Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Happy - Happy

Thank you Mrs Mac for giving me this gift. You are a special lady , wife, Mom and grandma and blogfriend. I admire the way you look after Nathan and give him so much love and care.He is such a sweet boy. You make all us smile so much.
You asked me to list 6 things which make me happy.
Let me see
1. My name is written in the Lamb 's book of Life.
2 My family and friends, specially little children.
3. The way Sheeba (my dog) welcomes me when I return home from a
trip out of doors.
4. The day when there are no electricity cuts.(LOL)
5. The day when there are no bills to pay.(LOL)
6. My blog friends , my growing family of God which gives me much joy.
My friend Rebecca
asked me write some quirky things about myself. Sorry Rebecca it took me so long. First of all on my old keyboard the letter Q was not working so I couldn 't type the word and then I got caught with other things.
So here goes.
Some Quirks I have:
1. The pinky of my left hand is slightly crooked because of arthritis, but it doesn 't hurt.
2. I always remember the clothes and shoes I was wearing when something bad happened to me or around me and many times I can 't wear them again if the association is very strong, so I give them away.
3. I use both hands to eat.
I eat finger food with my left hand and use the spoon with my right.
I am sure I have lot more quirks, I am as quirky as one of the characters of The Pickwick Papers, but I have to re-read the book to find matches. LOL.

Now its your turn pals. Give us a list of your quirks and your haps (not mishaps).

7 Fertilize my soul:

Sita said...

I am a Quirk! Just ask my brother who said God blessed my hubby with perseverance by marrying me!...hope your day is going well..or is it night time right now...right now...oh well...blessings!

monsoon dreams said...

good list of things which make u happy.i am glad to be part of ur blog family:-)i too have dresses which r associated with bad memories,one was too disturbing,reminded me of the tough time i had in hospital,so i got rid of it.

Natalie said...

great post! i have quite a few quirks! just ask my kids! lol

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

hi Amrita,
Congrats for this award..

How are you doing?
How interesting all that little 'facts' about yourself.Essspecially the "clothes-facts' I recognise a lot in your habit, I like my clothes so much... I even keep clothes I bought 25 years ago...

Happy week-wishes
From JoAnn's D Eyes/ Holland

Amrita said...

Its actually the clothes I was wearing when someone close to me died. Thise I dind hurtful to wear.

Otherwise lots of ups and downs keep happening, and if i was so sensitive i wouldn 't have any clothes left at all LOL.

That 's right my family can give you a long list of my quirtks too. A 100 pages long.

Julia Dutta said...

I must be really quirky Amrita, or it must be my original nature! Now let me think - uumm!

(1) I never sit at a table to eat when I am alone, which mostly I am...I just sit on a chair, lift my legs up on another chair in front of me and eat with my fingers

(2) After I return home from work, I just don't go out even to the grocery nearby. On Sundays ands holidays, I live like a hermit inside my flat not even opening out the from door.

(3) My phone is permanently off. To reach me, most people have to send me an email first, to say they are trying to reach me!

(4) Punjabi is equal to NO! NO!

(5) I eat lunch at breakfast, and breakfast at dinnertime.

Gosh! I could go on and on!

Robin said...

I thought I was the only one who gave away clothes from a painful troublesome event if I did not want to remember do that too?
wow, now I really do wish I could hug you!!!
love you~