Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday Blessings - Cold Wrap - Kohra or Fog

The cold wraps us up in a foggy blanket morning and night. These photos were taken yesterday at 9am. The sun makes an appearance at about 11 am. It is chilly but pleasant by late afternoon before darkness descends at 4.30 pm. Sheeba and I sit out on the porch listening to music and bidding goodnight to the sun.

Inside the house poor Sheeba ( my dog) shivers. I put out a cushion for her out in the sun and she warms herself. Indoors I keep her comfy in my old sleeping bag and jacket. She barked non stop for 40 mins in the middle of the night - it was too cold for me to leave my warm bed and see what the matter was. I prayed ;Lord let them not be thieves , and if they are stealing anything - they must really need it - so bless their poor hearts.

This morning we found out that Naughty ( neighbour 's feral dog) was running around our garden with his pack of friends having a mid night party.Or maybe they were exercising to keep warm. LOL.

It was so freezing cold in church I now know what ice sculptures think about. Anyway a visiting friend sang a very beautiful worship song in a tribal language - it really warmed me up. The words of the song and her voice were so beautiful, my heart was touched.

We had a church business meeting between 1.30 and 3 pm. It was a success. Poor mummy had to heat lunch herself and eat it. I ate after 3 pm. Because the outcome of the meeting was good, I didn 't feel very hungry. LOL.

Until last month I had 116 followers but 2 have dropped out. I must have bored them..bless their dear hearts. I have oversubscribed from blogs , but mainly because they stopped posting altogether or one or two who showed no interest in my faithful comments.
Micheal Hyatt CEO and Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers ha s a very good post entitled WHY I STOPPED READING YOUR BLOG . He recommends some blogs which are worth reading if you want to improve your blog and writing. READ IT HERE

23 Fertilize my soul:

Zim said...

This fog on the photoes has something misterious. Time with God alone in the garden and talking with Him is worth everything.
Worship in other language is always exciting experience.

Kathryn said...

I had someone drop out recently. Her blog is gone. I can't help but wonder what happened to her. I'm guessing that only about 10-20% of the folks who are "followers" actually come and read.

These days i generally won't become a public follower because i don't want my absence to be noted if i decide not to follow at a later date. Folks come and go in life. I was really hurt last summer when someone dropped my blog & posted (at her own blog) what a lame person i am to justify leaving. I didn't mind her leaving but i was shocked she'd be so rude.

Love reading about your life there, Amrita. Wish i could send you some warm blankets and heaters! You do have the extremes there, don't you? I doubt i could survive your summers.

God's blessings on you this day.

Kathryn said...

Ok, i went to the links and i have to say i disagree. IF your blog is about getting a lot of readers and making money, i agree. But if your blog is just keeping a record about your life and interests, then his rules don't seem to apply.

I write my blog for myself. It is helpful to me. I read blogs that speak to me. I am interested in the lives of other folks and their differences. Reading an "every day" blog of someone's life, a blog that is not focused on money, to me is like watching/reading the unfolding of a novel. I enjoy THAT & whatever they choose to write about. Some folks draw me at first, but as i read more i don't feel engaged.

I do agree with his point about comments and engaging folks. I've not been very good about that recently, but when i read a blog where the writer engages with the comments, that blog keeps me coming back. Some blogs i read for pure enjoyment regardless of feeling that the writer cares about my comments (Pioneer Woman), but when i began to get really bored with a blog, it often is because the writer doesn't seem to care at all if i'm there or not.



I hope it gets a warmer in your area of the world soon. You and Sheeba try to stay safe and warm. I love your photos :-)

God bless you, ~Ron

Carol-Ann. said...

Ha HA! I do believe one of your dropee's wouldsa been me! I'm not sure of that, but I think so! I was following you in blogger but I also had put you in my Google Reader (which automatically adds those I follow in Blogger). So I deleted "following" -- I think! (I've made so many changes in the last few days I don't really know WHAT I've done!) But I sure haven't quit reading!

David said...

no boredom here.
how long will your cold season last?
I will pray for you and mama hazel

monsoon dreams said...

I'm glad that the outcome of church meeting was our church we had a discussion on whether or not to rent one more room for sunday school.even that was a lil mess :-)
i love foggy,misy days.but i know how difficult life is on days like those.

