Thursday, 9 July 2009

Come lets Cachinnate

All ye merrie bloggers
come and cachinnate with me.
No, I am not asking you
to crack open the mysteries of the cosmos
or conspire to un-clench
the fist of the un-holy Osama Empire.
When we bloogers are tickled by someone 's post
we usually add a "LOL".
I just wanted to find new ways to express my cackling .
(Read that C-A)
I found the following in a Thesaurus

break up*, burst*, cachinnate, chortle, chuckle, convulsed, crack up*, crow, die laughing, fracture*, giggle, grin, guffaw, howl, roar, roll in the aisles, scream, shriek, snicker, snort, split one's sides, titter, whoop*, with sound be in stitches
So when I mention words like fracture ( must be the fractured jaw bone) convulsed, burst , die laughing,split one 's side and to be in stitches, please don 't ring up 911 to take me to E R.
And no need to inform Animal Control if I comment with a shriek, snort,howl, bellow, roar, crow, titter or bay.
The loony bin will not be able to help in cases of screaming break up, crack up and roll in the aisles.
Its just that your jesting,jokes, drollery, pleasantries, wisecracks and amusement has smote, punched and hit my jocular vein.
Can we bloggers invent new ways of texting LOL ?

18 Fertilize my soul:

Paresh Palicha said...


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Amrita, you are so right! LOL is just TOO familiar!!! And you definitely cracked me up! LOL!

See? UGH!

We do need another way to express glee online!

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I am no linguist, but like a good laugh.
I often find myself chuckle when I read your understatement punchlines.
Adds spice to my day.
From Felisol

Julia Dutta said...

Brilliant and original Amrita! It gave me a good LTMBB - Laughed Till My Bladder Burst!


Brit said...

Haha! "A good laugh lengthen life", we say in Norway.
I hope your day will be good!

Carol-Ann. said...

Now this hit the funnybone of one who loves to read a good bandy with words! Good thing I'm alone in the house right now (except for Mini! She came running in to see what was up! She even left her post in front of her big screen TV (the front window) when I started to chortle, chuckle, convulse, howl, shriek, snicker and snort!

Oh thanks for starting my day with a laugh!

Maria Stahl said...

I like "heh." It implies being slightly embarrassed to find something funny.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

HI Amrita:)

This is a very original, funny, creative post.

I agree with you LOL has become outdated and has to be replaced with something more exciting.

This can be done only by people who can think out of the box. Perhaps some youngsters should be asked to do it.

I enjoyed reading the quotes. They are thought provoking and carry a lot of meaning.

On the whole this is a very enjoyable post and as you know LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE.

Have a lovely day Amrita:)

sherri said...

How about this: (!)

For "you CRACK me up" Get it? The visual? It's kinda gross.

Annie K said...

Hey, Sherri took mine. Guess great minds think alike (!)

David said...

i am loving that you have a good sense of humor, I think that helps a lot in life

Saija said...

just catching up on your posts ... and saying "hi" ....
blessings on ya!

Ash said...


Crown of Beauty said...

This is so funny! Loved the cartoons you posted as well as the synonyms!

Sita said...

Since 'cachinnate' sounds like some surgical intestinal procedure, I would prefer SMS -splitting my sides!

You and my sister and Sunder's wife would be a hoot together--you are so funny in a way that SMS!

Gerry said...

I see why you wanted a thesaurus! I thought this entry was very sharp wit. Enjoyed it.

Terry said...

dear amrita...we just read in our paper that there were seven former muslims that were beheaded by the somalians for there departure from the muslim faith.
amrita, tell me, if they were converted to be christians, do you think that god would consider them martyrs and would they receive the martyrs crown in heaven, even though this is the 21st century,
i hope so...i was just wondering.
i will have to read this post when i get back, ok? terry

Amrita said...

Hi everyoone thank you for your mirthful chuckles.

Sita, SMS is a very good way of expressing it .

Dear Terry, I am horrified to read about these Somalian brothers.
Oh yes, defintely they are martyrs for Christ and they will get their crown for having taken a stand, not bowing before the be-header 's sword.
There have been more martrys in the 21st century than in the ages past, I believe. God is gathering them into his bosom.
I pray for the needy countries in the 10 -40 window.There are many people suffering in this area of the globe.I have been specially burdened to pray for North Korea and Burma
About 10 days ago i read that an Indian priest was killed somewhere in India, I don 't recall where.