Saturday, 14 November 2009

Children ask our Prime Minister some tough questions

There are English subtitles

The children are concerned about the skyrocket ting prices of essential commodities. Food prices are spiralling nearly everyday. The vegetables cost almost double in the past few days and today I heard that the price of atta or whole wheat flour ( basic staple) has gone up by Rs 5. The poor and middle class is reeling under this burden.

The Prime Minister is also questioned about the plight of street children and the changes in education.

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David C Brown said...

And what can a Prime Minister do? We are waiting the only perfect Ruler, Christ, to take up His rights!

Amrita said...

Its true brother David the government of our world rests upon the shoulders of Chist our Prince of Peace.

H e is the one who appoints our leaders and sets up men in high positions. We have to pray for the good governance of our country.

Terry said...

dear is so hard to take that the prices have doubled.
i remember last year when the gain prices went up and the pastas which over hear feed the poorer people could not be afforeded anymore.
even pork and beans a staple to the poorer ones has doubled in price.
bread, eggs and milk also.
amrita, it looks like your leader and his wife do not talk with "forked tongues" and that they are being truthful about wanting to provide more schooling for all the children.
just look at the faces of those kids. they show a real love and respect for the leader!
this is nice to see and their questions were so intelligent!
i loved watching this video amrita.
thanks for putting it in! terry

Amrita said...

You are so encouraging Terry. I am glad you like d the video.

Our present Prime minister is a very clean and honest man. He is trying to build up our economy.

Its the poor people who are feeling the greater crunch. We can somehow manage by cutting down the extras but its the destitute who are really suffering.