Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Rakhi- Thread of Love

Today is Raksha Bandhan when sisters tie the sacred thread of love on the arms of their brothers.Sweets and gifts are exchanged between siblings.

The Hindus do a pooja (worship) on this occasion, but people of all faiths celebrate without the religious ceremony. It is a cultural event. You can read more about it on the following link.

This man is a broom seller who goes from house to house selling brooms to housewives.
He has been coming to our place since the past several years.

He is a Muslim man , that is very evident from his features, beard and attire. He carries his merchandise on his head and walks everywhere. Quite an arduous task.
He sells soft and hard brooms. We have to bargain with him as he always quotes an exorbitant price, knowing the ladies will bargain- so its an expected thing. Anyway its quite convenient to buy from him. I suppose he earns 200 -300 rupees a day - $ 5- 7.

It rained heavily this afternoon. Our first real monsoon shower. Our rose plot is flooded.Not that were any flowers at this of the year. There is water logging in various parts of the city and its the hardest for people living in crowded areas and shanty towns or slums. The roads become slushy and slippery and puddles everywhere. I avoid going out after the rains because of this.
I called a computer technician to fix my desk top. It needed cleaning and rewiring etc. This is his motorbike. He is a nice fellow and doesn' t over charge. I gave him his fees , a bag of bananas from the garden and a Gospel tract.
A whole stalk of bananas fell off the tree. I made banana veggie and cake and gave away lots.

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Amrita, those are some great photos and interesting information. I especially like the broom man. I enjoyed reading this post. Thank you.


Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I like his motorbike. I used to ride a WWII-era motorbike, but had to part with it.

How nice of you to give away the bananas!

I would not have guessed the broom seller was Muslim! I thought they dressed differently. I guess I am thinking more of Arabs in general.

Kathryn said...

Dear Amrita,

how fun to read about your part of the world. Hope you are able to be careful in your weather & after-effects. I'm sorry that you struggle with pain & fatigue, too. I can't imagine doing as much as i know you do every day.

You are in my prayers. Sending you hugs. :)

monsoon dreams said...

some kind of nostalgia seeing the rain snaps,and the bike.how i wish i could pillion ride in the rain!
i remember rakhi tying when in college.the guys used to run away from us coz once u tie the rakhi,they are supposed to be your brothers.they say "i have enough sisters at home and i'm tired of them.i dont want anymore,please!"

Amrita said...

Thank you for your visit friends.

After Indonesia , India has the largest Muslim population. They are an underdeveloped community. You can identify them if they are wearing traditional clothes or beards, Holly. They have Muslim ghettos too. Their facial features are also different.

Amrita said...

Hi Nina, what fun, chasing brothers with rakhis in hand.Poor boys.

Oh I love riding in the rain, did that in the hills.

Amrita said...

Wpw Holly, would love to see a photo of your riding a mobike.

Felisol said...

The Rakhi tradition, binding a sacred thread of love, is a beautiful tradition.
We don't have anything similar to that.
I'd like to give my only sibling, my brother a Rakhi though.
He is a great guy, kind and caring, and deserves the very best.
I knew about the large Indian Muslim population, because of a recent game of Trivial pursuit.
I think I remember that differences between Hindus and Muslims were the cause of India being divided into two new nations, Pakistan and India after ww2.
Oh, it's a complicated nation and situation.
Praying for you and your mama.

Zimbabwe said...

It is very interesting post - I could know something new. I didn't hear about any tradition like that in Europe. Thank You Amrita.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Amrita:)

Happy Raksha Bandan:) When I was in Bhopal this was a great festival and the land lord's daughter used to tie rakhi's on my children's hands.Even when we came to Kochi she used to send the rakhi's by post.

Lovely photos.

The Muslim man selling the brooms should be appreciated since he is earning his bread by the sweat of his brow.This is also a clear example how people adjust their living standard according to their earnings.

Best wishes Amrita:)

Dani said...

Wonderful post....what are the brooms like?

Amrita said...

Pretty much like the conventional ones Dani, maybe I will tak e some photos and show you

Reenie said...

Very interesting photographs, Amrita.

And hi, nice to meet you :)

Amrita said...

Hi Reenie, welcome from Australia.

Your Sherkhan is very cute

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