Thursday, 24 May 2012

Stepping Out

Courage is the strength or choice to begin a change. Determination is the persistence to continue that change.
Author Unknown

It  takes  inestimable and  determination  for  a  physically  disadvantaged   person  to  face the  competition  and  pace  of  the  able  bodied  world.  Most  of  which  either  ignores  or  undermines  his or   her  needs and limitations.
People  like me  who have unseen  disabilities  have  even a  tougher  time. We  don 't   receive  the  support  we  deserve just  because  our  impairments  are  not  visible,  we  can  only  bear  them  silently with  as much dignity  as  we  can   muster trying  to  keep  in  step  with  the  fast  moving  world. I  tell  you  it   is  frightening and  it  doesn 't  do  your  self  esteem  a  lot  of  good.
I  am not  bitter -  everyone  has  their  own burden to  bear even  the  strongest  athlete may  have  an Achilles heel. I  just  appeal   them  to make   some   room  for  us. In  my  country  a  lot   is  lacking  in  this  area.
As  for  me,  I  am  confident that  if  God  has  permitted  a thorn in  my  flesh  He  will  give  me  the  grace to  bear it and  will  hold  me  up  till  the  end. My  limitations  make  me  unique  too.  What  a   thought!
I have  a  desire  to  start  a  support  group  for   differently  abled  people. We  can  have   it  as  our  church  ministry.
A  support  group  is  not  a  place  to  have  a  pity  party but  a  place  where  someone  can  tell  you,  they  care,  they  understand,  that 's all. Its  a  place of healing  ,regeneration  and  renewal.
Pray  that  we  may  start  such groups  in  our  church. The  church  is  a  sanctuary for  the  hurting.
Psalm 146
6He is the Maker of heaven and earth,
the sea, and everything in them—
he remains faithful forever.
7 He upholds the cause of the oppressed
and gives food to the hungry.
The Lord sets prisoners free,
8 the Lord gives sight to the blind,
the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down,
the Lord loves the righteous.
9 The Lord watches over the foreigner
and sustains the fatherless and the widow,
but he frustrates the ways of the wicked.

Renovation   work  going on inside  our  church  building.
The  back  hall  or  vestry  is   being  divided  into  chambers  for   office and Pastor 's  residence with  wash  rooms  attached.

The  back  door.
It  is  difficult  to  work  in the  115 * F (46*C) heat. We  have  security  men  to guard  the  campus and  supervise  work too. Guard  Panday  was  not  born  a Christian  but  he  believes in Jesus  and   Guard  Samuel on  the  right,  is  a  Catholic. I  don 't  know  the  third  man.
The  outdoor  stage  is  also  being  improved.We  have  our  open air  Gospel  meetings  here. We  get  new  people  each  Sunday. Old  family  friends   are  attending, some  of  them  I  knew  just  by  name,  they  come up  and introduce  themselves  to  me. Praise  God. Our  next door  Hindu  neighbours  came  last  week,  an  elderly  couple. They said  they  used  to  play  in this  church  yard. God  is  good.
Several nurses  and their  families  are   coming  to  our  morning  services.  One  nurse said  her  husband  came  to  church  for  the  very  first  time   with  her, Praise God.
 Nurse  Anamika' s husband , Anand  is  a  very talented  musician.  They are  new  converts and  he  is  learning hymns  and  worship  songs  from  me.He  helps  me  lead hymns  on Sunday mornings.
Each  Sunday after service  the  brothers make  baati chokka,  mashed  veggies with   oven  baked  bread. And  everyone  who wants  to stay back  can join  in the fellowship.
I  must  confess  eating  the  same  food for Sunday lunch  is a  bit  boring, but  I  don 't refuse  the  hospitality and  have a token for  the  sake of  fellowship.
Please  pray   for  us and  support  our ministry.

Sheeba  feels so  hot, she  likes  to  relax  in from  of   the  swamp  cooler.
I  found  this  sketch on  the  internet  and  this  dog  so  resembles  Sheeba,   I  had  to   share  it  here.

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Jada's Gigi said...

You are so right about the differently abled people in our midst...a support group for them within the church is a fabulous idea! I hope and pray such are a blessing to your church community, sister.

Paresh Palicha said...

Pray and wish for success in your mission. :)

Just Be Real said...

Wonderful post Amrita. You bring to light many things that people choose to ignore. Blessings.

David C Brown said...

You know well how it goes on: "my grace suffices thee".

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

You have a heart of gold, Amrita. May the Lord guide you into this new idea of promoting a support group. God works in mysterious ways.