Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Oh Happy Day

The Golden Girls
Sandra, Gail, Mom Golden and Terry
Saija and a big buddy

Ring...ring...ring Miss Terry gave me such a thrill by calling me this morning all the way from Ontario. It was such a delight talking to you Terry. Suddenly I felt the planet earth has shrunk.
And by the afternoon post I got a lovely postcard sent by Saija in Manitoba. That was so sweet. And I felt 10 times better.
Actually the worst is over and I am feeling much better.Praise God, I was thinking it will take longer than this. But God is merciful.
And thank you for your prayers.

Today is Abner 's 7th birthday (Sonia 's son).
Happy birthday Abner.Sonia must be cooking a wonderful dinner for a family gathering. I will call them in a while.

Last night I felt so sick that I boiled a few potatoes and we had them with salt and pepper and a bit of left over curry. But tonight I made "French Fries" with colocasia (arvi) . Its a root. Very similar to potatoes.I just fried it in mustard oil with a bit of ajwain ( a spice like thyme), a pinch of asfoteda, salt and pepper.It goes well with bread.

9 Fertilize my soul:

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
glad to learn that you are getting better. It sure did take its time.
It's when you're down there that those golden Canadian ladies show their real value.

Have you ever considered assembling your recipes in an special blog or even a book?
When I read about what you are making for dinner, I often think that I somehow could manage that as well. My memory is kind of slow, very slow that is, so I don't remember recipes from one day to the other.
I've never tried to fry in mustard oil, guess I could make some from olive oil and mustard powder? My garden is full of thyme, so that would not be a problem.
Looking forward to seeing more from you and your cooking.
From Felisol

Terry said...

Dear Amrita..
You know if you were in Canada and I took you out for a cup of coffee, it would have cost me $3.00.
Well I talked to you over ten minutes last night and it only cost $1.71. What a good deal THAT is, eh?

I think that Felisol is right. Mrs. Mac has a blog that she puts her good recipes in and I have used a few. Maybe you should do the same thing...It would be really cool!.....I hope that you gave your Mama a hug and that Sheeba a pat on the head for me.
By the sounds of that cute little Mama of yours, I would adopt her in a moment!...Love Terry

Saija said...

i'm glad you are feeling better ... :o) ... and it is nice to get snail mail every so often, isn't it?

((hugs)) and blessings on ya!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

God is so good. After the trials, the joy and happiness that our friends bring to us. Life is but a cycle, one day we are up there, the next day we're in the dumps. But God assures us of deliverance at all times. Thanks for the post. God bless you always my friend.

Amrita said...

Hi Felisol, mustard oil is made from pure mustard seed which is crushed in a machine and the oil extracted. If you have an Indain store nearabouts they might have it. Its a non saturated oil very healthy. It has a pungent flavor so before cooking anything in it you have to heat it a bit till it starts smoking ,in order to release the flavours. Sometimes I like it unsmoked with the strong flavor.

Well, you know ladies, I am not a very acomplished cook, just learning and starting a cooking blog would be too ambitious for me. But like Pilgrim Pals if we have a Cooking Pals contributory blog then I could contribute a recipe or two.

Hi Mel, I really liked your question blog

I love getting snail mail Saija. In this hare race the turtle takes the day.

Julia Dutta said...

Glad to know you are better Amrita, and thanks for that new recipe for arbi. I like it too, but mine is a little spicy with lots of Bengali masala thrown in and finally garnished with dhanya patta....slurp!

Amrita said...

Julia your Bengali recipe sounds delicious. We make the spicy version too. And cook it with mutton as a curry.

Julia Dutta said...

Can you invite me to lunch please, arbi with mutton and I will bring in my Bengali arbi too. You are absolutely delightful, Amrita. I hope you know that :))))

Amrita said...

Hi Julia you are very welcome.That would be greart.

I saw Marut Sikka ,ake gur ka halwa and today i made some.Now I 'm off to watch Manju Mahli, she 's great