Friday, 8 July 2011

Dress Up Your Pets as Celebrities

I  found  these  photos  on  the Amusing  Planet  website.
Can  you  identify  who they  are?
I  think I  can  guess the  first  one. I  can  sniff  Lady  Gaga and  Che  Guevara in  there,or  maybe  a  royal  face  or  two.

Hats  off  to  creative  artists  everywhere.
In  today 's  Hindustan  Times  newspaper I  read  an  article  about an Indian film maker called  Mani Kaul. He  has  been   described  as  an iconoclastic, uncompromising, individualistic  filmmaker. He  was  not  found  in the  glitzy  world  of  Bollywood.

He said (the  newspaper quotes)
“A new thought — that is the purpose of my films,” he said. “If the film is to show you something that is already known, not only by the filmmaker but also by the audience, where will it lead us?” Television for him was anathema. “The world we are exposed to on television is killing the capacity of wanting to understand. It feeds you… as if you have no capacity for chewing … What food is to the stomach, thought is to the mind.” What would he have to say about the world today and the information overload that leaves no time for boredom, boredom out of which imagination takes wing?

The  electronic  entertainment is  dulling  our  senses and  whitewashing   our   imagination.  I  want   enough  boredom to  fire   my  imagination.

We  have  crossed  the  mid way  point  of  2011
A  good  time to  review  the  past  and  pray  an d plan  for  the  future.
We  may  look  back with  anger, regret  and  sorrow.
Or satisfaction, joy and  nostalgia.
Whatever  it  is  remember  God is  in  control no  matter how  careless and  disorganized  the  course  of  life  may appear  to  be.
There  is  a  short  prayer  in the   Bible which says,
"Teach us  to number our  days that  we  may  apply our  hearts  unto wisdom. Psalm 90;12
I always  wondered  what  is  the need  to  number  or  count  our days. And  why  do  we  need   God 's help  for  that. I found  the  answer.
We  need to know  the  course , life  is  taking  us  through , and accept  the  seasons  of  life, and also appreciate the  changing colors  of  life. This  can be  only done  by  wisdom from above.
This  reminds  me  of a  telephonic  conversation my brother in law  Prem had  ,a few  years  ago with  a relative who is younger  than  him.
The 30 something man finding himself  brimming   with vitality and  the exilir of  youth asked Prem his  age. Prem said he  was in  his  early  40s.
"Oh",said  the ticklish  thirties,'  Your  days  are   numbered. You must  be  growing  bald and  weak and  your  eye sight  must  be   dimming, and  your teeth  falling  out?"
No sir , he  was  not joking this Benjamin Button in the   making.
But we  all had  a  good  laugh at him after Prem put the phone down.
After a few  years  later  Mr Benjamin Button suffered  a slipped  disc from  which  he has never  recovered  fully. He was  bed ridden for a long time and his  poor wife  had to  nurse  him like  a child. He  also  turned  his  back to God and  his  family  suffered  immensely.
Whereas my  brother  Prem, never  had any major health problem. He has  progressed  in his  job  and  career and  is  greatly  loved  by all who  know  him. People  see Christ  in him.
So, self assurance, arrogance  and  smugness did not  lead  this  man  anywhere.
You may be  surprised   but there are  people  like  that
in our  world today.
Vegetable  prices  have  jumped  up in  the past  few  days. I have  to number/count  my  pennies  too. Ha-Ha!
Have  a  good  weekend  everyone.

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Gerry said...

Hi, Amrita. I see you are still busy giving us fuel for thought. I appreciate your thinking!

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Dear Amrita,
Your posts are always insightful, leaving us with a great message-- and a few laughs, like when looking at those "celebrities." Really funny!

Thank you, Amrita for your words of wisdom, and for reminding us of God's love, and the importance of being humble.

(((( hugs )))))

Amrita said...

Dear Gerry, I missed your visits. I enjoy the lively banter between Doc and you on your videos an d your colorful outfits an d hats.

Amrita said...

Thank you Doris.

Your posts are such an inspiration and comfort to me

Anonymous said...

Haha! The 3rd one looks like one of my neighbors!

डा0 हेमंत कुमार ♠ Dr Hemant Kumar said...

Very appriciable and thoughtful post....photographs also.....

Amrita said...

Hemant ji thank you for your visit.

Amrita said...

Ha-ha Ron - Ol d Geezer you are funy. # 3 and 8 resemble my neighbours too.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

No Khyra's there ;-)