Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunday Blessings - I Thirst

In  March I  had  the  privilege to  visiting  
the  Mother  Teresa Home  in  our  city. I  have  been  there  before and this  time  I had my
nephew Ashish and  his  friend  Megan  with  me.

In Mother Teresa  Homes  all over  the  world
the  chapel altar is  adorned  by  the 
words  of  Jesus, "I  thirst".
Mary Poplin in her book Finding  Calcutta writes,
"to me, the letters (Mother  Teresa 's)
matched  the  fathomless otherworldly  longing
always present in her  eyes even when she was smiling.
When I was there,  I felt the thing most revealed
the secret behind that look was the
phrase emblazoned on the wall  next to the  crucifix
in everyone of her order 's chapels world-wide.
I thirst.  Jesus was  thirsting for  the  souls  of the poorest of the  poor. Mother  was thirsting for more  of him."

What  a heart-stopping  thought.
Am I thirsty for  Jesus?
Do I long to bring people  to  the Master 's feet.
What  am I  doing to quench
the Lord 's  thirst?

The courtyard

I love this  beautiful sheltering  tree
in  the  courtyard.
So symbolic of the shelter and shade
needy and abandoned children receive
in this house.

People are  generally  not  allowed  to
take photos inside the  house.
But I personally   know the 
sister in-charge. She  has come
to my church for children 's
programs, so she graciously
permitted me to take a few  snaps.
We could not photograph the children
so I  took  photos of their posters on the wall.
We had  taken some cookies  and candy  for  the  children
Sister told us  there were about  150 children housed
in this facility. The older  ones  were away at  school.
But  we saw the babies  and  tiny tots many of them  very  ill  and  disabled being taken care of.
My heart was  filled  with reverence  and wonder
at the compassion and service  of this
 hallowed  house.

Mother 's  Memorial

Ashish and Megan

The entrance of the  Home.

This  is the  St Peter 's Church
We  have  many relatives  and  friends  here.

Have  a  lovely  week  everybody.
I want to wish my American friends 
a very Happy  4th of July

16 Fertilize my soul:

Paresh Palicha said...

Nice post Didi, feels like I was there with you. This makes my Sunday really bless. Thanks.

Mari Nuñez said...

What a wonderful thing to do, so many kids around the world need a home. Mother's Theresa's great actions and teachings still get to live on through taking care of these children.

David Edward said...

bless you. just stopping by

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I have been to the shelter home of Mother Teresa in the Philippines so I understand what you felt when you visited her place in India. Mother Teresa epitomized the teaching of Jesus of dying to oneself to further help the cause of Jesus Christ to alleviate the suffering of humanity. You have been like Mother Teresa in your place and God will bless you most abundantly for your efforts. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
The brave little woman touched everyone's heart when she was in Norway. she was courageous and outspoken and not at all leaning on her laurels as a peace prize winner. She talked against abortion and the western selfishness and materialism.
She even said she pitied us, cause we were lonely in our big houses, while the poor of Calcutta had more compassion and tight social bonds than she found in the cold west.
She had power in her punches, and actually made people think.

Anonymous said...

Hooorayyy!! Happy 4th of July!!!

Do you happen to know how many Christians live in India, like maybe the percentage?

Amrita said...

Hi Miss Bible, enjoy your holiday.

Accoding to recent surverys the percentage of Indian Christians is just below 3% and growing - that could be 25 million people. But the church is growing

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog , A nice page indeed and a very nice way to spend weekend

Abigail Jasmine said...

Hi there Amrita! I pray you've been well!
I met a Hindu tonight, and I would really love to get him a translation of gospel truth or some sort of book for him. Would you be willing to share any information or links you may know of? I would appreciate it so so much!!!! Thank you!

Could you email me if you can at-

Thanks, friend!
God Bless yoU!~

Debra said...

Thank you for this post. I so love Mother Teresa and the work and ministry she provided to the "poorest if the poor".


Amrita said...

Bless you Debra

Amrita said...

Dear Abigail, I am so glad you could interact with this person.

If they can' t read Englsih you could get them a Hindi translation of the New Testament - specially the Gospel of John - The Bible Society of India could help you. I will check out their website.

The book -"Death of a Guru" would also be be helpful. It shoulkd be available thru

Amrita said...

Coming back to you Abigail,

A Hindi trandlation of the New Testament is available on Amazon an d also Death of a guru.

But first find out the language preference of your Indian friend.

Rosemary said...

Oh Amrita, this is beautiful. Mother Teresa was such an inspiration; she saw Christ in all those she took care of and she worked tirelessly to show by example the way of the Lord. You were so kind to take goodies for the children, especially when I know that things are not easy for you and your mother. God bless you for your good heart, your kindness, and your spreading the good news! You live your faith.

Amrita said...

Thank you for your sweet comment Rosemary

Anonymous said...

that's great to know, that at least the church is growing.

Thank you for the numbers.