Thursday, 12 November 2009

My 600th Story

I have not been counting
my blogposts ,since I have only 10 fingers ., my dear friends.
But Blogger informed me that my last post was number 599. so if I have my mathematics right this should be the 600th one.
Times flies by so fast.
I started blogging in April 2007.
Its been like telling my life 's tale
and scattering my wispy thoughts here and there.
I was inspired by fellow blogger and famous author John Cowart
and was blessed with technical assistance and tutorials by very patient and kind Carol-Ann.
I thought it was a good idea to illustrate
my ramblings with photos.
Donetta 's images tugged at my heart
and so did the radiant Ruby photos of sisters
My Dad 's film role Minolta proved quite costly
so my beloved late aunt Sybil very kindly
gifted me money to buy a digital camera.Well then, I set out with a shaky hand.
Since I live like a semi hermit
the cyber world opened new avenues for me to grow, learn
make friends and express myself.
For me blogging has basically been making friends,
connecting and receiving love and affection
more than contributing anything.
God be praised

Thank you my dear Cyberian Comrads for enriching my life

These are apples grown in the Himalayan
states of Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir
There are many more varieties.

Yesterday I made an apple pie .
Since sour cream is not available here
I used home made sweet curd or plain yogurt as a healthy substitute.

I received a packet of very pretty cards and decorations
from my friend Penni which I have displayed here.
Penni is having a Pomander Giveaway Contest.
And although I have read about pomanders
I did not bother to find out the real meaning of the word
and conveniently assumed it was
- a scented purse
-a French hairdo
- or a Victorian powder puff.
Penni shows you how to make as pomander.

And just for Timepass as we say in Hinglish,
I made kebabs or spicy meat patties.

Here is a newspaper photo of the students
of a local Technical College having a
social festival.

God bless you all.

18 Fertilize my soul:

Connie said...

Congratulations and I get to be the first to say it.
I didn't know blogger kept track and notified us like that.'
That is sooo cool

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
Congratulations with your first 600.
I will encourage your readers to take a day to read through all of them. You have painted an inspiring, wonderful picture of your homeland, India, of your beloved church and of your family members. I feel I know all of them.
You are modest about your own achievements, no need to be that.
Walk tall, you are giving your country and your church valuable, good PR.
Keep up the good work.
From Felisol

Sheryl said...


600 posts?? Wow, good for you. Keep writing and sharing your heart. It's always a joy to visit here.

Love to you,

Buttercup said...

Wishing you at least 8,000 more posts for thanks for friendship that spans 8,000 miles!

Becka said...

First I want some of that apple pie,,wow that looks so good,,

I hav'nt even made it to 100 yet ,,

Paresh Palicha said...

Congrats! I'm 2 yrs elder to you in the blog-world & I haven't reached 10% of your number (you put approximately 4 posts a week). Keep it up Didi. :-)

~Robin said...

I always come away from reading your blog posts learning or being convicted deeply to pray or being encouraged. Even the simple things you share such as the foods you prepare have a way of enriching our lives-bless you Amrita, 600 posts is quite an accomplishment!

Pat said...

I must say that 600 is not nearly enough! I have enjoyed and been blessed so many times by your posts!
Now that apple pie..please pass me a plate!!

ChrisB said...

It's surprising how quickly the posts mount up so congratulations on your 600th.
Your apple pie looks absolutely delicious.

Charlotte said...

My time flies when your having fun. Congratulations Amrita on your 600 post. Blessings to you and yours. Charlotte

Mrs. Mac said...

Six hundred and one, six hundred and two, six hundred and three ... keep it going sister. You have been blessing your readers and the world by sharing your faith and little corner of the planet.


David said...

blogging is a great way to enhance a life and to grow in our world view. I praise God for opening my eyes to see into your world.
God has made you beautiful, and your light is shining brightly

Carol-Ann. said...

"a scented purse, a French hairdo, or a Victorian powder puff" !! Now this is creative thinking -- just another display of your wonderful creativity in this bloggie! All us blogger buddies just love ya to bits!

Mark and Misti said...

Wow....600 posts! That's great! Congrats. I love to see the pictures in your blog, they are very vivid, and all seem to convey a feeling or story. Excellent work!


David C Brown said...

Thanks for every taste of India that you give me! Keep it going! Congratulations!

madison said...

I really like your header pic. It reminds me of the pics hubby brought back the year before.
Blogging for me is theraputic mostly. But I do enjoy getting to know people from other states and around the world.
Your apple pic looks great. Even did the lattice on top. I don't make pies much because I'm not a good pie maker.

Amrita said...

Thank you so much my dear friends.Its your friendship that has kept me going.

God bless you all.

Terry said...

this is such a lovely post amrita.
i cannot even begin to tell you how much you and your mama and even sheeba have enriched mine and bernie's life and i am so glad that you came over from curious servant to meet me.
oh amirita..i have not even visited him for so long..just chatted a little bit..that's all.
since last evening i have been waiting to get a little energy to make a post that concerns you and maybe it is about time i did. is NOT a pretty story!!..i love you sister princess terry