Thursday, 11 February 2010

Birthday People

Hi I am Mishael
Today Feb.12th is my 13th birthday
and my Amrita Maasi (aunt)
has taken unofficial permission from me
to compose this post on my behalf. I share my birthday with Sonia Maasi (extreme right)
as I step into the teenage portal of my life.
I had a super holiday with my Mom, 2 Maasis and brother Rauguel
all in this photo.
Abner (Sonia Maasi 's son ) was too frisky
to stand still for this snap which I took.

I wanted to survey the neighbourhood

so I climbed up this ancient

church iron ladder.

Its kinda nice to be up there and look down at the world.

Here Rayguel and I are riding bikes all over the campus.
We flew kites,
played badminton, basketball
and all kinds of outdoor games
not to forget our PSP and comnputer games.
Rayguel and I get along very well.
We share our PSP
and don 't fight over it.
One of us has the controls while the other kinda navigates
and gives instructions.

Our parents are building a house in
our hometown.
Here I am with Mom
at the construction site.

We enjoyed burgers at MacDonalds.
Mom had some packed for Amrita Maasi and Nani.
We had Dominoes Pizzas too
but the food there was not
worth the price they charged for it.
My Amrita Maasi makes better pizzas at home.
( Maasi took vast liberty to add this
sentence here)
School started on Feb 8th.
I have entered into grade 8.
Can 't wait to get into college
where I will be studying
Agricultural Engineering'
That 's the career I am thinking of right now.
We visited my Dad 's college and saw the engineering department.
( the above photo is old)
I loved climbing Nani 's grapefruit tree.
We also enjoyed the juice.
I must not forget to tell you how much
Rayguel and I enjoyed playing with
Sheeba (Maasi 's girl doggie)
We miss her so much.
I talked to her over the speaker phone
and Maasi told me she wagged her tail joyfully.
And yes, I enjoyed the food ,snacks and chaat enormously.
My Mom says she gained quite a few pounds
during our 5 week holiday.

Happy birthday Mishael and Sonia.
May the sun always shine
over your shoulder
and the wind be behind your back.
May your feet walk on the way God has charted for you.
And may you be kept
in the shelter of His love.

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Gerry said...

That is a sweet picture of the brothers. They look as though they love each other. I enjoyed this birthday entry you made on behalf of your nephew. Nice.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Happy Birthday Mishael and Sonia. May you have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. Your nephew Mishael can post very well and the pictures completes his narration. You seem to be a closely knit family. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Quint said...

Congratulations for both. May you walk always with Happiness, Love and Wisdom next to you.

Louise said...

Happy Birthday Mishael & Sonia!

David Edward said...


John Cowart said...

Hi Mishael,
Happy 13th Birthday from the other side of the world.
John Cowart in Florida (USA)

Amrita said...

Thyank you dear friends. I will pass on your greetings to Mishael and Sonia

Amrita said...

Wecome to my blog Ferreira Pinto, your photography is superb.

the mother of this lot said...

Happy birthday Mishael. It is my Peacemaker's 13th birthday today as well!

Terry said...

oh how sweet Innocent youth is amrita.
these two brothers share the same closeness and love of adventure that we golden children had!
making so much fun out of the simplest things.
i can remember in my beloved manitoba when macdonalds' first opened and hamburgers were nineteen cents.
of course mom golden could never afford them but the man that used to bring us to sunday school treated us!
oh those were the days!
happy birthday mishael and sonia.

love terry