Sunday, 17 January 2010

May I Come In?

A handsome boxer has moved in across our street.
Mishael clicked a photo.
The boys tried to introduce Sheeba
to the boxer from with locked gates.
It was love at first sight.
A stray bull comes knocking
at this house .
Maybe he gets food here.
Many Hindus feed stray cows and bulls.

20 Fertilize my soul:

Dick said...

Ha, I'm the first to comment.
I can't imagine to have a bull at my backdoor, nice shot.

David C Brown said...

I like the really ordinary dogs that you see in India, though Sheeba looks fine. Not so keen on boxers!

Rosemary said...

He looks like a pretty nice dog. I'm amazed that there are stray bulls, guess I'm spoiled with only the occasional stray cat wandering about!

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I don't give out rewards.
If I did yours would sure win a prize. The excellent and interesting way you are presenting your country never stop to amaze me.
I keep recommending your site to anyone interested in foreign countries in general and India in particular.
Imagine,- a stray bull.
From Felisol

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I agree with Felisol but I will go a step farther, and implore anyone who reads Amrita's blog to contact anyone they know in the publishing business -- I think she needs to write a book!!!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

How nice to see the new furiends!


Sharodindu said...

Nice to see the is secure...I've one here..he often follow me till the food center then we enjoy some snack...I never tried bull! Honestly!

Lovely post :) :)

Felisol said...

Hello ODP,
My husband just said the same this morning.
Amrita has a special pulse and touch of the different cultures India is made up of. She would be a perfect writer of a book either from India or Allahabad.
From Felisol

madison said...

I've seen some strange things out my door, but never a bull, lol! Why do they wonder the streets like that?

Gerry said...

Since I was raised with many cows I always related to the people of India who seem so fond of theirs. My father and grandfather they said knew all their cows even when they grew to 300 of them! And I spent many and many an hour feeding them and driving them. Many men showed their goodness of spirit to me in the way they cared for their stock, even when they got drunk and did not behave so well when they went to town.

Abigail Jasmine said...

I love that doggie :) interesting in India wild bulls roam like that. I'd love to see one in real life.

Hindus find cows sacred - such a different religion. Our Lord and Saviour Christ is sacred to us :)

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Amrita,
I like dogs and a boxer is a very nice type of dog, white is i good colour in a hot (weather) country How nice that bull in front of the house , it reminds me of the cows in fron of my hous I love cows (I don't know if bulls are sweet?)Thats the way I think, it might be even dangerous, to enter this house?

Greetings from JoAnn
Now in a Ice cold Holland

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Amrita:)

Lovely photos.

When you talked of stray cows and bulls, I was reminded of Madhya Pradesh where you can't get cows meat because it is worshipped by Hindus and cow slaughter is banned.

I suppose cow slaughter is banned in many parts of North India.

In Kerala,many many years back the government was trying to introduce ban on cows meat.The Malayalis went mad.There was so much protest all over the state that the government had to give up the idea.The Malayalis can't do without their drinks and beef:)

Have a wonderful day Amrita:)

Glennis said...

I would just as soon not have a big bull come to my gate, but things are different in India.
Actually as I have a small cat I would not like the boxer at my gate either.

Tikno said...

Dear Amrita,
I also wondered: May I come in ?

John M Cowart said...

Hello Luv, sort of surprised me that more folks don't know that cows and bulls are considered sacred in India. Or is it only by Hindu's?

Well, either way. From what I see you are well loved.


John or Johnny.

Amrita said...

Hi friends, thank you for your interesting and sweet comments.

Oh Felisol and Dame Penni, your comments are my prize. I am no writer really. Can 't hold a pen straight and the mouse keeps slipping from my hand. LOL.

Stray bovines are quite a common sight around here.

The thing is that Hindus revere and worship the cow and bull.When someone 's cow or bull reaches retirement age and they can 't feed it anymore they just let it loose on the street because euthanasia etc. is out of the question. Also there are very few animal shelters here.

So the animals wander around interupting traffic, vandalizing gardens etc etc.A lot of them hang around vegetable markets. Some of them are in a very pitiful condition.

I hope I am not scaring the potential tourists away LOL.

Hi Tikno,

You are very welcome my dear Indonesian friend.

Amrita said...

Hi Dick, and all blog friends, India is full of surprises!!!

Terry said...

dear is so kind of the indian people to feed the stray bulls.
they seem to have no fear,eh?
just making themselves at home, knocking at the door for a hand out!
the boxer dog is cute but not as elegant as sheebs and adi who are my most favourite dogs in the whole wide terry

John M Cowart said...

I must say I'm a bit surprised. Since cows and bulls are revered I'd have thought much care would be taken of them.

Oh! I loved the blog about the army! Having been military my self I found it fascinating.

Such a blog! How could it put off anyone from a visit. I just want to know if you'll cook for me as you do your nephew.