Friday, 18 March 2011

Visit to an upbeat Shopping Mall and Multiplex

The  City  Center   Shopping  Mall and  Multiplex  is 
just  5   mins walk  from where  I  live
but  not  once was I able  to
darken its  stately  halls since  it
was inaugurated  2  years  ago.
Ash, Megan,  I   ,  Sonia  and  Abner
trouped  inside  on the weekend
they  were   here.

Its a modern  temple  of  wealth,
consumerism and  progress.
Ash  and Megs  said it  was  just like 
a Canadian mall.

Ash,  Megan, Abner, Sonia
Some  photos  are  smudged 
because  they were  taken 
with  my  mobile  phone.
Our  visitors  bought nice  apparel  and  gifts
I  am  an  escalator challenged  person.
Those  giant  moving   stairs 
are  the  ultimate  test  of  my  courage.
I  avoid them because  I feel
wobbly  and  dizzy  on them
and  I  fear  I  will  not  be  able to  get
off  in time and  the last
stair   will  swallow  me  up
and  grind me  into hamburger  patty.
I   wouldn 't  do well in Disney Land,
so  please  don 't  take  me  there.
 While  others  sailed up  and down
effortlessly,  I  took  the relatively  safer  elevator.
But that was   also  quite  an experience,
because  I kept  getting  free  rides up  and  down
thanks to the  smarter people in the lift.
I  thought  I  would  have  to spend  the
rest of  my life   in  the  lift (elevator).
Once  I  press the wrong  button and  sank
down  to  the  second  basement
and  had  to  be
resurrected again.
Later  on Ash treated me  to  my
first  PVR  Multiplex movie.
The   Kings  Speech - its  so
wonderful,  it  really  deserves
all the  awards  it  got.

Actually  it  was  after years  that I
watched  an English  movie  in  a cinema.
The  last  one  was Titanic,  in  a  grubby  hall
with  Ashish 's  family
(Food court)
The  rich  would have  to  eat  money,but
luckily the poor  provide  food
(Russian Proverb).

So  this  was  really  special-
sitting  in  a plush hall
armed  with  Nachos  and Coke.
And  there were just   8 or 9  spectators
in  the  theater for  the mid day  show,
so  it  felt  as if   we  had   booked
the  hall  for ourselves.
Mind  you  the tickets  were
very  expensive-
my  poor middle class brain reeled.
But  fun  it  was!
In the  basement  there  is  a
Spencer 's  chain store,
like  a  supermarket
and  I  quite  like  it.
In  closing  let me  tell  you
that  the  scans on my sister
Anjali (Ashish 's   mom)
did  not  show  any   alarming results.
But  the  doctors  will take
some  X-Rays to  double check.
She  is  weak and  dopey  after
the  procedure  and  sedation
but  will be  back at work tomorrow.
Thank you  for praying  for her.
There  is  a  vast  difference  between  the 
type  of  medicine  practised
in the developed  and  the  under-developed world.
In  the  west preventive  medicine  is practised,
whereas in  the  poorer  countries
curative medicine  comes  into  use.
What  do you  think?

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Ash said...

Thats a nice shopping mall. I must admit I too am extremely frightened of escalators!

Good to hear Anjali is recovering. I'm a great believer in Ayurveda.

Hugs and prayers,

John Cowart said...

Hi Amrita,

Yes, I understand. Several malls exist withing a few miles of our home too, but we only go to one once every three or four years. They overwhelm me with the vast displays of goods nobody actually needs.

And I understand your dismay at the escalator system--I secretly suspect that those things make hamburger patties of a dozen people a day, but mall security hushes if up.

Good news about Anjali's test. Curative medicine is best. Going to a doctor here is like taking your car to a garage and asking the mechanic to find something wrong with it. He's sure to.

Nadwrażliwiec said...

Oh my dear, what a big shop center!
I'm so happy, that Anjali's scans are good.
In Poland medicines are very various. Most people have curative medicine. Last years doctors make more check ups, but some of methods aren't possible for most people or are possible, but they must wait - sometimes really long time, for example - if You must make a tomography, You must wait 6 months or even one year, if You don't have money on private check up. Last time doctors make big educational actions here - about antibiotics, diabetes and allergies. It's very practical and needed.
I wish all the best for You and Your sisters.

Crown of Beauty said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog today. Reading up a bit on the past posts. The mall looks very modern indeed.

Is Megan your niece as well?

I am happy for the results of Anjali's tests.

Praying for you as well, dear Amrita.


Kathryn said...

Hi, Amrita -

as always, it seems, i'm trying to catch up on blog reading. Wanted to let you know i was here, enjoying your blog & praying for your different concerns.

It has been a long, long time since i've been in an American mall. When i was younger i used to go there frequently and spend much time with my friends, looking at all the different things and wasting money. I rarely ever go there now. I'm blessed to not need anything, but seeing the pretty things always makes me want what i do not need.

Hope all things are well with you there. :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Amrita,

Very interesting mall.

I think malls are becoming a fashion now.

We have two in Kochi = Oberon Mall and Gold Souk.

I have been to Oberon Mall. It is a different shopping experience. I didn't buy any thing. I wen there to get some photos of flower arrangements during Onam festival.

Best wishes,

Amrita said...

Hello everyone.
Yes malls are th e latest fashionin India, they starting hapening here about 10-15 years ago. They are just swank places for th e young trendy an d well heeled people to go to.

Why pay ten more more when you can buy good stuff at a city market as I will show you in an on coming post - from th e old city.

In th e malls its nice to take a strool on a hot day and and be coole d off by the air conditionaing. Ha!