Friday, 27 August 2010

How not to treat your cat

A MAN from Buffalo in the US allegedly marinated his live cat in a mixture of crushed red peppers and chili - but was arrested before he could eat the pet, the Buffalo News reports.
Police rescued the cat after finding it in the Cheektowaga man's car trunk when he was pulled over for allegedly passing a stop sign on Sunday night.Ferry-Fillmore District officers said they heard the cat crying from inside the trunk and found it in a cage marinating in a mixture of crushed red peppers, chili pepper, salt and oil.Gary L. Korkuc, 51, told police his black and white cat named Navarro had been "mean" to him and he was planning to make a meal out of the animal because it was ill-tempered.He was arrested on one count of cruelty to animals and was also charged with passing a stop sign and failure to signal.Navarro, a four-year-old male, was taken to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, where he is being put up for adoption.
What ever was Gary thinking of?. Why couldn 't he put it up for adoption in the first place? Planning to eat a pet is just un-thinkable. I mean this man was living in Buffalo- not Katsville. And now HE is marinating in Prisonville I suppose.
I read recently that a family in Varanasi (North India) has adopted 100 stray cats. They are not rich they say but they manage to feed then rice, milk and fish. They are a Bengali family.
When Sheeba was a puppy she was very playful and annoyed Jimmy our very sober and serious dog. Jimmy was Mama 's favourite and it irked her to see Sheeba irritate him. So she got Papa and me to take Sheeba back to the pet shop and get another dog in exchange.
We were heart broken, but we took her and left her with the pet shop owner. They did not have another puppy in the shop at that time, so they asked us to check the next day.
When we went to the shop the next day the helper ran out and begged take our dog back." She 's been crying ever since you left her here and had nothing to eat or drink, she is upsetting our other animals".he moaned. He said he would give us another puppy for free too.
When Sheeba saw us, she set off such a heart breaking cry that my almost teary Papa picked her up and held her close to his heart vowing never to leave her.
We took her home and trained her. Mama also accepted her. She became the darling of our hearts. My Papa used to call her"My bitia"-my daughter. She wouldn 't let him out of her sight. I am glad she is ours... forever.

I made made a post called An Indian Food Scrapbook on the SS blog. Have a look HERE

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So, I Begin this Journey...... said...

Oh, Amrita....what a horrible man this Mr. Korkuc!
As an animal lover/supporter, there are way too many horror stories of our 4 legged "furbabies" and other critters that share this wonderful planet. It breaks my heart.

Your father's story brought a smile to my face....he reminds me of my own father- he loved animals too.
So glad your Mama accepted Sheeba!

I also enjoyed your post on Mother Teresa.
Have a wonderful day*


Paresh Palicha said...

Sweet Sheeba :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder what goes through people's minds sometimes!?! I'm not exactly a cat lover but I wouldn't want to hurt one. Your Sheeba sounds very sweet. Smiles, Sally


What a terrible thing to do to any living creature! God sees everything people do and He will not let that man get away with such a cruel act.

I'm happy that Sheeba's story has a happy ending. :) Isn't it amazing how animals can touch our hearts almost like people?

I love the kitty wishing for its friends to be fat! Too cute! :) Thank you too for visiting my blog. Feel free to visit anytime.

God bless you and your family. :)

Zimbabwe said...

Last time I thought about this problem - and I have conclusion, that bad treating of animals is the sin. God created all animals, Jesus said, that even sparrows don't fall without knowledge of Father. In Poland cruelty to animals is commonly. My Berta is from animal shelter - she was living skeletor with injuries, when I saw her first time. It is lovely, strong dog now.
Sheeba must very love You. Your Papa made very good choice :)

Bible says: Righteous cares about life of his cattle, but the heart of the wicked is cruel (Proverbs 12, 10).

Carol-Ann. said...

Ah yes -- a post for true pet-lovers! No wonder you are so attached to your doggie! Mini missed Kinza so much this summer -- they really do respond to the situations in our lives!

madison said...

I remember hearing about that guy doing that to his cat on my local news. I just can't imagine..........
But, being a cat lover if you can't accept a cat for it's behaviors, then don't own one. Dogs are much more friendly than some cats.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I heard of that horrible man. I would like to put him in a trunk and mariante him in our 105 degree weather.

I am so glad that you took Sheeba back home! She was surely meant to be your dog. They have deep feelings and can form very deep attachments. That is how we ended up with our large yellow mutt!

Reenie said...

What a mean man... if the cat was mean to him- it was something that man deserved, that's for sure.

Poor kitty, glad he was rescued.

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog; and pointing me to yours. Stay well, see you around. Cheers.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Oh how cruel that man from Buffalo, USA, intending to eat his cat. That person must be a wacko to even contemplate on doing that. The story of your dog Sheeba was very heartwarming. Even dogs have strong feelings and emotions. Sometimes they exhibit better emotions than some people do. The photo of the kitten in this post is really soooo cute. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Amrita said...

I appreciate all your comments friends.

Last week we saw in the media how a woman was trying to smuggle a 2 month old tiger cub , drugged and packed in a suitcase hoping to be inconspicious among a bunch of stuffed tiger toys. She was caught by the Bangkok airport authorities.

We also saw a video of how cruelly circus anomals are treated in China. It was so horrible I could not bear to watch it. Something should be done about it.

India also has these cases, but our laws against cruelty to animals soecially endangered species are very strict and the punishment is severe. Performing animals are not permitted.