Saturday, 19 November 2011

Weekend Update

The  mentally  ill  young  man  I  talked  about  yesterday walked  past  our  gate  this  morning but  he  did  not  cause   any  disturbance   for  us.
 I  found  out  that  he  belongs  to  a  very  wealthy  family. They  are  builders  and  Realtors  and  own  a  trendy  restaurant   close by. His  parents  died in  a  car  crash  several years  ago and the evil   relatives  declared  the  brother  and  sister  mentally  unfit  and  grabbed  hold  of  all  their  wealth  and  property. Maybe  they  poisoned  them  to  make  them  lose  their  mental   balance. What  a  sad  story.  I  really  feel  so  bad   for  this  man.
 He is  well  dressed & clean  and  looks  healthy. at  least   they  are  taking  care of  his  physical  needs. Once  I  heard  him  talking  to   himself  in  good   English ,  he 's  gone  to  school  too.
In  the  afternoon  the  vet 's assistant  came  to   have  a  look  at  Sheeba (doggie).  He   gave  her  a  shot. Now  I  have  to  clean  her  ear  with  Tea  Tree Oil and  administer  ear  drop  and  give  her  2  pills morning  and  evening. She   already  looks  better. I  am  relived  for  that.
I  made  spinach and  mushroom  quiche  tonight
I  make  the  pie  shell  with  whole  wheat  flour  instead  of  refined   flour -  its  healthier that  way.

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Mari @ Mari's Cakes said...

Sad story about the ill man. It happens a lot, especially were there is a lot of wealth involved.

The quiche looks delicious Amrita. Have a blessed weekend.

Zim said...

It is sad story. I had in my high school friend with depression. I visited her in mental hospital for children and teenagers.

Kimmie said...

Hi Amrita;

I am going to pray that God gives you an opportunity to pray for this young man. Perhaps what he needs is to meet Jesus (maybe through you). Jesus had compassion on many who were sick...He healed them and now gives us authority to do the same in His name (and with His power!)

Glad your doggie is feeling better.

Your quiche looks yummy.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Terra said...

I hope the mentally ill young man doesn't bother or hurt anyone, and that he finds help. The quiche sounds delicious.

John Cowart said...

Hi Amrita,

Sure hope Sheeba gets well; she's a great dog.

John @

Shelley said...

What a sad story....sorry your sweet Sheba is not well but,glad you were able to treat her and she is feeling better. Your dish looks yummy!

Dani said...

amazing, isn't it that people can get so full of greed at someone's wise grandmother always said.."love people and like things...we get it all wrong when its "love things and like people"...fortunately, we have a wonderful hope in that justice will rein one day when Jesus the mean time, we will pray for this young man and his sister..that they find help and comfort......