Sunday, 28 November 2010

Home Improvement

This is a photograph of a marble engraving in a palace in Rajasthan (India). The tour guides play a game with the visitors. They ask them to identify the shapes carved on the panel. Everything blends so skillfully in this ornate carving. Can you identify the different motifs ?

On day 5 a good part (1/3rd) of the house painting is over. I am relieved to get my computer back.
Saturday came with a rain storm which brought the temperature down.The heavy rain resulted in a 4 hour electricity outage. It rained for over 3 hours.
I have taken out light warm clothes.
This is a time to give away things we don 't need any more. We have lived in this house for 28 years and originally there were 9 of us. Only 2 are left now - my mother and me. The season of our lives has also changed so we need to get rid of extra baggage. One has to overcome the sentiments attached to stuff which has been with us for so long, though.

I am also thinking of how to re-arrange things and give the rooms a different look. One thing is for sure . I want to minimise the clutter.

Some of you asked about the color. I have chosen white paint for the walls and grille (iron work) and pale cream for the doors and windows. I like the clean sterile look. White will also keep the house cool in the summer. I will post some photos once the work is completed.

Once my Dad had the bedrooms painted pink and rest of the house in cream. But a darker shade will require more lighting and may cause eye strain too.

Have a good week ahead friends. On Monday my kitchen will be painted so I will not be able to cook anything. Everything is dismantled . I have some left overs in the fridge and will manage with bread and butter.

Poor Sheeba (my doggie) has her pants in a twist. She is eating one small meal in the afternoon. She asks for a bite after 10pm. With her favourite snoozing spots disturbed she thinks the Martians have attacked the house.
While their house was being renovated some friends of ours put their household things in storage and stayed in a hotel for sometime. Fortunate people!

Just finished using Spellcheck so here is a parting thought
And some can 't spell worth a hoot but have profound things to say.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amrita, I'm glad your painting project is moving along. I understand what you say about clutter. We used to have 5 children at home but now there's none and I really need to go through my stuff too. Oh well...someday. ;) It's cold, windy and rainy here but it's how it should be. It's winter time in Illinois. Take care. Sally

Amrita said...

Thank you Sally.

Right now I am listenin g to live Christmas music Internet Radio. Don 't need the CDs when there is such a choice on the net.

John Cowart said...

Poor Sheba, her world is out of joint with new people and new activities going on all around her.
Poor puppy.

Zimbabwe said...

I saw on the picture butterflies and an orchidea. Very cute picture, it must look really nice in the reality.
Sheeba just wants more attention :) She doesn't like strange people in her house, who make something with her little corner.
We in Cracow have real winter- with snow.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Amrita,

I is good you have decided to get rid of the clutter. I am sure after living in the house for 28 years you will have so many unused things gathering dust.

Painting the house is always a painful affair throwing our normal life out of gear and I am sorry for your doggie.

Hope you will settle down quickly and I am sure it is quite hard on your mother.

Best wishes,

Gerry said...

I am really glad to find out how your house renovation is going. I am looking forward to pictures. My mother used to remodel our house constantly. If my father had been more agreeable it would have been better, but she did not let that stop her! I found out later she remodeled her house in Hawaii all the time where she lived with her second husband, only he made jokes about it. I thought that was better! But people in India seem to agree on periodic painting and renovation. I think that is admirable of them.

breadgirl said...

Hello Amrita

You have a nice blog here. Good luck with clearing the clutter! I love your last two sentences. I think they are certainly true.

God bless you.

Amrita said...

Dear Breadgirl, welcome from the UK.

Isn' t it amazing how we can travel th e world an d make friends throough the click of a mouse. I really appreciate your comment.

Liike you I was a teacher, but had to give it up due to disability

Amrita said...

Dear friends I want to thank all of you for your visit an d commets. Today DSheeba did much better her food intake increased.