Saturday, 8 December 2012


                                 Repairing  the  roof  of   the  parsonage
                                       Inside  the  church
                                              Postman  Uncle  (top)
                            Two  young  men  who  are  helping  (below)
                                      Postman  Uncle  and  me

We 've  been  busy  these  past   few  days ,  Let me  show  you   what  's  going  on.
The  parsonage  roof   is  being  repaired and  the   wash  room, dining  room  and  kitchen fixed.The  church  building  is  being   whitewashed and  repaired,  Plenty  of  expensive  and laborious  work is in  progress.The  church   road  is  also being  levelled.
Mr  Lal (Postman Uncle)  is  a  70 year old  retired  postman. He  is  a  prayer  warrior  and  also  has  the  gift  of  encouragement.  Everyday  he  comes  to  the  church  to   pray  with  people and  encourage  them  from   the  Bible.He  has experience  in  construction  and building  work. He  offered   his  services  to  us  which  cut  our  costs   considerably.
Since   the church   roof  is  very  high and  we  are  working   with  rudimentary  or makeshift  equipment, the  safety  of  our  workmen  is  at  stake.  We  request  prayer  for  the  safety of  everyone  climbing  the  high   walls. Very  few   were  willing   to do this  work, that' s  why  our  costs  went  up.
Mr  Jordan Lal (I  have  christened  him  Postman Uncle)  is  very  concerned  for  the  safety of  his men  and  requests  prayer.

From  this  week  I  have  started taking  short  discipling  studies  in  church. I  took  a  class   on  how  to  do   personal Bible  study  on  Sunday  and  Wednesday  and  people were  very  happy  to  learn  how  to  get  into  the  Word  of God.We  have  to  give  them  these tools so they   can  grow  spiritually.
We  need your  prayers  and  support.

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Nadwrażliwiec said...

It seems on big repair. But if there is need of that, why not. I'm hope, that Indian weather doesn't disturb You. If I'm not wrong, You have time of moonsoon, right?

Felisol said...

You have my prayers and support both with the physical and spiritual growth of your church.How lucky your church is, having you so engaged in all.

David C Brown said...

Thew Lord bless you all!

Nikki (Sarah) said...

that looks like a big undertaking but a necessary one. Have fun in doing it.

Pia said...

Prayed for mr lal and the rest of the workers. Stay safe. =)

Just Be Real said...

In the end it will look very nice. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Blessings.

Amrita said...

Thank you my dear friends