Monday, 31 January 2011

Barbecued Kebabs and Tandoori Bread

Sometime back I stopped by a roadside kebab shop to take photos and buy some of Haji 's delectable food.

These are called seekh kebabs - barbecued over a charcoal fire. He had a table fan on to stoke the fire. Haji had just opened shop for the evening.

The kebabs are wrapped around iron skewers.

They used to be very spicy and hot but these days they have toned down the spices and chillies - customer request I suppose. I like that.
My late Aunt Marjorie used to make excellent seekh (skewer) kebabs at home . She used to also sell them at church, school and charity sales.

Next to Haji 's eatry is a shop selling freshly baked Tandoori bread (rotis - flat bread like nans). This is the earthen tandoori oven.
Whole wheat dough shaped into balls and rolled out like thin pizzas.

The rotis are stuck to sides of the hot oven where they take a few minutes to bake.
Tandoori bread goes well with all kinds of non-veg food and curry.

I took these photos with my cell phone - they are not very clear.

I like to read blog improvement posts to learn how I can better my blog . I found this entry by Michael Hyatt helpful - Anatomy of an Effrective Blog Post

Don 't know whether my posts are effective or not.

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Zim said...

These kebabs are very different from this I see in my city. They aren't so fatty and they are smaller. And they are on the fresh air - if I see well on Your photoes. It must also have different taste :)

FlowerLady said...

I wouldn't mind trying both of these yummy looking foods.


Felisol said...

The kebabs looks tempting.
I like your photos too.
They look artistic, in a way I have seen others photoshopping their pics. Like paintings. Great.

Dani said...

the kebabs sound so good and I bet they smell wonderful too and the bread! wow..wish I could taste some of both.....yummy!

John Cowart said...

I think your blog posts are consistently effective and your photos of India right on target.

Pat said...

Looks delish..I love that bread! What kind of meat are the kebabs made from?
I love your header brought in immediate smile to my face!

David C Brown said...

You cook some pretty tasty blogs for us - and we keep coming back for more.

Jackie said...

It's lunch time in my part of the country and wow do the kabobs and Tandoori bread look delish!!!!

Blessings to you today!

Amrita said...

I so appreciate all of your visits an d comments.

Pat, these kebabs ar e made with beef, but other shops have them with lamb (goat) meat

Ash said...

Yummy - looks tempting!


Looking good!! :-)

Thanks for Michael Hyatt's link. I'll check it out :-)