone  who  earns   32 Rupees  (66 cents) a  day  is   not  poor. That  amount  can  only  buy  you  a  bowl  of  rice or  a  few   pieces   of  flat  bread (rotis) once   a  day.

How  can  our  rulers  who  have  stashes  of  money  in   their  banks  feel  the  rumblings  of  an  empty  stomach.

Reminds  me  of  passages  from  the  Old  Testament (Bible) when Israel  was  in  captivity. Both  the  remnants  and  captives  were  suffering.

Jesus had  compassion on  the  hungry  crowds  who  were following   him.

32 And Jesus called His disciples to Him, and said, “I feel compassion for the people, because they have remained with Me now three days and have nothing to eat; and I do not want to send them away hungry, for they might faint on the way.”

(Gospel  of  Matthew)

Jesus  performed  a  miracle  right there -  feeding  the  hungry  crowd  with  a  few pieces  of bread  and fish.

Dear  Lord  ,  Bless  my few  pieces  of  "fish and   bread", so  I   can  share  it   with  others  in   need.

(Photos by  my nephew  Ashish   and friend  Megan)

Megan  in front  of   a Government  building  in  New  Delhi  before  they  flew  back   to  Canada.

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Nadwrażliwiec said...

This is the reason, why I don't believe in any government and I don't trust in politicians. They mostly think only about themselves. In Poland situation is similar - maybe not so dramatical, but there is more and more people, who go to social help for food. Our government hadn't do anything for victims of flood in previous year - some of them still are homeless, mostly elder people and disabled or ill.
I think our countries really need the Gospel, which can change hearts.

David C Brown said...

It's terribly difficult to know what to say and for governments to know what to do. Some try their best - be we will have to wait till the perfect reign of Christ before there is perfect administration.

Ash said...

What a completely ridiculous thing to say that anyone who earns Rs.32 a day is not poor! I guess the only way to tackle it is us citizens joining hands and doing something about it.