Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I clicked  these  photos while  I  was
caught  in  a  traffic  jam sometime  ago.
(I liked  the  penguins   painted
on the  side  of  an  air conditioned  car
so I covertly took  a  photo
with my cell  phone)
It  was  the  cooler  season.
You  will  notice  people  wearing  pull overs.
The man   on  the  motorcycle  has a gun
slung  over  his  shoulder.
He  is  probably  a private  security guard.
Guards  who  own  a  licenced gun
are  better  paid   than  the unarmed ones.

Traffic   is  pretty  chaotic  around  town.
The  city  has  been  given  a  grant  by  the  World  Bank
to  lay   down  sewage  pipes and  underground
drainage system which  they have  to
finish before  the  monsoons  set in.
They  are  doing  it  in  a  haphazard
disorganized  manner.
Digging  up  roads, causing  traffic  disruptions,
dusty environment and  commuting  dangers.
The  dug  up  roads  are  not  repaired   properly,
Its dangerous to  move  over them.
Everybody  is   complaining   about  the  dust
all  this  is  kicking  up.
Throat and  lung infections
and   allergies  have  increased.
Many  people  have  complained  that  they  don 't  like
to step  out  of  their  homes
unless  they  have to  on 
important  business.
Morning  walkers  are  refraining
from  their  daily  exercise.
Everybody is  very  angry about  this.
I  too  avoid  passing  through  the  dug  up  areas.
Till  now  they  have  not  come
to  our  vicinity but
one  day  they will-
then  the  fun  will  begin LOL!

Well life is  full  of  its daily
obstacles, troubles  and  trials.
One  can 't  escape  from  them.
Last evening  we  were without  electricity  for 4  hours.
Between 7pm to  11 pm...
with  the darkness,  mosquitoes and heat
to  keep us company.

But  we  were better  off than  some  areas  which  did  not  have  power the  whole  day
and  water too.
You  just cannot  complain.
Complaining   will  make  you   sicker
than  you  probably  are.
Just  make  the  best   of  what you  have.
Since   the  past  few  days  I 've  been
having  dizzy  spells with  heaviness  in  my  head.
Could  be  a  spondylitus
or  middle  ear problem.
I  am  also  allergic  to
temperature  changes.
I  have  to  take  medication  and  lie  down
for  more  than  an  hour.
My  hands,arms  and  knees  also  get
inflamed and  I  have  to  take  painkillers.
Sonia 's  company  is  a   real
boost  and  help.
They are  leaving  on Sunday  morning
and  we  will  miss  them.
Anyway we have  much  to  be thankful  to  God  for.

Saint  Paul  in
Phillipians  3:1  says
"Finally  my  brothers
rejoice  in  the  Lord".

I  found this  quote  from Resurgence
really helpful.
I  will  reproduce  the  whole  article  later on.

By making the choice to rejoice in the Lord in the midst of unpleasant circumstances, we will guard ourselves against fear, doubt, double-mindedness, and the discouragement that comes from opposition.

Take a minute to listen to  John  Maxwell talking   about  obstacles

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Pia said...

hi amrita.

in life, there are really a lot of obstacles. sometimes, i feel like life is a game of hurdle.

anyway, after my trip here in china, i feel like i wanted to go visit other asian countries too. india included.

Amrita said...

May the Lord heal your Dad and give him a complete recovery. you 've been through quite an ordeal.

Please do visit India. I am sure you will have a good experience

Ron - 'T.O.Geezer' said...

Your 1st photo where the guy driving the scooter with a rifle over his shoulder is amazing to me! If a US citizen did that he would be arrested immediately! Is that a common practice in your country?

Herrad said...

Hi Amrita,
I hope you are feeling better now.

Amrita said...

Hi Ron, in India too people are not commonly seen with arms on the street, except security guards and policemen.

At weddings there is celebratory firing which is banned, but people flout rules and get by.

And then there are the criminal type people who carry revolvers and pistols hidden on their persons.

During elections of any kind, times of public disturbances and riots one has to store their arms in a govt. approved gun store or police station.

My dad 's gun is lying with an arms dealer because I don 't have a licence for it and I have applied for one but its taking very long to get it.

Amrita said...

Hi Herrad, thanks for coming by. Yes I am feeling better, taking my homeopathic pills from time to time.