Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday Blessings -On Display

But   we  have  this  treasure  in  earthen vessels  that  the  excellence  of  the  power be  of  God   and  not  of  us.  2Cor 4:7 (BIBLE)

 A treasure  is  something valuable enough that  it  is put  in  a  special  place so  all  can  observe it,or  hidden  away  so  none  can  enjoy it. Wealthy people  put  their  jewelry and  and other  treasures  in locked boxes so no one will  steal them. They live  in fear of possible loss. How nice  it  is when national or personal treasures are put on display so all  can  appreciate their beauty and  value.
The glory of God is  divine treasure that has been on display on many occasions throughout history..Abraham saw it when God confirmed  His covenant with him. Jacob saw  it  from  his  stone  pillow. Moses  and  Israel followed  it from Egypt to  Canaan.. Peter,James and  John saw it on  the  Mount of  Transfiguration.
The resurrection and glorification of the  Lord  Jesus  Christ Made it  possible for  every  believer to partake of this divine  treasure while still  in  their   earthly  bodies.When we  first  believed  in Christ we were  given "the light of  the  knowledge of God in the  face  of Jesus  Christ."This  permanent personal  possession is the glory of God imparted to us  by   the  Holy Spirit. He reveals  the  excellence  of  the  knowledge of  Christ. What  an amazing  treasure to hold in our  earthly  bodies!

adapted  from the  writing  of  Fredrick L. Kosin

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Zim said...

We all are big treasure for our Lord. He went on cross for us, despite the fact that we are sinners.
I wish You all best in this Easter, joy, hope and God's blessings.
In newest copy our church newspaper there is the interview with pastor from North India.

Buttercup said...

Dear Amrita, I hope you had a bright and blessed Easter. Hugs are prayers to you!

Amrita said...

God bless you Zim and Buttercup

monsoon dreams said...

Hope you are doing good,dear.
Been to India last month.came back 2 weeks back.

David C Brown said...

And in the end we will have a body of glory like His body of glory, and the treasure kept in an earthen vessel will have a suitable setting in which to shine.

Just Be Real said...