Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Arms and the Men

January 15th was Army Day and there was a 3 day Army Exhibition and Fair at the Polo Grounds. Namrita and I took the boys on the last afternoon when the feeble sunlight warmed us a little.

Sthalsēnā) is the land based branch and the largest component of the Indian Armed Forces. Its primary mission is to ensure the national security and defence of the Republic of India from external aggression and threats, and maintaining peace and security within its borders. It also conducts humanitarian rescue operations during natural calamities and other disturbances.
The Indian Army came into being when India gained independence in 1947, and inherited most of the infrastructure of the British Indian Army that were located in post-partition India. It is a voluntary service and although a provision for military conscription exists in the Indian constitution, it has never been imposed.
Since independence, the Army has been involved in four wars with neighboring Pakistan and one with the People's Republic of China. Other major operations undertaken by the Army include Operation Vijay, Operation Meghdoot and Operation Cactus. Apart from conflicts, the Army has been an active participant in United Nations peacekeeping missions.
The President of India serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the Army. The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), a General, is a four star commander and commands the Army. There is never more than one serving general at any given time in the Army. Two officers have been conferred the rank of Field Marshal, a 5-star rank and the officer serves as the ceremonial chief.
With about 1,414,000 soldiers in active service[1] and about 1,800,000 reserve troops, the Indian Army is the world's second largest active standing army and the largest in terms of army populace.[2] By 2020, the Indian Army plans to upgrade 4,000 T-72s, over 2,500 T-90s, and few thousand other tanks. (courtesy Wikipedia)
The best part of the show was that it was a hands on experience for visitors. People could touch and handle the unarmed weapons on display and receive information about everything..

Mishael and Rayguel with guns

Field Radar

Automatic rocket launcher(reminds me of The Terminator)

The dreaded AK 47

Another rocket launcher

Telescopic gun

Hide and Seek Man

Small earth moving machine

Aqua carrier


Mishael and Rayguel inside a tank

All aboard

Another heavy gun. What if it had artillery in it.?

Communication tower mounted on a truck.

People were very interested in the working of the various equipment and gadgets.

Namrita and her sons walking across the grounds.

In front of the show arena. They had the motorcycle daredevils and equestrian shows etc. But we missed them

The with Amrita auntie. I am wearing my Tibetan jacket which is 15 years old but still keep me warm.
Today our temp is 49*F somewhere below 1o*C. We are indoors looking like the Himalayan Yeti or Abominable snowmen in heavy sweaters.

We enjoyed North and South Indian snacks being prepared and sold by Army cooks. The boys enjoyed jalebis, and north Indian sweet.Here we are having dosas (rice pancakes)

They were providing horse rides for children at Rs 10 a ride for a short distance. So both our little men had a go and enjoyed it tremendously as it was their first time on horse back.

Here is a 40 sec video about the Indian Army

15 Fertilize my soul:

John Cowart said...

This outing was a great day for boys to be boys!
I think your jacket looks warm and snugly even though it is 15 years old.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Wool lasts for decades, if you can keep the moths out of it! I think your coat looks very pretty, but most important, WARM.

You are as chilly-natured as I am, my dear. If it drops below 60 I think it is dreadfully cold.

The army is fascinating, but frightening. Why must nations fight? And yet just wars do happen. Madmen get ahold of certain countries and force a conflict! I am glad India is ready, since the world needs a bulwark against the extremists.

Amrita said...

Yeah, my jacket lasted so long because I use it only in Dec and Jan, so I guess it did not get worn out that fast.

Sigh - Penni I guess armies are needed to keep peace and order on earth. Just like our police. Its just getting worse and worse.
Terrorism is t5he worst6 kind of war directed at innocent people. Look whar happened in Kabul yesterday.

Simply Shelley said...

Looks like it was a good time for all of you ...I found this post very interesting...hope you are having a blessed week.....

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
3,2 million soldiers, wow, scaring the living daylight out of me.
The statistics show that after ww2 more and more civilians are killed during wars.
I love peace.
I really do.
from felisol

Terry said...

dear amrita..i love the pictures of the childen and you and the horses but i don't like the guns.
oh how i long for that day when there will be no more hatred or war.
Isaiah 11:6
"The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them."
just the sight of a gun gives me such a chilled feeling amrita.
the history here was interesting...love terry

Donetta said...

You look wonderful what a day for all of you. The boys look so well cared for.Your jacket is beautiful!
I have not been on line for several days. Doing better this evening. Keeping things down now.

David Edward said...

reading this makes me smile

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I agree with Terry. Guns are the weapons that inflict death and harm to people. May we all learn to live in peace and harmony with one another under the aegis of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We pray for the conversion of India. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Julia Dutta said...

I always dreamed of marrying an Army man. I think they are so romantic! Or maybe I like the romance I attach to the Army :))) Whichever and whatever, its a tough life Amrita but like the ad said - it gives you and prepares you for life like nothing else can!

Beautiful pictures though, I always feel such a waste in all this arms and ammunition; could we not just love each other enough NOT to fight, or have to prepare for war all the time.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...you must have had an wonderful outing there...nice to see all the artillery there...makes us feel proud...lovely array of photos!

David Edward said...

here in the midst of bone chilling winter and snow, I retain the right to BARE ARMS. I wish you and your countrymen peace.

Sharodindu said...


Be prepare for the fight and live a peaceful life....STRANGE!!!

Dick said...

Unfortunately weapons are a necessary evil but I suppose they will always be there and everywhere. Nevertheless it's all interesting stuff, I'm glad you all have had a nice day.

carolyn said...

That coat looks wonderful!
My most favorite sewing pattern is the Folkwear Nepali Blouse, I love everything about it.
I might need to get the sewing machine out again soon!!