Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Street Food in a North Indian City

I  saw  this  video featuring  street  food  in  the  old  and  very  congested  part  of my  city (Allahabad) I  come  here   sometimes  to  buy  spices  and  groceries.  These  two  guys  from  the  TV  show,  Highway On  My Platter are  travelling  all over  India  exploring  all  kinds of   eating  places  from  roadside  dhabas  (kiosks) to  moderately  priced   restaurants. They  have  published  a  very  delectable   book by  the  same  name which I  wish  to  buy.
 This   is  the  famous  Loke-Nath  street.

Today' s newspaper  tells  me  that   eating  hot  spicy  curries can  help  one  lose weight.  Scientists   say  that  cayenne  pepper,  the   key  ingredient  in  hot  curries  raises    body  temperature which helps  burn  calories (Daily  Express). They   also  found  that  appetite  levels  decreased in  subsequent  meals.
Well  , I  like  a   hot  green  chili  or  two  with  my food.
Hope   that  helps me  shed  a  few pounds.
But  too   much  spicy  and hot   food  can  give  you   stomach  ulcers ,  moderation  should  be  exercised.

We' ve  had  rain showers  now  and  then with stretches of  hot  and  humid  days.
Our   garden  and   church campus   is  sprouting wild  grass  and  shrubs.  Its  a  struggle  to  keep  it   clean and  under  control.

Sin  and  short comings  sprout  up  in  our  hearts  and  we  have to  spot  them  and  root  them out  before  they  take  root.

We  have   a promise  in the  BIBLE

For  sin  shall   not have dominion over  you;  for you  are  not  under  the  law  but  under  grace.

Romans 6:14

6 Fertilize my soul:

Terra said...

Amrita, I always enjoy reading your blog and hearing about your life. I agree about spices and hot foods; a little bit is good. That food book sounds like a great resource to have.

Terry said...

dear amrita..bernie and i both had to lose weight..i had to because my walking was getting too hard..not vanity is why i wanted to lose..bernie had to because being too big in the tummy is really a health hazard.
anyways, we had heard that green tea is good to take...for a half a year we have been sipping it and we each lost thirty pounds.
now me...i could go for those hot green peppers from india...so good!...bernie wouldn't look a hot pepper in the eye but he sure does eat a lot of big red radishes!
they are so huge this year that he thinks they are apples!..an apple is one other thing he wouldn't look in the eye!..ha!

amrita, the last part of your post will go in good sometime over at the sisters, eh?
now THAT is what i call true...
love terry

Amrita said...

Hi Terra,I wouldn 't recommend hot spices for you. I know it would not agree with you. But mild spices for westerners are OK.

I know a lady from South Carolina who enjoyed chillies in Allahabad and a Ger,man girl too. I was so surprised when they asked for chilli with their food.

Amrita said...

Dearest Terry,
You are trim, don' t lose too much weight my dear, unless its for health reasons.

I know what spices are to Canadians. No-no stay way from them.

I 'd love those red radishes. We grow them in winter - they are mild and sweet. Our white radishes are hot , some of them, but the daikon variety are mild.

Thanks for telling me about gree tea. We always drink green tea in the evenings.

What kind of green tea is it Terry? Is it the Darjeeling tea or some other kind.?

Romans 7 is also a good commentary on our dailky spiritual weed cleaning.

Becky said...

spotting sin, i came across a list of them... here's a few: ingratitude, neglect of bible reading, prayerlessness, pride, neglect of family, slander, robbing God.
These can all be done by 10am on some days..
Weight loss! Uhg! Eating plan:
Eat like a king at breakfast
Eat like a prince for lunch
Eat like a pauper for dinner
with healthy snacks in-between.

Amrita said...

Hi Becky, good to have you visit.

Yes, advise about meals is very wise. But somehow it works the other way. Our eating habits should change and cooking too.

Reducing salt in my cooking has also been felpful for me.