Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Blessings -Christmas for the poor

                  Worshippers  at  the Grace  Festival

Oscar  Romero who  fought for  the  rights  of  the  poor  in  South  America and  who  was  killed  in  the  midst   of  his  prophetic  ministry recognised  that   we don 't  only  need to  stand   with  the  poor...but  to  recognise our  own  poverty of  spirit.

No  on can  celebrate  Christmas without  being  spiritually  poor.
The  self  sufficient  , the proud,  those   who, because  they have  everything  look  down  on  others.
Those  who  have  even  no  need  of  God - for  them  there  will  be  no  Christmas.
Only  the  poor, the  hungry, those  who  need  someone to  come  on  their  behalf will  have  that  someone.
That  someone is  God, Emmanuel, God  with  us.
Without  poverty  of  spirit there  can  be  no  abundance  of God.

Lord  forgive  me that  I  am so  self sufficient
                                              so easily satisfied
                                              so full of self
Create in me  an empathy  with  the  poor that  I  may  be  truly  understand
Create  in me a poverty of  spirit which reaches  out  to  you  for  more...

(Rob Frost)

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Terra said...

"Our own poverty of spirit" is powerful and a good guide to life is to acknowledge this. Have a Blessed Christmas dear friend.

Donetta said...

Good morning Amrita
Beautifully said.
May the wealth of love light your lamp with direction and wisdom. Humility is the sweetest wrap upon every gift both given and received. Ties us all up in a heart of gratitude.

Prekmurska Gibanica said...

Someone can be really poor, in material aspect, but can be proud and think only about this world. And rich person can be poor in spirit, they can be lonely and search the Lord. May God bless Your work and ministry.

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Dear Amrita,
Thanks for the reminder about keeping a humble attitude, or "poverty of spirit."

You are a good soul, my friend. I pray for your safety, and that of your Mom and loved ones.

Merry Christmas!


Simply Shelley said...

So true Amrita...Have a very blessed Christmas dear sister in Christ.

Trish said...

What a lovely post. May He renew our Spirits and create humble hearts as we celebrate Jesus this week.
Blessings Amrita

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
Well said, again.
We have to feel the need to be filled with Christ only.
We have to be dependant of Christ only.
We have to love through Christ only.
He will after his promises fill every need in everybody.

Pia said...

this is beautiful, amrita.