Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Even though the monsoon clouds

wink at us from afar
and shed a few tears now and then
on our parched land
the people of my state will not hesitate
from celebrating the month of Sawan (monsoon).
Sawan for us means

Henna tattoo painting
dancing peacocks
festivals with folk dances

girls on swings in mango orchards

and when the pitter patter of
raindrops are heard
delicious savories called
samosas and pakoras liven
the enjoyment

together with cups of'
hot sweet milky chai (tea)

the bhuttawala or corn seller
is seen at every street corner
roasting corn on the cob
which is served with
salt and pepper with a dash of lemon juice.

I bought these colocasia leaves very cheaply from the

vegetable market

and made colocasia rollups
with spices and gram flour (besan)
Last week Hindu women celebrated
Hariyali Teej.
They perform rituals in temples and
get together for music and dancing
wearing green sarees.
You can see henna tattoo painting
and girls on the swing.
They are singing special songs called Kajri.
Its like our Indian 'country" music
with delightful stories in them.

I recorded these short videos
from a TV program

25 Fertilize my soul:

Paresh Palicha said...

Didi, I'm back:)Enjoyed this post. Thanks 4 being concerned. God bless you.

Amrita said...

Hi Paresh, good to see you back.
Hope you had a good rest.
THese days I am reading a bit of English poetry...the old classic stuff.

Sita said...

Really interesting post..loved the pics of the girls on the swing. Those leaves look a lot like what we call "dasheen bush" in Trinidad used to make 'bajee'.
Anyway, blessings to you,
Love, Sita

Pat said...

This is a very beautiful and colorful post of your culture. The girls are so beautiful! I love the joy on their faces!

Julie said...

The Henna tattoo painting is just lovely. So delicate looking. Love all the photos. Sounds like a happy time.

Jan said...

Hello Amrita!
I have a question about the henna tattoos on the hands. Is this something that only Hindu women do or also Christian and Muslim women? I am asking out of curiosity, nothing else.
By the way, a large group of people from here left for Calcutta today.

Amrita said...

Hi Sita, that could it . Did they get it from the colocasia plant, its a root.

The henna is really nice and its washable too. So there no fear of it remaining forever if you want to change your mind.

Young artists have found useful employment in this trade.

Although Hindu ladies tattoo their hands during fastivals and weddings, henna is a cultural thing rather than religious.
Christians and Muslims also apply henna. It has a cosmetic appeal.

Jan, I wish your visiting friends a blessed time in Calcutta.

David said...

looks delicious - will pray for rain for you - sent you a FB message
Good morning !

Shelley said...

Hi Amrita,I pray the rain comes to you soon...I love milky chai tea..
enjoyed the videos..
I am doing fine and thank you so much for asking.


Crown of Beauty said...

beautiful post, Amrita. The girls in their sarees are lovely, and the henna tatoo is interesting. Is the tatoo permanent? The samosas and the pakoras and the rollups must be delicious!

Praying for rain to come to your state soon.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Looks like everyone is having fun during this festival. You have a very unique way of celebrating your festival. Everything is so exotic. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Ash said...


eha said...

You told us something new and interesting about India, Amrita. Wonderful!
Btw, there's an award I'd like to share with you at my site. I do hope you'll like it. Would you please come and get it? Thank you so much, Amrita.

Mrs. Mac said...

You have much to offer since my last visit: Funeral/weddings .. snake charmers ... great food .. chai tea ... and Indian culture. My international 'experience' is broadened each time I pay you a visit.



P.S. Soon I'll post the potato bread recipe you inquired about :)

xashee's corner said...

Found you through Penniwig's blog and GLAD i did!
wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :)

debbie said...


Buttercup said...

Happy birthday, dear Amrita. Sending wishes for a very happy and healthy year! If I could bundle up our rain I would send it to you!

Carol-Ann. said...

I came on to say "Happy Birthday", but when I saw your header, it just has to be "Ha-Ha-Ha-Happy Birthday!"

Love and Blessings from all the Allens!

David said...

happy birthday to you dear sister and valiant servant warrior for the King

Donetta said...

Glad you were born, Oh so glad that you very happy to know your heart...Privileged to share this path...Oh Birthday happiness...OH joy to you!

May the purple feather of happiness tickle you silly.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
that you for educating me in a most interesting and admirable culture.
The henna tattoos were just wonderful.
I have to show them to Serina.
She's fascinated by tattoos.
I am against it, but these were so artificially done, and also are removable.
I'll pray for rain.
From Felisol
PS. You know we have the strongest God, the God sending rain.

Debra said...

Looks like a fun festival! Enjoyed seeing the video.
Did I read it was your birthday? Hope you had a very happy birthday Amrita!

Anonymous said...

Nice to be back in your blog after a long time along with such a beautiful post...You have portrayed this season so beautifully through meaningful words & photos...All the photos have been good, but I think the third one really stands out...Have a nice Sunday & oh Yes, a belated very happy birthday!

Sharodindu said...

Fantastic post..well decorated blog...out standing photographs...
In Single word WOW! Just Wow!
Thank you very much for sharing.

Amrita said...

Dear Lidj, the tattoo is not permanent, the henna fades and washes off. Its just a cultural, cosmetic thing.

Sharodindu, I welcome you to my blog. You are a skillful phtographer and artist.

Hello Kalyanm so glad you are black in the cyber world. Brilliant photo you have posted.

Thank you for your greetings Debra. My middle name is also Debra
Dear Felisol, Serina and her young friends would enjoy a henna painting session and their hands would looks very pretty. The thing is you can always wash off the henna, its not permanent.

Hi Donetta the purple feather did tickle me and today for church i wore a purple top..(kurta)

Hi David, today is your birthday and wishing you a happy day.Love the fishes you caught.

Thank you C=A and the Allen family. That picture is really cute, portrays our situation very accuratly.

Thank you so much Buttercup and Debbie.

Thank you for visitng me xaashee in hindi this word means witness.I am inspired by your blog.

Thank you for for you gift award eha

Dear Mrs Mac, it will be fun to try the bread. I am sure N
ate loves it too.

Thank you so much Mel and Shelly, I like to lesrn about other cultures and thus share mine.
I have just posted some more phtos and a video