Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Easter Celebration Rally

Easter  is   the  time  share  the  glorious 
resurrection  of Christ with  the  world.
This  is  what   makes  Jesus  unique.
The  founders  of   every  other  religion 
have  graves except  Jesus,  his  tomb
is  empty. In India  religious   processions
are  very  common and  attract  great  attention.
Our  Easter  procession ended   in  my  church. Here  are   some scenes  from  the  evening.
On April  22nd we  are having  an open air
Christian  music  concert featuring 
Vijay Benedict in our   church.
Pray  that  this  may  touch   the  hearts  of  many  people.

An  Easter rally was taken out in the city on Saturday  (April 7th) as a part of Easter celebrations. The procession started at Naini and after passing through areas culminated at Union Church in Civil Lines.

The procession started with word of prayer by Bishop Rajendra B Lal. He appealed to the people to learn from the life of Jesus Christ who  forgave even his enemies. Director  of  administration Dr  Vinod B Lal and Registrar of SHIATS Prof  Dr AKA Lawrence gave their contribution in route arrangement of the procession while SHIATS pro-V-C Prof SB Lal  convened  the procession.

Several tableaus formed the part of the procession. The first tableau showed Jesus in a garden with his disciples, the second tableau showed Jesus carrying the cross while the third was based on crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The fourth tableau exhibited the grave of Jesus Christ guarded  by four Roman soldiers while the fifth depicted the victory over death by resurrection of Jesus Christ for which Easter is celebrated. The Sixth tableau depicted the appearance of Jesus after his resurrection.

The last tableau carried the Bhajan mandli (  choir)  who after witnessing the glory of Jesus and gave the good news of Jesus Christ by singing different devotional songs. The procession was attended by thousands  of devotees. Media incharge Arun Yadav said Easter Sunday will be celebrated at Yeshu Darbar at 10am which would be addressed by Bishop Rajendra B Lal while state PWD minister Shivpal Singh Yadav will be the chief guest.
(source  Times   Of  India - my  edited  version)

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Jada's Gigi said...

does this mean this was written up in the newspaper? how exciting for your church!

Zim said...

If I think well, it was also great possibility to tell other people about Christ!
In Poland we have more "silent" Easter and we had it week ago - in Gregorian calendar. But this Sunday there were also celebrations of Easter in Polish and Russian Orthodox Church - in Poland there are a lot of Orthodox Christian.

John Cowart said...

Hi Amrita,

What a wonderful testimony to the Resurrection. It's sure to have an impact on your community.

John Cowart

Evylia Hardy said...

In my country, we don't have Easter rallies. A small number of churches sometimes run Christmas rallies ... but not on streets ... just from door to door among a certain church members.
It's good to learn that India is more open to christianity.

Amrita said...

hi Jada Gigi, Oh yes all the media people were around, the TV cameras too, it was real exciting.

Amrita said...

Reverant celebration in Poland , in India too its like this, but here it was done differently

Amrita said...

Hello John nice hearing from you

Amrita said...

Hello John nice hearing from you

Amrita said...

Welcome to my blog Evylia. Thank you for commenting

Amrita said...

Welcome to my blog Evylia. Thank you for commenting

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Amrita,

Lovely photos. We had several processions in the city and every church had its own procession.As you know there are several churches in Kochi and the roads were fully crowded. There were traffic jams for hours. Enjoyed reading your write up.

Best wishes,


It is so interesting to see India's culture.

Happy belated Easter!

HE is RISEN! :)

So, I Begin this Journey...... said...

Thank you for sharing your video.... I enjoyed the photos as well.
Happy Belated Easter.