Monday, 26 October 2009

A Father' s Story

Last week on my way back from shopping I got onto a rickshaw
and noticed the driver 's clothes were dreadfully torn and dirty. On reaching home I asked him why he was wearing
clothes which were falling apart.
(Most rickshaw pullers are shabbily dressed but
their clothes don 't have holes in them.)
Perhaps, on finding a person willing to hear his tale of woe,
the poor old man related his misery to me.
He belongs to a village 100 kms away from the city.
His one and only son has been missing since the past one year.
He has searched high and low for him and reported the matter to the police
but no one has cooperated
and he has been left floundering in this hapless condition.
He owns a small farm in the village.
When his daughter in law suddenly died his son
decided to become an ascetic or sadhu.
The father built a small temple for his son
where he could perform his religious duties.
The village headman wanted the piece of land on which
the temple was situated.
Whe family refused to part with it.
(the father believes ) the powerful headman
had his son abducted and killed in order to grab his land.
The woebegone man showed me a sheaf of official papers ,
complaints and applications which he has
moved to search for his missing son.
He is completely shattered and broken down.
He also lost his wife.
Nowhere to go he came to live in the city with his grandson.
They are most probably pavement dwellers
because he was unable to tell me where his home was..
I was so moved by his story I gave him double the normal fare
and a bag full of clothes .
I told him I will pray to my Guru Jesus
to provide help for him.
As he disappeared into the night with a
joyful heart I thought of
so many other people like him who have lost
their near and dear ones -perhaps their
only crutch in old age.
What can I do to bring succor to an aching soul.

I am reading this book in which the author deals with
a Biblical approach towards poverty.
On the back cover it says;
Serving the poor is a Christian virtue but there are a host of ways
in which we can act.Such an agenda needs a wide biblical vision
in the light of the massive problem of poverty.
For the author Dewi Hughes says that the kingdom of God with
Jesus Christ as king is fundamental to this vision.
The book argues that the church as the visible community of God is given the task of blessing the poor. Asserting that what people do
flows from what they believe.
Hughes explores the place of religion in perpetuating poverty.
From this foundation kingdom principles are applied to the worlds of
economics, politics, ethnic identity and gender.
Finally the author considers two issues
that threaten wide scale poverty in the future
namely, population growth and
degradation of environment.
THe Hindustan Times newspaper says ; in India the poverty line
is set to rise and the number of the poor is going to swell .
38% of India 's population will dip below the poverty line instead of the present
28.5 %.
On the other hand Indian economy is burgeoning
and the number of millionaires is increasing everyday.
The gap between the rich and the poor is widening.
The task before us as a nation and as individuals is phenomenal.

Beauty for brokenness,hope for despair
Lord, in your suffering world, this is our prayer.
Bread for the children, justice,joy, peace,
Sunrise to sunset your kingdom increase.

God of the poor, friend of the weak.
Give us compassion we pray,
Melt our cold hearts, let tears fall like rain,
Come change our love from a spark to a flame.
Dewi Hughes

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Rosemary said...

This is very troubling news to hear that so many people in India will fall beneath the poverty line and the disparity of rich and poor is broadening.

I also am so sad for this father. What a series of tragedies have befallen him. I know that he found comfort in the kindness you showed and the prayers you have said to the Lord for him.

Sherri Murphy said...

Thanks for sharing his story Amrita- I'm offering up a prayer for him- and others in his condition right now. ANd I do believe our God places these across our paths for a bless and be blessed.

Sita said...

"Lord, break our desensitized hearts with what breaks Yours. Please send guardian angels to tenderly guard those oppressed and without hope. Thank you for sending Amrita as Your human instrument. Please let this man see justice for his son, let him see that Amrita's Jesus is a true and living Hope. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
Did you see this message by Bono..

Kathryn said...

It is sad, all the bad things in this world. All we can do, really, is to work in the ways God calls upon our hearts - & listen & act! It is easy to turn away because there is so much poverty, but you made such a difference to that one man, Amrita. How very kind you are. Praying for you in your very fertile field for the Lord. :)

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
What a heartbreaking story.
Thank you for helping the poor father in his need. Jesus says, if you only give a man in need a glass of water for his sake, it will not be forgotten.
How beautiful that you were able to point at your Guru Jeus.
I'll pray for the pease of mand and the salvation of the man and his grandchild. So much sorrow.
From Felisol

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Amrita, you are such a deep, sweet soul. Just adorable. How kind of you to listen to and help that poor brokenhearted old man, when you yourself are not exactly one of India's new millionaires, shall we say. Well, me neither. Yet you are so generous, your sensitivity to the plights of others so acute.

Buttercup said...

Amrita, praying for this man and his grandson. Your goodness glows across the continents and your story and actions give me much to think about and act on locally.
How is your mother? Take good care!

Pia said...

that story is heartbreaking. God allowed that man to encounter you so that he will know about Jesus and His goodness. God bless you, amrita.

Anonymous said...

hmmm that's the ironical tale of India...and of two India's both moving in the opposite direction...somewhere we all wished these two India's to converge but it seems the more we are advancing the more the divide is getting wider...!

Robin said...

I needed to read your post today Amita, changes my perspective today. Bless you!

Gerry said...

I feel bad for the homeless and down and out I see here as they sometimes have such mental problems they are unable to utilize help when it is offered to them, so continue to suffer. I do believe in helping whoever we run into if we can, even when it is a kind word that is needed. A poor lady in here is so stroke damaged nobody likes to talk to her she is so hard to understand, but she is so grateful when someone will take the time to chat with her a little bit. She just wants to be understood! She even offers comments in the conversations proving she understands, but people get disturbed when she collects cigarette buts to smoke! They aren't used to nice looking ladies doing this. Everyone on disability now days is hard put to afford the cigarettes they used to smoke, but I don't give them smokes because I don't smoke!

Donetta said...

I love you sweet lady

Amrita said...

Two days ago a young man came to us looking for a job and a place to stay....we know his family.

He owns a samll farm in a nearby village. This time the village priest - pandit forcibly took hold of a part of his land they had a huge squabble and fight over it. But the high cast priest prevailed - the poor farmer even said he was willing to buy his own land back from the thief - but the family was abused and beaten.They were in fear of their lives and had to flee their home and take refuge in a widowed relative ' s house. His land and property is lying useless and he says he will have to stay away for at least a year for matters to cool down before he can take his family home.

Terry said...

oh that poor sweet man amrita!
what else could you do except to tell him that you will pray for him and how joyful it made his heart and so we too, your friends will pray to the lord who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, for him!
there are so many poor and the lord loves them all. how sad it must make his heart to see so many of us that have so much and yet are so are a tender soul terry