Monday, 14 November 2011

5 things about Monday

 1.November  14th  is   celebrated  in  India  as  Children 's  Day. I  took  these  photos last  week.
 Don' t  worry that  children never
listen  to you;worry that  they
are  always watching  you

Robert Felglun was  right  wasn 't  he.
 His  granny  asked  me to   take  this  little  fellow 's  picture.  But  he  seems  to  be  asking,"Who  gave you  permission  to take  my  photo?"

2. Yesterday  I   posted   about   the  white   pigeon  who  came  to  stay   with  us  . With  great  sadness  in  my  heart  I   have  to  tell  you   that he died this  afternoon.
He  didn 't  look  good  in  the  morning. And  just   couldn 't  hold  on  any  longer.
God  sent him  to  us  for  a  short  time  as  a sign  of  hope  and joy. I  feel  so  sad   about  my  little  bird,  but  I  can  only   find  peace  in  this.

3. Today  I  had  an  important  appointment. But  the  person I  was  supposed  to  meet  was  called  away. So  that could not   happen.  Tomorrow  his  secretary  will   tell  me  if  I  can  see  him. Please  pray  something  positive  and  God  ordained  may  ensue  from   this.

4.Today  a  pastor  visited  us  in  the   morning  and  Mama 's  friend  dropped  by  in   the  afternoon, all  surprise  visits. But  we  had  a good  time  sharing   stories  and news. Mom 's  friend (Miss  Jha)  lives  in  another state,  she  is  breaking  journey  here  on  her  way  home.

5.In India people  are  more  important  than  time  or  appointments. Anyway  after a  very late   lunch  I went   to  the  market  to  buy  medicines  and  groceries  and   got back quite  tired.

Each  day   has  its  ups  and  downs  but  the Lord 's  hand  holds  us  steady.

How  was  your  day?

10 Fertilize my soul:

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I trust God to lay everything in the right order for you, that this important meeting must take place.

You are seen by the Almighty, and nothing can stop him from helping you reach the place he wants to have you. Be ensured about that.
From Felisol

OI said...

Those kids look so cute!

Where were you at? Some type of carnival?

Amrita said...

Dear Felisol, thank you for your prayers and reassuring words.

Amrita said...

Hi OI, that was a wedding celebration

Ash said...

Lovely photo of the little boy!

You're in my thoughts and prayers, dear Amrita. I pray your next appointment would be successful and productive.

Amrita said...

Dear friends thank you for your prayers and good wishes.
Yes the appointment was a success. God has iooened a new doorway in my life, its a great challengem but it will strengthen me.

I praise God for it.

Zim said...

My day was day of work - I wrote some part my annual work, I went to market for some vegetables, I translated letter for Mission of my church, I cleaned my home... It was nice, but busy day.
God bless You in Your ministry.

David Edward Linus said...

my day was good, a mixture of work and relaxing. I was able to help a friend, and to get some new windows delivered. i like this post. Hello to your dear mother.

STACY'S TRIP said...

Hi Amrita,

So wonderful to see you again. Imagine we are on opposite sides of the globe but the same in God's hands. God Bless!

STACY'S TRIP said...

Hi Amrita,

So wonderful to see you again. Imagine we are on opposite sides of the globe but the same in God's hands. God Bless!