Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Petshop Boys & Girls

"The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you,but he will make a fool of himself too." SAMUEL BUTLER
A blogfriend emailed me these cute puppy photos. I wish everyone of them could leap out of my laptop right into my lap.

Today was a bright sunny day temperature was about 18-15*C. So we enjoyed the warm sun. I served lunch - rajma (red kidney beans) and rice on the veranda I also boiled some (garden harvested) sweet potatoes which I like with salt and pepper.
God is good all the sunshine and in the fog.

11 Fertilize my soul:

Carol-Ann. said...

SO cute! I counted the puppies in the basket 3rd from the top and found 13. Then I suddenly saw another nose and, after peering at it, was able to see the wrinkly brow and eyes associated with it!

Dani said...

nothing cuter than a puppy! I especially like the little bulldog puppy..partial to bulldogs as we had a wonderful one growing up..sweetest dog on earth...thanks, this made my morning..God bless!

David C Brown said...

God is good! My friends in Gujarat love the song,

"How good is the God we adore,
Our faithful unchangeable Friend,
Whose love is as great as His power,
And knows neither measure nor end."

Felisol said...

Great puppies.
One's simply got to love them.
I'm relieved to learn that your weather has improved. I just cannot imagine how you got by without indoor heating, and no woolen clothes.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Great pics!

Thanks for sharing them!

Khyra says HOWLoh!

Reenie said...

Oh... how cuuute!!!

Amrita said...

Thank you so much dear friends. I like the husky in th e fridge - and th elook in his eyes - as if he is guarding his own food.

God really has a sense of humour to put a smile in nature.

Amrita said...

Dearest Felisol, I hav e woolen clothes from when I used to live in the mountains of Mussoorie, they serve me well stil - I feel bd for the really poor people. The evening news told us that 117 people have died of cold so far in our state.

We have given away clothes , old slippers and socks an d loads of fire wood to help out.

Zim said...

Oh, what a cute puppies! I love animals like they. They are so sweet.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, the puppies are all so cute indeed. I like the white and brown puppy most. God really provides for all our needs in all times and circumstances. Great that you have a vegetable and flower garden where you could harvest and eat fresh vegetables. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Pat said...

I'm so glad your temperatures have warmed up a bit. Sounds like you had a nice lunch in celebration!
Those puppies are so cute, they all steal your heart!