Saturday, 26 January 2013

Republic Day

On  26th  January  India  celebrates  her  Republic Day.  We  adopted  our  Constitution  64 years  ago  on  this  day.
In  Chapter 25 of  his  book  "Why  are  we backward?" Dr Vishal Mangalwadi observes that on this  day  India  did  what  God  commanded  Moses  to  do in  the   Old  Testament...govern the  country according to the  law and   not   according  to  man.
             Happy Republic Day

I watched  the  grand  Republic  Day Parade telecast   live  from  New Delhi. It is  a  colourful  and  impressive  display  of our nation 's  military strength, progress  and  development  in  various  fields ,  art and culture  encompassing different  religious and  ethnic streams.

Tomorrow  is  the  second  holy bathing  day at the  Hindu  festival of  the  Mahakumbh on  the  banks  of  River  Ganga. Thousands  of  pilgrims  are  pouring  into our city to camp on the  river  banks to take  a sin purging  dip in  the  river  at  the  auspicious  time. People  believe  their  sins  will  be washed  away  by Mother Ganga and  they  will attain salvation ,  moksha or  nirvana through  this  holy  act.

Thousands  of  security and  infra structure etc.  workers  have  come  here  from  all  over  our  state  and  neighbouring  states  to smoothly run  the  activities  in  the  pilgrim city on  the  river  banks.

Some Christian  people working  in  the  railways  and  police department visit our church for  worship and  Bible  study.They  are  here  only for  a  month or  two and will return to their  hometowns once their  duty  in  Sangam city   is  over.

Today I met Police  Sub Inspector Santosh  who  has been  coming  to  our  church  for  fellowship in his off  duty hours. I was  so  thrilled  to  hear  his  testimony and  what  God  is  doing  in  his  hometown.

He  told  us  that  his  father  was  the  village  Pandit , or  man  of learning  and  people  used  to  come  to  him  to  study  the  Hindu Scriptures. One  day   Santosh took a pastor to meet  him. When  the  pastor  explained the  way of  salvation , the  elderly man  was taken by surprise. No one had  told  him  things  found  in the  Bible. A seed  of  faith  was  sown in his heart which later  took  root leading him to the Way, the Truth and  the   Life.

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Terra said...

I love the story you share at the end of this post, about the town elder learning about the true path, and how you met the man's son when he attends your church while he is in town.

Nadwrażliwiec said...

For me the biggest example is Apostle Paul, who used Greek poetry to explain some Biblical truths for pagans. I think the same happened in this story.
Some years ago I had read a book about people and cultures, where there are elements of first faith of people - in all over the world there are tribes, where people believe in the Flood, in the fall of humanity, in the coming of Messiah and in the tower of mixing languages. Isn't it surprising?
Greetings to You dear Amrita.

David C Brown said...

"Some make mention of chariots, and some of horses, but we of the name of Jehovah our God", Psalm 20: 7.