Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Happy Children

(Children at a wedding  held  at my  church  in  Dec  2011)

In December I asked  God  to  answer  a  prayer  within  4  months and  praise  God I  got  the answer  before  that. Sometimes  I  set  a time period for  my  Heavenly  Father and  I  think  my  Heaven  Papa likes  that.

And  all  things whatsoever ye shall  ask in prayer believing, ye shall receive.  Matthew 21:22

And  it  shall  come to  pass,that before  they call, I will  answer;and while they  are yet speaking I will  hear. Isaiah 65;24

3 Fertilize my soul:

Zim said...

I see that these children had really good time.
I also experienced last time the power of prayer.

Terra said...

How good God is to give you the answer your heart desired, and early, too.

DeanO said...

Prayer...the missing link in many a Christians life!