Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Photo Day

Yesterday afternoon my right knee developed throbbing
inflammation and swelling. Old arthritis resurfacing after a gap of 3 years.
I just couldn 't believe it.It has been raining since Friday and
the wet - damp weather brought on a bit of trouble, but I did not expect it
to flare up like this.
I massaged my knee with herbal oils and creams
and woke up this morning able to walk.
I was virtually dragging myself everywhere last night.

There was a time when I wondered if I would be able to walk normally.
And God healed me in His own time.
Thank you Facebook friends for your prayers.
I posted a request there.This morning we got 2 tractor loads of bricks .
Two more to come tomorrow.

They were supposed to arrive in a truck,

but it couldn 't enter city limits because of traffic restrictions..

The tractor drivers have to grease the palms of (or bribe)

traffics cops and check points to get in.

I went to the bank with Pastor to withdraw the money
for the payment. Quite a large amount.
I asked him to hold the bag for safety reasons.
Purse snatching can happen.
They accept cash payment only...
to avoid income tax , I suppose.
The kiln owner has a fleet of 25 trucks and tractors
which are used to transport bricks all over the district.
He must be a very affluent man, but if you meet them
you will never know.
They keep a very low profile.
Just like ordinary working men.
The older conservative and traditional businessmen live a very subdued
life, they don 't flaunt their wealth.
But the trend is changing with the younger generation.
They are living it up as a part
of the swish set.

Our coxcombs. We have lots of them.
My blogfriends

very kindly sent me packets of seeds to plant in my garden.

Above is the corn coming up.
There are Indian okra or ladyfinger plant growing in between.

This is an okra flower

Here are some seedlings.

We had to wait for cooler weather to plant them.

A while back I went to the Post Office

Above are the newer buildings.
The older British style building is on the other side.
They are all very well maintained.

I saw some pots of these very pretty leaves.
And helped myself to a tiny bunch.

We planted them in a pot which is thriving now.

Ravens and eagles are frequent visitors in our area,
scavenging for food from the rubbish bins of nearby eateries.
Some of them perch on our mango and neem trees to eat
their treats. Often they drop the bones in the grass below
much to the joy of naughty Sheeba.
Here she is sniffing out her ' gifts from above '
When we call her she doesn 't want to
come into the house. So I have to bribe her with
biscuits. I shake the biscuit tin
and hearing the pleasant sound she comes zooming in.
Sometimes I think she tempts me to create biscuit music.

Just like the ravens brought food for the Prophet Elijah.
Our ravens drop tasty morsels for Sheeba.
What a thought!
All this would make a very bad sermon illustration. LOL
So I am dissuading Pastors from incorporating it into their homilies. Laff!

These are eggplant, brinjals or aubergines from our garden.
Today is an auspicious day for Hindu weddings.
It is close to 11pm and there are lots of wedding parties
going on in the marriage halls and hotels in our locality.
Loud fireworks and music.

13 Fertilize my soul:

Glennis said...

The palm greasing og officials to allow the bricks to you sounds so very Indian. Like the Okra flower never seen one before and your eggplant fruit are looking good, a nice colour. I like growing things from seed too.

David C Brown said...

"Who provideth for the raven his food, when his young ones cry unto God, [and] they wander for lack of meat?", Job 38: 41. If He gives the raven some extra it's good for them to share with Sheeba!

Gerry said...

A long rain has mixed blessings when it brings out the rheumatiz. Glad you felt better the next morning and able to walk. We don't get rain here enough to notice the effect on our aches and pains! I don't believe. Always nice to see photos of things growing for me. Gerry

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I pray to the Lord that He will heal your knees. This is my prayer Father God in the name of Jesus through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, one God forever. Amen. You really have been blessed to receive those wonderful seeds for your garden. The eggplants looks very delicious. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I'm amazed the way your fertile land bears crops both for summer and for winter.
So beautiful to see the small sprouts, soon becoming food for the household.

I have to ask you which oil and ointment you are using to cure your arthritis.
I can buy many of the oriental herbs, oils etc here in Haugesund but I just don't know what to buy and my fingers are killing me after I worked in the garden planting bulbs for the spring yesterday.
They are swollen and aching.
I'd very much appreciate a bit of your wisdom.
From Felisol

Technonana said...

The color of the eggplants is beautiful.. praying that your knees are better... so what are you building with the bricks???
My youngest daughter Karen.. who just got married in Aug. is married to a brick mason!!

Julie said...

I just love looking at your photos. the eggplant looks so good. I also think people should be laying low. save what you can. Peace and joy to you my friend.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Nice khanine pikh!

Mom is drooling fur the eggplants too!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Amrita, I will return to this post of yours when I can do it full justice. I want my son and husband to read your witty remarks and look at the pictures. It may be raining, but you have such a dry humor. I just love it!

madison said...

I need to do a pic blog to!
I was out in my herb garden the other day and it seems my herbs will last the winter, at least until the snow comes.
Glad you got the bricks so you can get the wall started.
I don't know what you use for your pain but when I have back spasms I use Emu oil. Works wonders for my back, spams gone the next day.

Amrita said...

Dear friends thank you for fertilizing my soul with your sweet comments.

Dear Felisol, I wonder if you can get the oils in Norway. I mixed 3 of them to create a lotion. They are produced my the Baidnath Ayurvedi Pharmacy. I am not sure if they export them. I will do some web research and tell you.

Emu oil sounds good Madison.

Hi Khyra, tell you Mom I would love to send her some eggplant if only I could, but your cousi Sheeba does not like them at all

Terry said...

dear amrita..i read about your sore knee yesterday and wanted to write to you but i was so tired.
i had to take mom golden out for two days in a row for blood tests and doctor appointments and it sort of tired me out. one day never does but two do.
anyways other than weighing only 93
pounds, she is fine.
what are you going to do about your leg now amrita?
have you ever tried the indian rub likota?
bernie and i find that it helps...
i hope you could get some.

i haven't been here for a few days amrita so i don't know what is going on with your getting bricks.
are you building on to your church?
i will read down and find out.
i hope in the meantime that your leg doesn't give you trouble....love terry

your story about the ravens dropping food for sheeba is right on amrita.
i remember a sunday school paper story about a family that had no food and they prayed to the lord to help.
well not long later a raven was flying by and he dropped a meat loaf right on to their front door.
more than likely the guy had taken it from someone's picnic table and god sent it special delivery to that hungry family...special delivery by a raven!!
i have always loved ravens..they are such a sleek fine bird!
love terry

Amrita said...

Hi Terry,

We are building our church wall.Will give you updates as the work progresses.We are doing this in phases as we receive enablement from God.
Tou take rest Terry, don 't strain your heart too much.
That story is great. I know a man in South India, who lived by the sea. One day a visitor dropped by unexpectedly , he had no money to buy him food as he was a poor preacher. An eagle dropped a large fish near his door and he could lay food on the table. He was a great prayer warrior and founded a Student Outreach movement like Campus Crusade.