Saturday, 2 June 2007

The biggest loser

Saw 'The Biggest Loser ' and felt so sorry of these obese young people. It is not entertainment but rather inspirational. if they can try to lose weight then so can people like me who need to lose just a few pounds. I don 't want to sound superior though. I feel rather sad for the contestants.

The top picture is a view of room coolers fitted in windows (ones on the right side) This picture is a close up of a window cooler (American one) but we have similar ones.This is a portable room cooler which we have in our living room. We have a window cooler too.

It was 43*C close to 110*F today and the hot wind called loo was blowing making everything dusty. The evaporative window cooler also sucks in dust

Little Artist

This is my younger sister Namrita and her sons Rayguel and Myshell (named by their north eastern Dad...the north east people have ridiculous names BTW)

Ray (6 yrs) won a painting competition and got Rs 100 as a prize.He is a budding artist. Myshell likes to write stories and jokes and sports activities.

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Becky Wolfe said...

Wow, thats a hot one. It was about 37+ here yesterday and we have just one window cooler. Luckily, our house is small & well shaded. We are very thankful for that as there just isn't the funds to put in an a/c system quite yet. Looks like our little heat wave will be coming to an end after monday & we may get a few days of clouds which will be most welcome.

Rebecca said...

I know you are 'suffering' in all that heat, so maybe you could send just a little bit over to me.....