Saturday, 7 July 2012

Rainy Friday

The  long  awaited  rain  bearing  clouds  have finally  arrived giving  us  respite  from  the  searing  heat. Flora  and  fauna,  man  and beast  heave  a  great  big  sigh  of  relief.I  took  some  rain washed  photos  on  Friday.
The  rain  washed  the  dust  off  the  graves
in  this  cemetary  of  the Empire.
It  is  a  heritage  site.

This ancient  building  has   seen
a hundred  or  more  monsoons.

A modern highway in  the  far  back

River  Yamuna  drinking  in  the  rain

India 's  economy predominantly agriculture based  and  our  farmers depend  upon  rains. The  delay and   scarcity of  rains  becomes  a  great  cause  of  concern in agrarian, political   and  economic  circles. Over  the  years   farmers have   committed suicide when their  crops failed. Government  support  doesn 't reach  the  poorest  of  the poor. Ansd  the  compensation  is  not  enough. This  year  the  monsoon  is  delaying
causing unrest and  unease.
The North East  is under  floods  while  the rest  of our land  has  had   scanty  rainfall. Its raining hard  in  Mumbai on  the  West  coast too.
The  prices  of food  and other  essential  commodities  have  shot  up.
In    the face  of  this  our  government  has  pledged  million of dollars
to support   the  crisis  stricken  European  economy.
Please  feed  your  own people before  indulging  in  international
Politicians and  diplomats  can literaly  cross  any border  to  acomplish
their  purposes.
Anyway  God  Almighty  rules  and He will hear
the  cries  of  his  hungry and  waterless  creation.

I  am  having  trouble  commenting  on  some 
blogs  which  have  a  word  identification option.
I  try   so hard  but  bloggeer  doesn 't   accept  me.
So  please  don 't  think I  am ignoring you. I  am  simply 
unable  to  prove that  I am  not  a  robot.
And  another  funny  thing  ha s happened  to  my  blog.
My side bar has  vanished  from  my blog.
Can  you  see  it?

8 Fertilize my soul:

Prekmurska Gibanica said...

I don't use word identification, so You shouldn't have problems.
We in Southern Poland wait for the rain - it is so needed in village, where I am now. But on the other hand in South-Western Poland there are floods because of tunderstorms.

Simply Shelley said...

I do see your sidebar Amrita. Our weather here in the states is so unpredictable as well. Some parts getting to much rain,others not enough,and the heat is everywhere this year....glad you got some rain...we did too :) Blessings

David Edward said...

May God continue to supply all your needs and those of His people even as the world's systems break down. A short while in this chaos, and then eternity in the presence of Almighty God. - Praying for you

Buttercup said...

Not much rain here and not much in sight. I feel for the farmers and those who are dependent on the crops for their livelihood and sustenance.

Crown of Beauty said...

Your sidebar looks okay to me, Amrita. Glad for the rains that have come to your place, and God will continue to provide for your needs, and hear your prayers for your country.


David C Brown said...

After the deluge rain in the Scriptures is always a blessing so far as I can see.

I sometimes think computers are so quirky that they're almost human!

Cindy said...

I'm going to take off word identification. I love hearing from you. So thankful to have a friend in our beloved India. Sending you prayers, hugs and much love. Please continue to bless me through your blog.

Amrita said...

Oh Cindy you are so kind