Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday Blessings - O Come Little Children

The lyrics of this Christmas carol are echoing in my mind awaking childhood memories. The Allahabad Choral Society used to sing this song during its Christmas performance under the directorship of Mrs Erika Harper. She was an American educationalist and music teacher - her husband was a professor in a Christian College. Their children studied in Woodstock School where I later taught. In the 70s they sported cool hippie style clothes and hair which made us children look up to them with great wonder .

O come, little children, O come, one and all,
O come to the manger in Bethlehem's stall;
And see what our Father on this holy night,
Has sent us from Heaven for our pure delight.

O see, in the cradle, this night in the stall,
O see how the light dazzles even us all;
In pure gleaming white lies this Child
heaven's love,More
and holy than angels above.

These pictures are from the Kidz Fest which was held in our church on Oct 16th.

It was a day long program full of music, teaching, group activities and games. Good food and snacks were served.

About 150 children were present.

The story of Barabbas was the focus. The rebel leader Barabbas was set free by the Romans and Jesus was crucified in his place.

The children are watching a video on the life of Barabbas.

The notorious prisoner Barabbas deserved to die but Jesus , the innocent Lamb of God took his place. Read the whole story in Matthew 27:11-26 (New Testament)

(The gladioli and tube roses are from my garden. The tube roses emit a lovely fragrance after night fall which lingers in the air for some time. In Hindi these flowers are called Raat Ki Rani or Queen of the Night)

My blog friend TERRA of TERRA GARDEN gifted me a lovely book she has co-authored called A SCRAPBOOK OF CHRISTMAS FIRSTS. It is full of fresh ideas and practical ways to weave delight into the Christmas holidays. It overflows with tips for creating warm family memories and traditions, gift giving and also how to grow myrrh.

Terra 's delicious Turkey/Greece dessert called Baklava was such a hit at a church dinner that a man took a bite out of it and yelled across the room ,"I want to marry the woman who made this". You can find her recipe on page 58 of the book.
Oh Terra if filo pastry was available in here I would try it too (smile).

Some of the stories in the book made me cry, they reach into the deep parts of my heart.

Please visit her to get information on how you can order this treasure trove . She has info on her side bar.
Question: Which Christmas carol from your childhood do you love the most and why?

22 Fertilize my soul:

Kathryn said...

It looks like the children had a good time. And so many children there, too!

We try to "hold off" the Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving in the US (4th Thursday of November), but the merchants jump on the chance to sell much sooner. When i was a child, each holiday had its own season and we waited until one was over before jumping to the next. These days you can see Christmas in some stores in Sept and Oct, but in Craft stores they have it out (but not prominent like later) even in July, or sometimes, year around.

Hope all things are well with you, Amrita. Is your weather cooler now?

Amrita said...

Hi Kathryn, yes the weather is cooler now . The temp is in the 70s and 60s.

In India Christmas come s much later maybe after dec 10th.

But different churches have Advent and plays...pot lucks and dinners.

Our church had a Christmas program today. We had it so early becaus e our Bible College students will leaving shortly.

Dani said...

So many children! I am so happy to see this...thanks for posting the photos....our area is having a revival with our young people, standing room only and sometimes they have to turn people away.....

Zimbabwe said...

I really enjoyed Your photos and relation. I didn't see so many children in any church I know. I had to be so nice!

JoAnn's-D-Eyes said...

hI Amrita, happy sunday wishes, the children look so happy,
Thank you 4 your sweet words about my puppy's, yes they are cute:)

Amrita said...

Wonderful to hear this Dani.

These young people have their whole life to live for Christ.

Billy Graham was saved when he was 11 years old.

Dear Zimb, last year there were more children present.
May God bless you as you are giving free tuition to chidren.

Amrita said...

Dear JoAnn your puppies are adorable.

JI said...

Hi Amrita,

It's wonderful to see so many children having fun and learning about Jesus at the same time. I think catechism should be enjoyable and interesting, otherwise it can turn them off.

Over here in the UK, Christmas has become extremely commercialised. Now it's all about Santa Claus, presents, eating and drinking. The real meaning of Christmas has been lost somewhat. It's a pity.

Best wishes,

Karen said...

Amrita, I am a coauthor of Terra's book. You made a beautiful picture with it. Thank you for your kind words. It is exciting to see what is happening in your church. God Bless!


Ash said...

Wow, looks like a great time. I'm sure the children enjoyed it!

Amrita said...

Dear ji, th real meaning of Christmas can be los t in the trimmings that surround it.
Commercialization is creepin g into India too but not as much as in the West.

Dea r karen, I am so honored by your visit and comment. I will specially search the book for your stories. Thank you.

Dear As lovely to hav e you visit.

Trish said...

I love Children...they are so open to the things of God.
My favorite Christmas song as a child was Silent, it is Oh, Holy Night.
Blessings Amrita.

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Dear Amrita,
What a great project, I am sure the children enjoyed it.

Those flowers are lovely. I'm trying to imagine their scent... hmmm...

Amrita, thanks again for stopping by and for commenting on my story. I appreciate it. :-)


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Amrita,

Your church is doing a wonderful job of training so many children in the foundation of faith.The seeds have to be sown in children so that they will have good values in life.

Many songs I learnt in school I still sing in monthly family meetings and they are appreciated.

The book appears to be excellent from your review.

Best wishes,

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
Your report from your vibrantly living young church just made me so happy.
There are life and life in abundance.
Indeed promising a prosperous future for all of you.
I love being with the young ones. They make me see and think of the Gospel with their new and fresh eyes.
They are the future, just as we were, back in the 1960ies and 70 ties.

Wishing you all a happy waiting time, advent, before the big and holy night.
From Felisol

I'm glad

Nakamuras on Saipan said...

Dear Amrita,

I'm blessed today by reading your post! To see the Lord working in so many ways, languages and people is wonderful! Your church looks full of life and love for our Lord! God Bless you and the work you are doing!!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

A wonderful church activity to herald the coming of Xmas. Thank you for coming by my blog and commenting.

Amrita said...

Hi Trish, I like that carol to.
Karen, I looked up your chapters in the book.

God bless you Nakamuras on Saipan.

Dear Felisol, I remember your childhood photos with the guitar singing in church. Yes childhood is a great time to come to Christ.

Thank you Mr Joseph, I like the wedding pictures you have shared. Last Sunday the Catholic church delebrated Corpus Christi.

Dear Doris you are so kind.

Amrita said...

Hi Keats, thank you so much

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

The Christmas carol I love most especially when I was still a child was O Holy Night. Its lyrics are so meaningful and peaceful. God reserves His special blessings for children for they epitomized God's desired actuation form His children. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Terra said...

Dear Amrita, you took a great photo of my book and the tuberoses, and thank you for your kind words about my book. The book aims to help people put Jesus front and center each Christmas and to make the holy days enjoyable and true to the spirit of the day.
Terra Hangen

Terry said...

oh such beautiful little children amrita.!
that must have been such a good time with singing and learning the story from the bible.
how blessed that you were allowed to do this!
in canada in the public schools, christmas is not even mentioned and the singing of christmas carols doesn't happen, the christmas concerts they used to have are now called winter concerts.
in the catholic schools jesus still has the centre place and their concerts are real good.
amrita..i quite often wonder if barabas, seeing as jesus took his place on the cross that day, well i wonder if maybe it touched his deepest soul and he discovered that jesus died for him TWICE...wouldn't that be something if we met him in heaven...i was just wondering....
god bless you and mama and terry