Friday, 4 November 2011

Rememnbering Dadi , My Grandma

      My  Dadi   who  passed  away  25  years   ago   cherished   me   the  most. I  was  very  timid  and   had  low  self  esteem  while  growing  up.
She  was  always  there  to  calm  my fears  and  treat  me  special.  She  even   made  special   food  for   me if  I  didn 't  like   the  food  others  were   eating.
She  had  a  great  sense   of   humor  and  was  a  prolific  letter  writer.  She  made  me  address  her  letters. She  wrote  one  letter a  day  at  least. Her  handwriting  was  so  neat.  She  took  care  to   dress  neatly  too.I  have  preserved  some  of  her old  saris  and   wedding  veil.

I remember   her  boarding   school stories.  The  tricks  she   and her   friends  used   to  play  on   their  classmates  and  how  she   got married  to Dada.  Both  were  very  young and  it  was  a  conservative  arranged  marriage.

My  Dada  was  a   Methodist  minister  and  she was  his faithful  godly  wife.She  enjoyed   life  and was   cheerful  and   happy  till  the  end.

The  blossom cannot  tell  what  becomes of  its  fragrance as it  drifts   away,just  as  no  person can  tell   what  becomes of  their  influence as they  continue  through  life.

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Nancy said...

"The blossom cannot tell what becomes of its fragrance as it drifts away,just as no person can tell what becomes of their influence as they continue through life."

I need that thought...I have "captured" that quote for my brain and heart and will share it with others - Thank you Nancy

Amrita said...

Dear Nancy, welcome to my blog. I appreciate your comment

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
How important the good seed is. It keeps growing and living long after the sower has passed away.
Every child has a need to be seen and mirrored in the reflection of a loved ones eyes.
I'm so glad you had your loving grandmother. What she did for you still is living on and may be brought further by you.
You are indeed a fruit of the good seed.

Terra said...

This is a kind tribute to your dadi, and how she helped to form and nurture you, even with daily letter writing, a beautiful tradition. You in some way continue letter writing here with your blogging.

Zim said...

You had really wise and wonderful Gradma. When we are young and when we want be indepented, we don't remember about our parents and grandparents. But when we are more mature, we know that any friend can't be this same like family. God bless You Amrita.

Pia said...

what a beautiful tribute to your dadi. you know, i missed my lola too.

Amrita said...

Dear Terra, Zim and Pia, thank you for your sweet commnets

OI said...

I know how you feel Amrita.

There are times when I miss my Nani. I think what I miss most is that I didn't learn from her as I could have. I just thought she'd be there forever, so I would have time later on to learn how to make roti like she did or learn hindi, I mean really really learn it well.

Amrita said...

Great sentiment OI,

We should be close to our elders as they won 't be with us fore4ver