Pat said...

How long is this cold spell expected to last, and is this the usual weather for this time of year?
I'm getting so that I can't stand to leave the house in the especially cold days of winter. I have to have a good reason to leave!
Bundle up and keep warm!

Amrita said...

Hi Kathryn, I also don 't agree with everything Michael Hyatt says , but some things make me think. I also like personal blogs, blogging for me is a social activity. i like to connect with people and learn from them - blogging i s not just gthering information...o having devotions.
The blogging world is like a social club for me and a s my friend Carol of Facing50with humour says its like having a good time with your friends online.

Ys we do have extreme climate. And its snowing heavily in th e mountains too.

Amrita said...

Dear pat this cold spell could lst till th e end of Jan.

Amrita said...

Dear Zim in our gathering we have multi language people, so we hear people speak in their mothe r tongue, its very nice, specially of its being translated or if you know the language..

Amrita said...

Dear Ron (Old geezer, thank you for wishing us warmth. Right now I just about to catch the late afternoon sun outside if its not too windy.

Dea david , hope you had a good time sailing

Dear Nina we were thinking of ways to generate more funds for our church and we a getting an opening. Pray the Lord gives us disernment and wisdom about it.

Hi Carol-Ann, your was one of the first blogs I started reading - and I will always knock at your door buddy.

Kiran Ignatius said...

Nice pics. How did you get the effect on the first one?

Amrita said...

Dear Kiran, I used an online photo editing prog called Photoscape

Dick said...

It's looks mysterious, good pictures.

Carol-Ann. said...

Whew! Big smile!

Terry said...

dear amrita...i just think that everyone has been so busy these days that a lot aren't blogging too much,
i, myself am really behind.
i have 60 followers and i feel so guilty for not visiting them and i will make an effort to do so!
i read your posts amrita...they are always so homey and yet i don't comment enough to you...
alas!! that travel thingy that you have on the side says that i live in burlington but i am telling you that i am a southern ontario welland girl!!..ha!
kiss mama and give that poor shivering sheeba a warm hug for me, ok...i love all three of terry

Anonymous said...

Dear Amrita, I hope you and your Mom are staying warm...and your little dog too. I blog mainly so my kids and faraway relatives can keep up with me. And honestly, I only have 3 or 4 people who read or comment. But I blog to please myself so it doesn't bother me a bit. Take care and keep warm. Sally

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I love to follow your blog because it's so personal, yet of general interest. You are broadening my horizon and also giving food for my soul.
I blog for my own interest and write about thing I have a heart for.
I also try to read the blogs I am following and comment on them. Likewise I go back and make a comment when someone has paid me a commenting visit.
I think that is the polite thing to do.
Also blogging is about two way communication.
I did not place my follower badge on my front side until December.
Best thing about blogging: That I can share belief and prayers. It has been an enormous source of strength, having fellow sisters to pray with.
Must leave, my chauffeur, Gunnar is taking me for grocery shopping.

Amrita said...

Dear Terry, One day I will fly over an d visit you in burlington and i will make a stop over in Oslo to meet Felisol - oh my dreams!!!

Dear Felisol, until I started reading your blog , I hardly knew anything about Norway, except the adventurous Vikings, the Northern Lights , reindeer - and Nobel Prize, now I know much more. Never imagine d in my life I woud friends with a Norwegian family.

Dear Sally, I started my blog to tell people about life in Indian, North Indian Christianity an d our church - and it developed into quite a blog salad ha- ha- ha. Just go where your heart leads you. I love your warm happy family and pictures.

Gerry said...

I write about two issues that tend to make my blog unpopular, legalized abortion and the shadow man problem (homosexuals married to women and having families). However I accept the unpopularity because I know that anyone who writes about these issues is initially going to be unpopular. I am trying to get these issues accepted as something we can talk about, so I make what inroads I can.

Abigail Jasmine said...

I want to jump into this peaceful foggy world of yours! What a great place to pray and reflect on our God!

Lots of love to you, Amrita!!

God Bless ~

Amrita said...

Dear Gerry you do well to speak against these things.

Dear Abigail, I loved walking with you on the sunny Korean street. Trust you are enjoying the coffee shop next door