Monday, 8 November 2010

Diwali Surprise

Sometimes when your problems hit you like a deluge, unexpected help and support visits you.

My sister Sonia arrived with her husband and son on Nov 4th for a surprise 4 day Diwali visit. Diwali is a 5 day Hindu festival. Read more about it HERE so they had a long weekend.

This has been a difficult week for us. A couple who had been my late Aunt Virginia 's caregivers have been giving us trouble since more than 4 months. I will not go into the sordid details. But this duo had to be confronted and dealt with as they were over-stepping their boundary.
They rewarded our implicit trust and faith in them with avaricious , scheming and offending behaviour.

It was good that Sonia and her hubby arrived at this crucial time because they were a tremendous source of help and moral support. I believe God put it in their hearts to pay us a surprise visit from the state capital.

We discovered that several valuables have been stolen by this couple who had barred our entry into my Aunt 's house for this purpose. Its very likely that they have embezzled her money too. And to think of it , they were considering my mother and me as sitting ducks because we trusted them so much.This was the straw that broke the camel 's back. Its not strangers who cheat you but people posing as friends and well wishers. The Bible has plenty to say on this subject.

The shock, hurt and betrayal is too much to bear. I will let God have His way in their lives. Vengeance is mine, I will repay says the Lord. My bruised emotions and spirit has to heal.I feel physically weak . They mocked my physical disabilities which made me feel so impoverished.

God sent Sonia and her husband to us. My other 2 sisters live so far away, they are very concerned and want to come and help us . But because of the distance and job restraints they cannot do so. They are hurt too, but talking to one another and spending time together softened our misery and difficulties.
The couple is displaying an altered attitude , but I cannot trust them.
Very soon my mother will have her cataract surgery. Her appointment is on November 11th. The surgeon will examine her and fix a date for the operation. Mama suffers from nervous anxiety, small things make her tense, please pray for her and me too. And for God to provide for the surgery. I also have to get help from someone to take her to the surgery in their car.

In spite of our weaknesses and shortcomings God is so good to us.

President Obama is on a visit to India. We enjoye d watching all the events and appointments on TV.
This is where they stayed in Delhi

Michelle at the crafts bazaar

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Lynda said...

It is so hurtfull when someone you trust betrays you. I'm so thankful that we can turn to the Lord in these times and let Him be our strength! He is the judge of our deeds.Hopefully the caregivers will repent. So sorry that you've gone through this.
I will be praying for your mother's surgery and for you also.

Kathryn said...

Oh, Amrita, i know how hard it is when folks do things like this. I'm sorry.

I pray God give you strength and comfort.

Terra said...

Dear Amrita, I pray that your mom will be calm for her cataract surgery, and that you will have support and love nearby. How delightful God sent your sister and her family to you at this distressing time.

Anonymous said...

I too will be praying...sadly, this type of conduct is all too in a senior area, there are reports all the time of caretakers taking advantage of seniors...outrageous behavior for sure..we have a hotline here to call for senior abuse....

Arts&Disability said...

We will be anxious for you in our Lord as your mom goes to surgery. I will Tweet prayer requests around the world. It is a wonderful ministry that God is allowing the beneficial use of technology in His Grace.... ! I wish you peace in Jesus with the trust issues. We have similar problems which I cannot share. I try to remember the weeds with the Harvest parable.
w/Love His Sonshine

Robin said...

You soeak the truth about people we trust taking advantage and hurting us more than strangers sometimes. I am glad to read you want to give it into the Lords hands for vengeance. I also want to encourage ytou that the hurtful comments about your disability come from these peoples own insecurities and is a sad reflection on them-not on you, though I know it stings dear Amrita.
You will be in my prayers, sending love~

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I am glad that God sent Sonia to you just when you needed her.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I am sorry to learn that the issue with the two betrayers haven't been sought out yet.
I put my trust in God, that he will not let anything harm you or disturb you.
He is there by your side, that you at the end of the day can rest by your Eben-Ezer stone. "This far, God has been helping."

Sonja staying by your side is comforting also to me.
You know I am continuously praying for you.

About the evil people mocking you, I always find Eleanor Roosevelt's words to be true.
"No one can belittle you without your own consent."
You are a precious and valuable rose in the garden of Jesus.
Let no one take your crown away from you.
Yours Felisol

Ash said...

It is deeply painful when the people we trust betray us. Please be strong - Know that God is always with you and helping you. You are always divinely protected.

You are always in my prayers. said...

It is so sad when those we trust let us down. I wish you all and your dear Mother well and speedy recovery from her operation.

Zimbabwe said...

Praise God for His help. He uses people in surprising way. I knew, that He will help You and Your Mum.
I will have long weekend too - 11th November is Polish Day of Independence.

Glennis said...

Some people use our trustful natures for their own ends. Don't lose your trustful nature, its an important part of you, things can be replaced in time.

Amrita said...

My dear friends, thank you so much . Your words an d prayers are loke manna to my soul.

Felisol, that quote is very true.

Dearest Terra I want to thank you for your beautiful book on Christmas. Its such a delightful collection. I have read a few chapters.

Kiran Ignatius said...

If God is for us, who can be against us?
Will pray for you and your mother.

Amrita said...

Dear Kiran Ignatius, thank you for your prayers an d visit all th e way from Bangalor, a vibrant modern city - the cyber hub of India.I shall return your visit and follow your blog.