Saturday, 25 August 2012

Calling in The Reapers

Calling  in   the  Reapers, a  painting  by  Jules  Breton  (1859) was  added  to  Napoleon 's   collection. The  statuesque  figures  and  clear  expressions  on   the  faces   of the  reapers enhance   the  painting.
Makes   me  think of  Ruth  gleaning   the  fields  of  Boaz. There  to  be  a  camaraderie  existing   among   the   women.

"Great  friendships with  women are  life' s most  difficult and  caring  intimacies. If I  work harder at  them I hope  to  have  them  forever".
Wendy Wasserstein - American  playwright

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Buttercup said...

Beautiful painting. Wendy Wasserstein was a class ahead of me in college. We both went to a women's college in Massachusetts. Prayers for your health!

Amrita said...

Wow Buttercup, that 's wonderful