Friday, 10 June 2011

Clayton 's Story

I  know  this  soul  stirring   video  will  touch  your  heart.  Clayton  is a  teenager who  has  suffered  from leukemia most  of  his  life. But  death  and  suffering does  not  frighten  him.  He  is a  living  example  of  the  Bible  verse ,"For  me  to  live   is  Christ  to  die   is  gain". (Phillipiann 1:21)

Clayton inspires  me  to  live  my  life  in  a meaningful way ,keeping  eternity  in  perspective.  Many  of  us  are  suffering  or  have  loved  ones  who are  at  eternity 's door. Clayton   will encourage  you.

Sunday June 12 is Pentecost Sunday. God  has  given  me  an opportunity  to  share in  church.

I had  my  blood  pressure  randomly  checked   and  found  it  was  high  specially  systolic. I  am on medication,  perhaps the   holiday  treats  with Sonia  and  Abner  affected  it. I 've  cut   down  on salt  drastically
and we  are  eating   low  calorie  food, which we  usually  do.

3 Fertilize my soul:

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
This was a moving, almost heartbreaking movie.
I admire the boy's faith and inner peace.
I sure do hope more people, especially young ones get to see it, and get to thing new on life and eternity.
I'm, praying for your arthritis, that the pains must go away and for your blood pressure to calm down.
I know you always like to do everything perfectly, but now may be the time to ease down.
From Felisol

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, we all live to share the beauty of God's Gospel of salvation. We all live for the glory of God in our lives as we daily minister to those who need our help. I pray for your divine healing Amrita because I know how you feel. I have hypertension too, and diabetes and so many other ailments. But by the grace of God, I am still alive to share God's message of hope. By the stripes of Jesus you are healed. Amen. Thanks for the inspiring post and the video of Clayton. God bless you always.

Zim said...

Last time my pastor told us the real story from times, when he was Catholic and worked with ill, disabled people - it was about 15-20 years ago. One evening he was talking with a nun, who at the end of discussion said him: "I wish You health, because health is the most important thing". My pastor answered: "Is health really the most imporant thing? I know many disabled, seriously ill people, who are so happy, that they split their happines for other people. And I heard about people, who were healthy, and they commited suicide. So, is health the most important thing?". After that question they both didn't say anything.