Monday, 27 August 2012

A Simple Masoor Dal Recipe

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On  Facebook   I  mentioned   that  I   made  Masoor   or  Red  Lentil  Dal (Soup) and  many  of  my  friends  wanted  the   recipe. I  shared  a  recipe  from   the  web  there  but  I  want  to  share  my  own  simple  home made recipe.So  here  it  is  for  anyone  who  wants  to  try  this  delicious  mildly  spicy  red  lentil  soup.

1 cup cleaned  and   washed  Red  Lentil  or  Masoor  dal
2 or  3  table  spoons  of  chopped  onions
2 tablespoons  of  vegetable oil  or  butter
1 teaspoon   peeled  and  finely  chopped  garlic
1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
1  or  2  dried  red  chili (optional)
salt to taste
fresh  cilantro leaves  for  garnish


In a pan heat  the  vegetable  oil add the  red  chili (if you  are  using  it)  , chopped  onions  and  garlic.
Stir fry  for  2minutes  till  they  change  colour .
Add  the  red  lentil /masoor  dal and  mix  it  well  with  the  fried  onion  and  garlic.
Add  3 cups of  water .
Add  turmeric  powder  and  salt  to  taste.
Cook  dal on  medium  heat  for  15  or  20  minutes  until  soft  and  well   blended  with   the  water.
I  cook  my  dal  in  a  pressure  cooker  for  5  or  6  whistles.
Garnish  it  with  fresh  cilantro leaves.
Its  ready  to  serve. You  can  eat  it  with  plain white  rice   or  chapatis or nan. Rice  and  dal is  the  popular  lunch meal  in  India. It  can  be  eaten   with vegetables,  poppadoms  and  salads.

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Nadwrażliwiec said...

It looks good for cold days.

Just Be Real said...

Blessings to you Amrita.

Unknown said...

This looks delicious Amrita. I wish I could find red lentils in my town. The next time I visit the city, I'm going to the supermarket and try to find them.
Blessings to you!

Mrs. Mac said...

Thank you for sharing your easy version of this delicious soup. I shall pick up some red lentils when in town. I still remember making one of your recipes a few years ago and the family LOVED it.

Z said...

Looks good.

Any gulab jamun on hand?


~ zareena ~

Kate said...

Hi, Amrita- I haven't been on for a while, so I have missed a lot. This looks super yummy!

Amrita said...

Hi Z, I love gulab jamuns but can' t make them at home, have to buy them. LOL

Amrita said...

Hi Kate , so glad you stopped by. Will come over see how you are doing.

Amrita said...

Yes Zim this soup is good for both cold and hot days. It keeps you cool in the summer