Friday, 18 November 2011

Some Troubles

Today  a  violent  mentally   ill  young  man  was  seen  wandering  in  our vicinity.  He  caused  disturbance  on  our campus. I  was  able  to  turn  him  away  in  the  morning by  speaking  to  him   gently  and  calmly,  but on   the  agternoon  he  really  scared   our helper  Jagarnath.
By  his apearance  he  seems  to belong  to  a good  family. I  have  seen  him  in  the   marketplace  too  screaming  at people and  just  talking  loudly  to  himself. Yesterday  he  beat   up  a man on  the street. If  he  shows  up  again  and  we  are  threatened  by  him,  I   shall  call   the  police. Please  pray  for our  protection   and  for this  man too.  He needs  medication   and  care.

Mental  illness  is  a  social  stigma  in  India. Mental patients are ignored, ostracized or abused. For their   treatment people turn  to  quacks  and  faith  healers in temples and shrines  rather  than qualified  doctors.

Read this  short  report  by Akashdeep  Singh  of  Christian Medical College and  Hospital , Ludhiana, Punjab,

Neglect of the Mentally ill in India

Akashdeep Singh

Christian Medical College and Hospital

The prevalence of major mental and behavioural disorders at any given point of time in India is estimated to be 65/1000 population translating to 70 million.1,2

The mentally ill are almost never taken seriously and are treated with little or no dignity. And worst of all, they are locked up, locked away.
The country's ability to treat, care for and rehabilitate the mentally ill leaves much to be desired - the ratio of trained psychiatrists to mentally ill patients is dramatically low at 1: 100,000. In the 37 government-run mental health institutions across the country the cot to patient ratio stands at an average of 1:14. 75% of mentally ill patients live in the villages, where even access to basic health-care is difficult. 53% of the state-run psychiatric hospitals have no programmes whatasoever for the rehabilitation of their inmates

The spending in terms of the country’s mental health budget does not exceed 1% of the total health expenditure. Though the National Mental Health Programme was implemented to provide services to rural as well as urban population but even today 80% of the rural population do not get these services Other barriers to the effective treatment of mental illness include lack of recognition of the seriousness of mental illness and lack of understanding about the benefits of services. Policy makers, insurance companies, health and labour policies, and the public at large – all discriminate between physical and mental problems.
Mental patients are being systematically and continuously ignored and denied the social rights they deserve

Read  a  related  story - India 's  Mentally  Ill Turn  to Faith  Not Medicine

Sheeba (doggie) has  a  ear infection.  I  have  been  cleaning  it  and  treating  it   with  ear   drops  and  cream. Early this morning  I found  it  was  bloody  .  She  was  suffering. I  have  called  the pet   shop  boy   to  come  and  see  her  and bring   the  necessary  medicines.

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Peaches Ledwidge said...

It's that people can be treated with disdain for something they often cannot control.

FlowerLady said...

Dear Amrita ~ May you feel God's love and protection surrounding you. May this young man get the help he needs.

May your little dog be soon feeling better also.


Sandy said...

Due to my son being severely autistic, I know about mental illness firsthand. We have tried all the medications and nothing really helps. I am convinced that it is the blood of Jesus Christ that is the ultimate cure for all illnesses of the mind. If He cured the lunatics in the Bible and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He can still cure today.
I pray for your protection and this poor man's healing.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
My heart is bleeding when a mentally ill causes disturbance. I thank God for your wisdom to talk calmly but determined to the man.
I'm praying for your safety. Does the man get anything to eat at all. He may be both hungry and thirsty. If you dare, give him a glass of water for the sake of Jesus.

Even in Norway after all these years of education and medical treatment the mentally ill are an outcast group.
The stigma of even socialising with people with severe psychological illnesses still is present.
I know, because I have a former colleague who is bipolar psychotic at times. Gunnar and I have remained her friend and she is welcome in our home.
People are so eager to tell us what this lady has done while in one of her psychotic phases.
They're not eager to tell good things about her, or to see her need.

This varnish of civilisation is very thin.
Also praying for Sheeba, that she may get healed.

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Dear Amrita,
I'm glad you can understand about mental illness better than the average of people. Your compassion had no limits when you approached the young man. But as you said, he needs the proper care and treatment. He is a threat to himself and to others. I pray that he can find the proper treatment. I pray for you, Amrita, may the Lord keep you safe. And may your doggie get better.


Amrita said...

Dear friends I thank all of you for talking to me.

Its so sad to see the sick, maimed and disabled being neglected and abused . People leave mental patients in government hospitals and don 't come back for them. The families of 5 men were located after several months and they were sent back after they got treatment.

Amrita said...

Sandy, my dear my heart goes out to you and your son. Yes God is our healer. I have seen patients of severe bipolar depression and nuerotic people healed through prayer..

Many times mental disease is the result of a broken bruised spirit.

Amrita said...

Dear Felisol, several years ago, we sheltered a mentally ill young girl when her own family were too scared of having her stay with them. We prayed for her and she was healed one day.

You are befriending this lady for the glory of God and He will bless you for it. May your friend be healed supernaturally.

We had a schezophrenic lady in our church, after recieving treatment she is much better, now she goes to the Pentecostal church.

I have posted an update about t he young man today

Zim said...

Amrita, in Poland is this same. People with mental diseases mostly can't work there anywhere. Many ill people doesn't have any education because of their illnesses. And I know, that more than half homeless people in Poland are mentally ill. There is no justice in this world.