Thursday, 28 June 2007

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

(1&2) Confluence of Rivers Ganga and Yamuna (R) Fort built by Moghal King Akbar in 1583

New bridge built over River Yamuna (3&4)

Old Yamuna bridge built by the British more than a 100 years ago roughly speaking. (4)
Allahabad, my city is one of the largest cities of Uttar Pradesh(state).It is situated on the confluence of two rivers;Ganga and Yamuna considered to be holy by the Hindus.The meeting point of these rivers and another mythological river called Saraswati is supposed to possess sin-washing powers.Those who drink its sacred waters and bathe in it during auspicious times and festivals are assured of salvation or least a higher level of reincarnation.Millions of Hindu pilgrims come here each year for sin cleansing.
A few days ago a man from South India jumped into the Ganges . A boatman dived into the river and fished him out.The man was hardly conscious and he told his rescuer that he had consumed poison before jumping into the river as he wanted to obtain salvation by offering himself to Mother Ganga. Shortly afterwards he died.

Thousands of people have done likewise, for religious and non-religious reasons.There is an ancient tree called Akshay-Vaat (evergreen) which used to be on the river bank before it changed its course. People who wanted to commit religious suicide used to jump into the river from this tree. Now its enclosed within the fort in a temple area and is worshipped by devotees.

Suicide is a criminal offence according to the Indian Penal Code, but people kill themselves in order to escape the misery of life.

Jesus is the Bridge Over Troubled Waters.He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.Pray that those who come to Allahabad in search of salvation may find it in the Name Above All Names.

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Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Amrita,
I was just asking (by email) about your living area, so here's the answer, beautiful surroundings, bridge and nice text/words.

I like your blog.


Merriam said...

That's an interesting story! Thanks for sharing it.

Becky Wolfe said...

Amen my sister! He is the ONLY way to life! It amazes me how traditions & beliefs get passed down & clung to year after year after year. I suppose non-christians think of Christianity in the same way. But our salvation is not of works, not of tricks, not of special powers or healing waters, its is of the blood of Christ and nothing else! Thank goodness Jesus has made it so easy for us. No river jumping pilgrimages to get to Heaven! Praise the Lord!