Friday, 7 January 2011

My cousin Vijay

The morning dawned cold and foggy but the sun came out at noon.
It was still too cold for Mama to venture outside but after my devotions I sat out on the porch to talk to the Lord. I had just begun my conversation when in rode cousin Vijay in his big van.

I had met him him at (cousin) Dr A 's birthday party - he is his elder brother who now lives in Dehra Dun (Doon). Vijay was singing worship songs at the party which surprised me because their family is traditional , nominal Christian - just good church going people.

Vijay is a pop singer, impresario and film maker and it surprised me to see him sing only worship songs for almost 2 hours I was there. He sings just like Elvis Presley by the way.

When I remarked about the change in his music genre , he said he was a pastor and was singing in churches and Christian events and people were blessed and healed by his music. I couldn 't believe what he was saying. Actually the pastor bit was a joke.

Vijay is a very light hearted and jovial person , a great story teller - no one can get bored in his company. He is in his late 50s but looks very young and fresh.

Vijay is singing for the glory of the Lord but he himself doesn 't have a very vibrant relationship with Him. I encouraged him to get on the path himself - the path he was pointing out to others. He is not doing it for financial gain or anything - he says God used sinners and prostitutes for his glory , so he is using me.

Well he knows all about the steps to salvation and his wife , who is a skin specialist and served in the Leprosy Mission (Christian) Hospital as doctor and Director before moving to Dehra Dun , is a believer

Anyway he stayed for a long time and went in and sat with Mama while I brought out tea and cake. We talked abut the old times, family memories , happy and sad . Theirs was a dysfunctional family , but they managed to stay together - 6 brothers and sisters and parents. And although they were never united in thought or action , they all pitch in to help and support each other financially and otherwise - they all are doing very well professionally. They may not agree with each other but they wear out the storm together.

Time went by very quickly but I d id'nt bother to start lunch. Later on I just made yellow rice with potatoes with yogurt raita and poppadoms.

Well, we shall pray for my cousin, that may truly know the God he is praising with his voice and talent.

It is so easy to point the way to others and not walk on it. Many people are afraid of accepting Christ as their saviour for they think He will require a hard thing of them, like going off to be a missionary in the jungles of Jharkhand. And I think that 's what is preventing Vijay from making that decision. A gross misconception.

God is not a killjoy fact He fills our lives with joy.

O taste and see that the Lord is good. (Bible)

Vijay with his wife

Mother and daughter - who is studying in St Stephen 's college New Delhi.
Here is another report about our price rise.
The prices quoted here are much less than what I found in the market 3 days ago.
Onions - Rs 60 a kg
Tomatoes - Rs 30 per kg
Fresh green peas Rs 25- per kg
A small bottle gourd Rs 15 - 20
We have mostly greens growing in our garden
mustard (sarson)
green soya or dill
bathua leaves
very few aubergine
little green beans
the carrot are not ready yet
the cauliflower are almost over.
We harvested some sweet potatoes.
Read this news story if you have the time.
Allahabad Prices
Here is a news report about how poor shanty dwellers are trying to survive.

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Shelley said...

May God bless that family and so many others dwelling all over the world today just trying to live day to day in such a time as this....God will not forsake his own.....PTL...bless you and mama dear Amrita.....Shelley

Amrita said...

Thank you Shelly. when you commented I was still composing this post. If you like you can read the rest of it.

Terra said...

How good that is, that your cousin Vijay has a great voice that he is using to sing Christian songs. It sounds like he is on a good path and I pray he continues on it and reaches many people and finds joy along the way.

Terry said...

dear amrita...did you hear david c brown singing a beautiful song on his is so nice and mom golden liked it too!
hope you and mama are doing all right and how nice that cousin vijay is singing for the lord now!!
he will be a blessing and he will be blessed along the way!
love terry

Zim said...

I made some mathematics operations and I checked course of Indian Rupees in Poland - one Rs is like 0,06 PLN. In Allahabad there are prices similar to Polish and many Polish people also talk that they are too high, especially for elder people, who very often have low retires. Isn't it interesting?
You have interesting family and friends. It must be exciting to have singer in family.

sarah said...

When I read your posts...I always feel transported into another world...and it fascinates me. ...and I love the hands picture at the top. Have a great weekend....

David C Brown said...

God can use anyone to do His work for Him - he could even use Balaam's ass in Numbers 22 - and Balaam himself in Numbers 23. But how much more pleasure He has in using someone who is in line with His own thoughts, and now Christ is the Centre of these thoughts.

So we pray for your cousin Vijay. said...

I feel like Sarah. Your posts transport me to your land and I feel quite different. Lovely insight into your life Amrita and I liked the fact that your cousin can sing like Elvis Presley.
heartfelt good wishes to you

monsoon dreams said...

I feel like a member of ur family reading about your relatives.May God bless Vijay.
I know,living cost is higher in India than in the US these days.All you get for 500 rupees is a small 50 paise plastic bag of vegetables!

Julie said...

I remember as a child just having potatoes to eat, my mother knew a million ways to cook them it seemed. I hope things get better. Is it warmer?

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Your cousin Vijay is indeed an intriguing character. He sings for the glory of God and to lead others to His path of righteousness but he himself has not yet accepted the Lord. One thing is sure, the Lord will make a way for him to become a true believer. Maybe you should try to talk to him about accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior and thus assure himself of salvation. Salvation is a grace from God to whomever He will offer it and whoever will accept it. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Amrita,

Your cousin Vijay has great talents and he is putting his skills for God's work which is a very laudable.

Price rise is very alarming and we have to cut corners to make both ends meet.I am glad you are able to grow so many vegetables in your own garden which is really wonderful.

Price rise is on the minds of every body and it is a worrying things.

Best wishes Amrita,

Amrita said...

Dea friends thank you for your kind words.

God is using my cousin for His glory. Vijay also helps retired people whose children are living abroad o in distant cities. H e is very good with loney senior citizens.Ysterday he showed his kilm, ALittle Box of Sweets in a university fraternity.

The prices sure are hurting the common middle class man. Rupees 500 has shrunk to Rs 5 as you say Nina. We try to give away as much as possible to poor people from our garden. Our veggies have also been affected by the cold an d damp. We have a white ant problem.

Dar Julie, I like potatoe s too. But my mum avoids them, so I have to cook green veggie s for her.

Amrita said...

Yes Terry i saw David' s song an d complimented him on it. Trust dad golden is doing good.A friend of mine is in Sarnia. Good Christian young man - gone there to do his post management.

Gerry said...

I hope the very poor don't starve with the rise in prices. Some must go hungry at times.
Your cousin is very attractive. I enjoyed your blogging about his visit. I am glad you and your mother were able to enjoy a visit from him.